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January 25, 2009

So since the boys are going on break, I’ve started paying attention to more people in an effort to find some folks to check out while they’re away. Here’s some of the people I’ve been keeping tabs on and my thoughts on them so far.

After School

Now I generally don’t like it when people try to be overly sexy because as far as I’m concerned, sexiness should be subtle and natural, not contrived or forced (SeungRi, I’m looking at you) and people need to understand that while some people just exude sexiness, it doesn’t come as easily (or at all) to everyone so if you can’t pull it off, just let it go and find another image, one that would be more fitting for you instead of trying to be something you’re not. Anyway as such, when I heard that this group were taking cues from PCD for their concept, I wasn’t feeling very optimistic. However they weren’t quite as risque as I expected but I’m still not feeling their concept too much and I find their song, ‘Ah’ only mildly catchy. It’s okay to listen to once in awhile but I wouldn’t call it ipod worthy. Also that ‘Ah’ noise is simultaneously appealing and irritating. I haven’t listened to their mini-album yet so I can’t say anything about that. Sorry. To date, I’ve only seen one or two of their performances and while I wouldn’t say that they’re particularly stunning, they’re fairly solid and not a bad watch. They need to cut down on those leg splits though – that I do not need to see.

Surprisingly though, I rather like the concept of their MV. Like 2pm’s ’10 out of 10′ MV, it’s very cheeky and tongue-in-cheek and I hear folks saying that that’s nothing new but I think it really works here. In the video, After School act as schoolgirls, which is amusing in and of itself given that they’re all decidedly older than your usual high school students, who attempt to seduce their teacher and I’m not sure why but I find it pretty cute. Even though they act overly flirtatious and silly, they never go too far or attempt to be too over the top or scandalous and I appreciate that. They never do anything that would make the person watching them feel uncomfortable and strangely enough, when they actually get the teacher alone, they don’t do anything but laugh, dance with him and play with his hair (and who hasn’t wanted to do that with a cute guy every once in awhile? I can think of one already – hi there, Kim Bum!) Anyway, the video actually made the song bearable to me and I listen to it more now because I want to see the video. Hmm, I don’t know if I’d recommend the group per se but I’d say give the video a look, especially if you liked that 2pm one. It’s not nearly as risque as that!


So I posted about him before but I think I sounded like a loon there so I’m trying again sans the fangirlness. Hmm, I like Taegoon so far – he’s a cute guy – way cuter when he smiles – and his song, ‘Call Me’ is extremely addictive, imo. He’s a pretty good dancer as well – very clean lines, fairly precise, except when he gets to his solo though – it would be better if he didn’t dance so quickly but I can’t totally fault him that because I notice that a lot of Korean artists seem to dance faster than is necessary to songs, I’m not sure why. It would just look so much better if they would slow things down and allow me to appreciate the individual moves better. That said, I can’t say much for his singing – so far in his lives, he’s always had mic trouble or had some handicap like that weird stage design on music bank or just was lipsynching but from what I’ve heard and seen, it looks like he still needs to work on his live singing. Ultimately, it’s not bad but he obviously has trouble singing and dancing and I’ve noticed that in his more recent performances, he’s been doing less dancing as a result (which sucks because he’s a great dancer) but of course, it’s better to forfeit the dancing for the vocals. Hmm, his latest performance on Music Core was definitely his best as far as I’m concerned and I’m happy to see that he seems to be improving vocally. Also and this is a weird side note but I always notice that female back-up dancer who dances next to him. I’m not sure why but I pay a lot of attention to her – I think it’s because in his second performance on Music Core (the one where he smiles a lot *_*), he didn’t do a particular move with her during the second chorus and she gives him this shocked/semi-perturbed look like “excuse me?!” and it was so funny. I can totally tell that she said something to him about it back-stage – she looks feisty like that. Uhm-hmm.

As for his MV, which I’ve watched way too many times than was good for me, I really like it. Honestly, the song didn’t immediately make an impression on me but the video did so I kept watching it and subsequently got addicted to the song. The editing of the video is kind of cool but a little confusing as far as plot exposition goes – it took me forever to really figure out what was going on there – his dancing looks great, very smooth; he looks great, although you can’t get a very good shot of his face there and that’s about it, really. Also Park Hye Shin and Jaejoong from DBSK are in it and I’ve watched this video enough times to realize that 1. Jaejoong  is really just ridiculously good-looking and 2. that his acting is semi-believeable. At first I thought he just looked blank but after about fifty watches, I must say he did a fairly good job of looking all broken up about everything so I take back what I said about him in my last post about this video.

So the plot of the video is fairly simple – there’s a girl, she’s dating two guys, Jaejoong and Taegoon, and also cheating on them with another guy. She’s with Jaejoong first, then meets up with Taegoon in a club (ooh, hot dance scenes!) and then she gets together with him and he finds out she’s with Jaejoong but he still doesn’t dump her and then afterwards she picks up with another guy. Knowing her three two- timing nature, Jaejoong gets all bent out of shape and fired up and he decides to end things by getting a gun and shooting the other guy (no, it wasn’t Taegoon OR the girl) but they don’t show what happens after the shot so the ending’s a bit ambiguous (like SHINee’s Amigo MV ending). Still it’s exciting, isn’t it? If totally confusing as well. Anyway, I like Taegoon – he seems like a nice guy – so I’ll be keeping an eye on him. If you’re interested and want more info on him, definitely check out his fan-made Youtube channel or his official forum. He needs all the support he can get, you know, especially with all these people hating on him becase he reminds them of so and so and so and so. Whatever with that – give the guy a break, he’s new, let him find his stride first before you start criticizing.

Also I gave his mini-album a listen and while I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would, it’s not bad. The songs are very dance-able and I think they all suit his voice really well. He may not be the best singer but he has a nice voice and he even does a little rapping in this song, ‘I Understand You’ featuring H-Eugene which I think is the best song on the cd. It’s the one that stood out the most to me on the album and it’s the only one other than Call Me that I could see myself listening to for an extended period of time. Also there’s a part of the song where he sings ‘uhtddkhae’ etc, etc, and he sounds all plaintive and his voice is full of longing and it’s really kind of hot, you know. It’s rare for me to say something like that so you know it’s true. So check him out, okay?

May Doni

So I posted about her already but it wasn’t a proper post so here goes. Honestly I’m not so interested in her that I’ll check out her older videos or a lot of her performances but I did watch one – she’s performing with Miryo, the rapper from BEG which I think is pretty cool – and it was pretty good. She can obviously hold her own live and while I am yet to understand the necessity of having a dance break in the middle of her only-slightly-more-upbeat-than-a-ballad song, she managed to carry things off well and still be able to sing well despite performing the dance break.

I am not at all impressed by her MV – I get that it’s supposed to be unique and set her apart but I just think it’s weird and creepy and I wouldn’t recommend anyone watch it. Just open the page and listen to the song, okay? Don’t bother to watch the video. The song is nice though – her voice is digitalized a bit too much in it so that you don’t get the full effect of it and she ends up sounding like a lot of those other really high-pitched female singers out there and of course, it would have been better if she had debuted with a song that was more like this one so that people could get a better idea of her vocal range but this is what we got so we should work with it instead of complaining – it’s not a bad song and I like listening to it. Still not sure if I want to put it on my iPod but I’d definitely recommend it. I also gave her mini-album, 7teen a listen and I have to say that of the three original tracks on there (the rest are just remixes and instrumentals), this one is the best, imo. The first one, ID (I’m MayDoni) is more upbeat and powerful and the third, 처음처럼 does a better job of showcasing her vocals but Molla-ing is best overall. It’s the most commercial, I believe and I think it was a good choice on their part letting her debut with it. Just my two cents anyway – feel free to disagree.

Well, that’s it – I’m a bit tired for now so I may or may not pick this up later. Hopefully you’ll appreciate my little musings on these artists and maybe you’ll even agree. The most important thing is to check them out yourself to see though. So thank you and good night.




  1. I sure am going to keep an eye on Taegoon and May Doni. XD

  2. Honestly while I like May Doni, I don’t really like watching her performances. The only one whose performances I actually look forward to are Taegoon’s, tbh but anyway I’m glad you’re feeling the two. Yay for another potential Taegoon fan!

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