Sometimes it’s hard to say good-bye.

January 25, 2009


So I couldn’t NOT post about the good-bye stages, right? I didn’t post about the Music Bank one yesterday because I wanted to do them together so here goes…

SHINee’s Good-Bye Stage – LLO and Amigo on Music Bank – 23/01/09

Honestly, watching this performance really put things into perspective for me and reminded me why the boys truly need a break. I mean, it was a good performance and you can tell that they’re putting their best efforts behind it because they know it’ll be one of their last major performances for awhile – but they sound and look exhausted. I have never heard so many cracks and stuff in one SHINee performance. Ever. And I’m not trying to be overly critical or anything – I’m only pointing it out because I know that that’s not normal for them and that it’s only happening because they’re tired and overworked. So despite the fact that I am still sad about them leaving – I’m really happy too. Because it’s really for the best and as my friend said, I’d rather be sad about them not being around as much than having to watch them exhaust themslves and feel all distressed about it.

That said, I felt so proud of maknae – he was one of the strongest ones in this performance – he sounded really good and he looked so confident and smiley. Just like I mentioned in my last post, you can see he’s really getting more confident about his singing. It’s nice to see that he’s regaining his spirits. Now let’s hope the others rest up during their break so that they can too. Oh, and SHINee World weren’t joking around that day – they were so loud! They obviously really wanted to show the boys that they’d miss them and that they have their support. I was quite touched and proud.

24/01/09 – SHINee’s Good-Bye Performance on Music Core – Amigo

Now this is what a good-bye performance should be like. It was a lot stronger than yesterday’s performance and the boys had lots of energy and life and they sounded great. There were a few lower points like Onew cracking and stuff but overall, it was really enjoyable and a great way to end their promotions. In addition to that, Minho and Taemin were so smiley and upbeat during this performance that I couldn’t feel bad watching them. Oh, also this performance actually includes the dance break which I noticed the above one didn’t (because they performed two songs, I guess) and it was really good. I didn’t realize how much I messed it. I’m not sure if Babymin’s solo was new but it didn’t look that way to me – nevertheless, it was really good and although I didn’t enjoy their Amigo promotions as much as the Sansogateun neo ones, I’ll definitely miss seeing them perform it. Well, I guess that means it’s time to start anticipating their comeback, right? Or am I getting ahead of myself? XD Have a good break, boys! Rest up, study hard and practice, practice, practice! I’ll be patiently awaiting my Dubu’s solo song and am already excited to hear more of Taemin and Minho in their songs.

Now onto some other stuff – the boys went to SoYooJin’s radio today and they sang! (What else? LOL.) They did a Trot medley including ‘4/4 Rhythm’ which I absolutely love after hearing Onew sing it on that one episode of 100 Song Challenge (WHAT – you didn’t see that?! OMG, no, you must. It’s just JH and Dubu but they sound fantastic! WATCH. Oh and HyungDon, who’s the host, is really funny as well.) And LOL at the fact that I could actually sing along – I only listened to it like three times. It’s a really nice song though. Oh, and they wore their Reebok CF outfits! As soon as I saw them, I went “Hey, I know those…” Anyway, after watching this, I’m starting to think maybe Onew should get a solo trot song – LOL, except I don’t really like trot so that wouldn’t be good. BUT Dubu does obviously really like trot – and he sounds great singing it so plus plus, right? Key also sounds very good here, especially in the last song ‘Shabang Shabang’. Oh, that part was the best – Jonghyun and Key singing ‘Shabang Shabang’ in the background in these really high pitched voices and I couldn’t help cracking up about it.  These boys are such dorks! And Key, Onew and Jonghyun’s little dancing throughout the medley is really cute as well. Aigoo, so cute~

They also sang ‘Stand By Me’, the song they sang for the Boys Over Flowers OST. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of this song, although I like it more now that I’ve actually started watching BOF (yes, I watch BOF and OMG, it’s so funny! Much more amusing then the Japanese one, imo – and Kim Bum is cuuuuuute), but both of the performances of it that I saw are really good. It’s mostly Onew, Jonghyun and Key singing and they do a very good job of it (as always). I kind of wish Minmin and Babymin had some lines though – I sometimes worry that they feel a little discouraged that there’s so little focus on their singing. I mean they may not be the best singers in the group but it’s not like they sound horrible – ah, I just worry that it bothers them, you know. I don’t want them feeling bad about it. Anyway, I’ve never listened to the whole track of this song but I have no doubt that their lives are almost identical to it. So if you like the song, definitely watch this performance – it’s very good.

That said, here’s another little piccieture to tide you over.


I saw this picture for the first time today but I love it already. It’s adorable. Ahhhh, and here’s another just to rile up the fangirls (XD). picture credit: jean7 on soompi




Oh, and if you’re wondering where these pictures are from, they’re some of the promotional shots from SHINee’s official Nana B’s campaign. Nana B’s is a cosmetic line. They’re obviously trying to target students – and girls at that.

And speaking of CFs, I just heard that ‘idol groups’ (Can’t stand that expression) and entertainers have been banned from participating in uniform brand campaigns by the Ministry of Education and Science. Seriously, what is up with that? Are entertainers being in uniform CFs are corruting the minds of the youth as well? All right, apparently it’s because companies who have entertainers as representatives take that opportunity to hike up their prices so the government is trying to put a stop to that by banning them from using celebrities as representatives. Well now it makes more sense. I still think it’s kind of lame though. Anyway, the ban is being officially enforced from February.



  1. What the boys need the most right now is to rest. It just saddens me that I won’t get to see them for a while.

    But the exciting thing is that we’ll get to have new songs and performances from them soon. Plus I wonder how they will improve coz really, their improvement over the months is already scary. I haven’t seen an idol group give consistent, polished, near perfect performances in such a short time of their career. It’s usually a shaky first year. But with SHINee. Just woah! They make us proud.

    I’m counting the days until they make a comeback. XD
    Kpop is not the same without SHINee.

  2. I’m counting the days until they make a comeback. XD
    Kpop is not the same without SHINee.

    I totally agree. Without the boys around, I’m a lot less interested in what’s going on in the K-pop world. And it doesn’t help that a lot of my other favourite groups are taking breaks right now as well.

    They do, you know. I’ve always been impressed by the quality of their live performances. At first, I just couldn’t understand how a rookie group could pull off performances of that caliber already.

    I am getting a little excited for their comeback already though – I can’t wait to see what direction their music goes in and what kind of sound they come back with. Well, I’m not worried though – I’m sure that whatever they do, their lives will definitely be ones to watch!

  3. I know right? I’m afraid that my interest in kpop is slowly fading because of the boys’ absence! The only thing that I look forward to now are SNSD, Taegoon and Lyn’s performances though still not enough to fill the void.

    Their live performances are indeed top notch! I guess that’s why even people who were skeptical about them at first couldn’t help but be impressed.

    It would be awesome if they make their comeback on the month that would mark their first anniversary! They would have rested enough by then, even if it means I have to wait longer. All for these boys. XD

  4. I know just what you mean! I actually watch very few performances now – just Taegoon’s mostly. Oh, are you a big Lyn fan? I only know one of her songs (the one from her mini-album, with MC Mong) but I really like it. I’m really occupying my time watching variety shows and dramas and other groups’ reality shows (and old SHINee stuff, of course).

    Yes, yes. I remember reading through the SHINee posts on AllKPop and being pleased at the turn in the way they talked about them – from making fun of their ‘noona-lover’ approach to admitting and repeating that they are, in fact, very talented and that their lives are constantly good. It went a long way to me deciding to regularly check out the site.

    Yes, I’m hoping that it’s something like that too! But that would be a bit of a long wait…still we should think about what’s best for the boys. ^^ I can’t help thinking things will be so different when they come back though because they won’t be rookies anymore and then they’ll really have to compete with everyone – I feel like that’s where their real challenges will start. But I’m sure the boys will rise to meet them – they’re strong, they’ll do well. I’m not worried.

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