Don’t You Just Love Dance Battles?

January 25, 2009

So the MBC New Year special of Dance Battle, featuring some of K-pop’s hottest talents (my words, not their’s) aired on the 25th in Korea and some of the videos are already up on YT. I’ve only seen about six or seven cuts so far but I gotta say it’s looking pretty good – if  had thought about it, I would have watched it live since I was up then anyway but I forgot. Anyway, I’m no dancer so I can’t really say whose performance was the BEST but I can tell you whose dancing made the most of an impression on me. I’ll give you my top 3 and then I’ll just talk about the others.

1. Super Junior – featuring ShinDong, Sungmin, LeeTeuk and Eunhyuk  (OMG, I actually recognized them all on my own! I feel so proud – I’m actually getting to know all of them, slowly but surely.)

Well, tbh, I can’t say I’ve seen a lot of really good dancing from Super Junior save what’s in their MVs and that really cool dance Eunhyuk did for the dance battle on SBS’ Gayo Daejun so perhaps the reason that this impressed me so much is because I wasn’t aware that they were capable of something like this. But it wasn’t just that, it’s also that I think their dance was the most creative and it was really different from everyone else’s. Honestly I watched some people’s performances like “yes, this is good but I’ve seen it a million times over. Do something new already” and Suju did that. Their dance was unique and I like how they incorporated the sound effects and the screen and they used different kinds of music as opposed to just hip hop and pop which was cool. They even danced to Indian music – with a techno beat, yeah – but it was still cool. (Was it bhangra? Because I’m not sure…) Anyways, their dance was the most innovative and they took the most risks, I think, and I like that they looked like they were having the most fun with their dance as well. That’s the kind of thing I want to see! So imo, number one goes to Suju. Whoo!

2. Well, you can scream bias or whatever but my number two spot has to go to SHINee.

I’ll admit, I saw a really short fancam of this performance earlier this week and I wasn’t too impressed and then add the weird hairstyles to that and I wasn’t exactly anticipating the performance – but it was really good! You know SHINee are actually really good dancers – at first, I thought they were just competent, you know, good at pulling off choreography (Taemin and Key being the exceptions, of course) but they’re all actually very good dancers and while Taemin often gets the spotlight as far as dancing’s concerned, I feel it should be said that the others are pretty darn good themselves. So they danced and lipsynched to an old H.O.T. song called, ‘We Are The Future’ (ah, so fitting) and although it was a little odd to see them lipsynching, especially to someone else’s song, it was really good! I somehow think their clothes might have been a little too loose though because they were just flying all over the place and it was sort of…distracting. (No, I don’t mean that in a pervy way.) And I couldn’t help noticing how Jongie pulled off his jacket at the end, thus messing up his shirt, thereby causing his clothes to practically be falling off of him at the end. Ah, I always say that this boy is like allergic to clothes or something – why does he always do these things? I’m not complaining though. ^^

OMG, and they had a dance break (*insert me jumping for joy*) and it was so cool! (What was not cool? The camera angles. PDs, I want to see the boys, not random people in the audience!) And whoa, I know I just said that it should be noted that all of them are good dancers aand whatnot but seriously Taemin owned that. I was just staring at him like “whoa, maknae, you’re so cooooool” and he totally had his ‘fierce dance face’ (TM) on for the entire thing. You could tell that he was really into the whole thing and it showed – his solo was amazing and it was just like 10 seconds. Seriously, the kid really deserves all the recognition he gets for his dancing, I swear – he never fails to impress. Also you could see that the audience and the other artists were really enjoying it and that was something I really liked about this whole show – it’s nice to see artists enjoying other entertainers’ work. I really don’t get why the artists can get along fine but their fans can’t. Why make a beef where there isn’t one? Anyway, SHINee was good so numero dos goes to them.


Okay, I know Hyoyeon is said to be the best dancer in the group but are Yuri and Yoona the second and third? Because every time I see SNSD members showing off their dancing skills, it’s always those three. I have to say I was very impressed by their little opening number. Honestly I haven’t seen them dance like that since their debut days (now they just do cutesy stuff like the dances for Gee and Kissing You) and I was happy to see they’ve still got it. And I was really happy to see Hyoyeon get a little recognition because they always hail her as this great dancer but then she never gets any cool moves (or can you imagine – a solo) in their choreo so we never get to see it.

Tbh, I always lol a little to see Yoona act sexy because she looks like such a kid (same goes for Taeyeon and Seohyun but I saw less of them so it wasn’t a big deal). Also speaking of Seohyun, whose idea was it to put her in those gold hot pants? Not a good idea, person! Those were not appropriate. I also didn’t really get why Jessica was dancing in a dress of all things, especially since she was wearing something different when they were in the audience but whatever, it didn’t seem to hamper her movement so I guess it was okay. Speaking of clothes, Yuri and Sooyoung’s outfits were banging – Hyo’s was nice too – and it really made them both stand out (which, in a group of nine, is a feat).

Anyway I’m giving them third place because after watching their regular performances, it was just really nice to see a change of pace from them and I think they did a really good job of it. They looked good, they looked like they were having fun and it was just different and in their case, that’s synonymous with refreshing. So good job, girls – you may not have won on the show but you were pretty good in my book. Also how random was it that they danced to ‘I Kissed A Girl’? Extremely, I think. ‘Circus’ was a good choice though, especially for them. I just hope they got permission to use it this time.

So that was my top three. Coincidentally none of those groups won their battles – I’m a little sad about that but whatever, it was still fun to watch. It’s just my opinion – feel free to disagree. For some reason, the setup of the show reminded me of a video game – it was like ‘Street Fighter’ (must be that graffiti-ied backdrop) meets DDR (with all the words like ‘cool’ and perfect’ popping up on the screen every two minutes). Anyway i’s very cool. Now moving on to the other performances…


They were good – very good actually and they danced to ‘Low’ by Flo Rida which I have always considered a really great song to dance to. Hmm, they weren’t always in synch and I didn’t really find it necessary for Jaebum to rip his shirt but other than that, it was pretty enjoyable. It’s always fun to watch B-boys so you can’t go wrong with a 2PM performance – gotta love the acrobatics. Also the crowd was really into it, especially after Jaebum ripped his shirt (of course) so that was cool to see. I really liked that move where they jumped over each other as well – it was somewhere in the middle – that was nice.

SNSD vs. Jewelry and V.O.S. (I know I already talked about SNSD but the link takes you to a video with both performances so I just wanted to let you know.)

LOL, they cut to the guy from V.O.S. (Sorry, I don’t know his name) during SNSD’s performance and I was like “I know him! But from where?!” And I could not figure out why he looked familiar, then I watched this and I remembered – he was a guest on episodes 7 and 8 of Factory Girl – and he was really cool! He designed a shirt for them and even sang Rain’s song, “Love Song’ which apparently he wrote. Anyway so he and two of the members of Jewelry – the rapper and the one who sings who’s not SIY – they do a dance together. I couldn’t quite understand how it was SNSD vs Jewelry and VOS but after watching this, it makes sense.

So first the rapper does a short solo number – it’s nice, smooth, love the hoodie she’s wearing and then she passes the hat over to the guy from VOS who starts to do Taeyang’s solo dance from Nu Naman Barabwa (Look Only At Me) – I had a good chuckle at that, especially because they naturally cut to TY who starts laughing as he realizes that he’s copying his moves – it was kind of a delayed reaction though – but still cute. I was hoping he’d do the dance part from the first verse with the rapper from Jewelry because everyone does that but he didn’t. Instead he starts singing (yes, he actually sang! although technically he lipsynched to a pre-recorded cover of Ne-Yo’s ‘Sexy Love’) and danced to it with the singer from Jewelry. It was a good dance but somehow when it was done, I felt that it was a little incomplete. I’m not sure why but I just feel like they could have done more BUT this is a good example of people being sexy without being over the top. Oh, and they cut to Jongie! Yeah, during the Sexy Love performance, they cut to him and he was sitting there bumping merrily to the song. Ah, so cute~ Also that guy from VOS – okay, wait, let me go find out his name – Choi Hyunjoon is really cute. I think I thought so when I watched FG but then I forgot about him but this was a nice refresher. He looked very nice when he was singing along to ‘Sexy Love’. Anyway, it was another good performance and they won their battle so yay for them.


Wow, they’re really sticking with this cute concept, huh? I’m not complaining though – their dance was cute and it too was different. Not the different I was expecting but it wasn’t bad. I really liked their little wigs and there was a time when I would have killed for a dress like that so really, it wasn’t bad and I kind of liked it. Also the crowd seemed to be into it once they got over their initial surprise that is and they were dancing along so that was good. I had a good chuckle at ShinDong’s face though – what was that expression – shock or admiration? Guess I’ll never know… I think they were the only group besides SHINee and VOS who danced to a K-pop song and since I think that they sort of overdo it with the use of American music in K-pop, I was quite pleased about that. So yay, thumbs-up, Kara!


So….Goonie was up against Kara and he went the unique route too by starting his performance off with a classical, ballet-esque dance with some really cool hands-free flips (niiiice) and lots of arm twirling (he has really long arms) to a song that sounded like it would be in the soundtrack for a movie like ‘Hero’ or ‘Crounching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’. Ultimately, it was a very nice way to open a performance – a little odd but it left an impression. He then danced to ‘Four Minutes’ by JT and Madonna and the Intro from his album. While I commend him for dancing to his own song and think that his moves were very cool and precise, if a little repetitive, I have to say that all of that crotch-grabbing (I can’t believe I even have to write this) needs to stop. It is not necessary and I’m getting really sick of seeing people do that – every time I see it, it makes me want to slap their hand away. Stop it, it’s gross! Stop! :/ But other than that, it was a pretty good performance if a little lackluster towards the end. He lost, by the way.

BB Dance Off – SeungRi vs. TaeYang

Okay, I’m sorry but the more solo performances I see SeungRi do, the less I like him. What is up with this overly sexy thing?! No one else did that, nobody took it there – why did he have to?! I’m so sick of this ‘sexy’ image he’s trying to portray. SEXY DOES NOT MEAN GRINDING ALL OVER THE STAGE WITH SOME SCANTILY CLAD BACK-UP DANCER! It does not! SeungRi, why can’t you get that?! I felt like I was watching another performance of ‘Strong Baby’ – the moves may have been a little different but the atmosphere was the same and I am just tired of all that, so, so tired. SeungRi, why are you doing this? You don’t have to do these things to be sexy, you could be sexy all on your own. Really. And I am not hating, okay – I just think he’s better than all this – and he needs to realize that and stop forcing the issue. I didn’t feel like I got a chance to see his dancing prowess at all in this performance. He barely did anything and I’m sorry but body waves and spinning your back-up dancer around don’t count. Those things supplement performances, they don’t make them. I’m just getting so disappointed in SR, seriously. Ah, it started out okay but then as soon as I heard ‘Take You Down’, I knew it was about to go downhill.

As for Taeyang, while his performance was decidedly better and the dancing more complex than Seungri’s, I wasn’t that impressed by it either. It was really good – his dancing was very smooth and polished – but it just seemed like more of the same to me. I think his dancing to the Keyshia Cole song was better than the other one and it’s amusing because I was sitting there going “why is he dancing to a slow song?” but he made it work and he did a very good job. I haven’t a clue why they tied.

SS501 sub-group – Triple S

Okay, I don’t know SS501 at all except Hyunjoong and the only dancing I’ve seen them do is in the ‘U R Man’ video so I don’t know if they’ve ever done anything like this before but I have to say – Wow, SS501 are gangsta. I didn’t know they had it in them and I would never have believed that they could pull it off but they were really impressive and I was quite amazed by their moves. I still don’t think they should have beat Suju but now I can sort of see how it happened. So good job, guys. I was impressed. Also the crowd was growing crazy. Maybe they were as surprised as me?

Oh my gosh,  these are the real must watches however – the parodies, games and dance-offs!

First off, if you need a good laugh, I’ve got to recommend the Wonder Girls’ So Hot’ parody by a group of men who should never ever have gone anywhere near leopard print clothing, let alone bright, colourful stockings. It’s hilarious on its’ own but gets even funnier when they go into the crowd and attack poor Suju H. It starts at about 4:50 in the video link I posted.

Another good watch is Kim Shinyoung’s Rainism parody. OMG, it wins for best parody of the night, hands down because not only was she funny but she actually got the moves down pretty well too. It would only have been funnier if Rain himself had been there. Anyway, Kim Shinyoung jjang!

The Kara ‘Pretty Girl’ parody by a comedian I do not know was pretty good as well and he surprisingly did not look too horrible dressed in KARA’s trademark pink checkered outfit. It’s worth it to see Kara laughing their butts off at him as well. It starts at 9:22 and continues into the next video in which you’ll also see a dance-off between the rapper from Jewelry and Hyo-yeon of SNSD as well as Choi Hyunjoon and the comedian who did the Pretty Girl parody. Watch it for Hyunjoon – the guy’s got some smooth moves, that’s for sure.

They also play this really cute game where two people have to get into these little bubble suits (I don’t know what else to call them) and try to hit each other with very flimsy halves of washed out gourds. It is surprisingly hilarious and I was so happy I decided to watch the whole show because it is something you should not miss. It starts after TY and SR’s performance.

And that’s it for now. Those are all of the performances I saw so I hope you liked my commentary. If I offended you with my SeungRi ranting, well sorry about that but I really just haven’t been too pleased with his performances for quite awhile now. Oh, and it was amusing to note how often the camera cut to YoonA from SNSD in the crowd – they were smart to though, she had some terribly funny reactions, especially to all of the skin showing like TY’s abs-flash and Jaebum’s shirt ripping. Even though SHINee were sitting behind SNSD, I couldn’t see them very well – I was a little sad about that but anyway it looked like a fun show and I definitely suggest checking some of these performances out. And if you want to watch the entire show, check it out here. *sigh* It’s times like this I wish I was a dancer so I could show off my skills too… oh well, those who can’t do observe and critique, right?

Well, peace out! And Happy Lunar New Year! Gong Xi Fa Chai!




  1. can’t bame you but if people like some idol group so they always keep saying that whatever their favorite idol do is always awesome!!! eventhought they aren’t that great..especially when it comes to battles!!!!!!! and i have to say that 2pm’s performance was the most enjoyable and very exiting to watch…cause there’re a lot of an unexpect and surprise movement in their perf..anyway i think they def. deserve some respekt and also their win ofcourse!!!!!! and my 2nd best perf. has to go to SNSD!! eventhough i’m not a big fan of them but this dance battle def. shows that SNSD can also be cool and not only cute as always!!!!

  2. Well that’s cool. I thought 2pm were pretty good too. And I’m glad that even though you’re not a fan of SNSD, you were still able to appreciate their performance. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Hey! Haven’t been here for a while or even to LAEC. How have you been doing? argh! I have alot to catch up to. 🙂

    With regards to the dance battle. Everyone was great but there were people who stood out the most to me.
    I always appreciate dancers who uses range of performance skills effectively and I’ve seen that from SJ, SHINee and even Taegoon. Loved their timing, projection and emphasis to name a few. For example is that little dance break SHINee did. It always amazes me how they can spontaneously adjust/transitions to dance patterns. Not to mention they sync perfectly everytime they dance. How SJ gave variety of dance positions and movements and I like Taegoon’s artistic interpretation.XD

    SNSD was also good, there were mistakes but they definitely can dance and that was a huge contrast to the cutesy stuff they usually do. Although I know that the girls are already capable of doing something like this.

    The rest were enjoyable excluding the parodies coz those were beyond enjoyable. LOL! Performances from Seungri, Taeyang and 2pm were predictable. They always do the same thing.They always follow the trend which is boring. And yes, Seungri’s “sexy” dancing and Jaebum ripping his shirt were totally unnecessary. I’m not the type of person to gush on those things, like how I didn’t appreciate DBSK showing skin. rofl. There’s no need for those, really. I like the bboy thing going on with 2pm but their performances are always messy they need to fix that.

    Kara’s was the only performance which I think I didn’t enjoy much. Props for the effort though.
    SS501 are really good dancers. They were pretty impressive too but SJ’s was more unique and entertaining.

    Jewelry and VOS were nice but SNSD had a stronger perf, imho. And Choi Hyunjoon is a cutie with an amazing talent.:P

    Anyway, I was just agreeing to your post if you haven’t noticed. LMAO! And I love how you stated your points. So, off to read your other entries. XD

  4. Hey! It’s nice to see you back! It has been awhile, hasn’t it? I saw you around Soompi a couple times though. I’ve been all right – a bit busy but I can’t complain. What’s up with you?

    The funny thing about SNSD is that when I watched some of the episodes of their first reality show, Girls Go To School and I saw the kind of dance routines they were practicing, I was really amazed at how different they were from their regular dance routines but thinking about it, I suppose it’s like SHINee’s Run It performances. They’re solely there to showcase their dancing ability but we shouldn’t expect to see that kind of thing in their regular performances. And in SHINee’s case I can understand because that style of dancing’s really intense and it would be difficult for them to deliver good lives and good dancing like that BUT in SNSD’s case, the routines aren’t quite as intense so I don’t see why SM couldn’t allow them some slightly more complicated dance routines. But SM knows best, right? So I digress…

    Oh wow, someone else who doesn’t appreciate the gratuitous skin-flashing? I didn’t know there was anyone else like that. ^^ Honestly I always think a guy looks better when he’s well dressed as opposed to when he’s half-naked.

    Yes, Choi Hyunjoon is very cute and talented. Now that’s the kind of guy I like. 😀

    It’s okay – I love when people agree with me. XD Anyway, thank you for popping by and commenting! I really love long, interesting comments and it was great to hear from you again. Keep good!

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