Ah, the power of fans…

January 29, 2009

So I was wondering why the boys were so smiley during their Good -Bye stage on Music Core…I think I just found out the reason.

credit: randy19972

For all the non-Korean speakers like me, the chant at the beginning is ‘KiDaRilKe, SaRangHae’ – “We will be waiting for you, We Love You.” Oh, SHINee World…you guys are too awesome. Those are my sentiments exactly.

I’m very happy about this – SHINee World are doing a great job of showing their support for the boys and I’m glad to have them representing for international fans like me who aren’t able to express our love for SHINee quite as vocally. Thank you, Korean SW! Keep up the good work! 🙂

Oh, and on an unrelated note, I listened to a new KARA song today – their possible next single (yay – no more Pretty Girl!) – and I actually liked it! It has a nice sound and another repetitive but catchy chorus and no unnecessary English this time and I also think that the girls’ voices blend together really nicely. So give it a listen, okay? Honey.

See you around,




  1. An amazing fanclub for an amazing group.
    I’ve always been overwhelmed by the amount of support Korean and International ShW gave SHINee. Not only that, their behavior has been impeccable so far. One of the reasons why I guess more people take SHINee and it’s fans seriously so I hope that continues. XD

    I felt how genuine that chant was. Maybe because it represents all our feelings. Those simple but important words returned with warm happy smiles from the boys. It makes their absence bearable. I will be waiting no matter what.

    And Kara’s song. It was ok maybe because I like yodel-leehee more and the chorus honey3x is already annoying. I was hoping yodel-leehee would be their next promoted song. You can never go wrong with E-Tribe too. Oh well, I hope they’ll do well though.

  2. (Sorry for my tardiness – I suck at replying to comments.)
    Ah yes, I agree with your entire first paragraph. I also really hope that ShW keeps up the good behaviour, especially as the fanclub grows in time to come. I’d hate to see them get a bad rap like some other fanclubs.

    Oh, I felt all warm and fuzzy when I read this. I know just how you feel. I’ll wait for them too – as patiently as I can. But I do hope they’ll be back soon~ 🙂

    Well, I actually hadn’t listened to yodel-leehee when I wrote this. It’s all right too but tbh, I like Ing(?) more than all the others. You know, the r and b one? I can’t believe it’s not going to be on their repackaged mini-album. It’s the best song from the original one, I think.

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