Contests and Giveaways and CFs, Oh My!

January 20, 2009

So SHINee has a new CF~~~ And it’s way cooler than those SMART ads (and I’m saying this as someone who liked the SMART ads). Yay!

credit: shineesubs02

And yeah, shineesubs is so cool they already subbed it! So I posted earlier about the boys endorsing a new Reebok collection inspired by old school sneaker looks or something like that and now we get to see the first glimpse of the ads for said shoes. (Yeah, this is just a teaser, btw) The line is called the ‘Gem Collection’ (LOL!) oops, it’s actually called the ‘Jam Collection’ but I swear it sounds like gem the way Onew said it (Sorry, Dubu!) and I don’t know if it’s inspired by SHINee or not but I think they’re the perfect ones to endorse it. I mean, the shoes are bright and colourful and they look just like the kind of stuff SHINee usually rocks on stage and around the town so it’s a sweet deal for them (unless of course, that means they can’t wear Nike anymore…) Anyway, they go for an espionage theme where they’re apparently trying to smuggle the shoes somewhere (because they’re ‘gems’, you know) and keep them away from two inept baddies who are dressed extremely conspicuously in all black. It’s actually really exciting – it plays out like a movie trailer and really grabs your attention! Also Onew does the narration and wow, I didn’t realize Dubu could sound so hot, his voice is so husky and low and ~sekshi~ (LOL, I’m sorry but it’s weird for me to call him sexy – because it’s Dubu). And everyone looks really cool, except for Taemin who just looks so squishable in his hoodie and totally ruined the effect for me. XD It’s a nice way to have it ruined though. So watch it, yeah – it’s interesting.

Also I figured I’d post a little heads-up about two giveaways that are going on right now…so first off, to celebrate the launching of the new wondergirls Youtube channel, the Wonder Girls are giving away a signed Wonder Girls cd. Well, I’m not actually sure how many they’re giving away but let’s hope it’s more than one, right – that way there’s more hope for me! If you want to enter the contest all you have to do is leave a comment under this video giving some feedback on the new wonder girls youtube channel. Yep, that’s it! Somehow they’re going to choose the winner out of all those comments (ooh, pick mine, pick mine! Number 830!) LOL, I have a feeling they didn’t quite know what they would be getting into with a contest like this – the video’s only been up for a little over a day and there are already 41, 000 views and over 1000 comments. Still don’t let that discourage you – all you have to do is drop the girls a line and you might win – so do it, do it!

And speaking of winning a girl group’s cd, soshified and allkpop are currently having a joint competition where they’re giving away 27 copies of SNSD’s new Gee cd to their members (yes, you have to be a member of one of those sites to participate). And all you have to do to qualify is make a video of yourself either 1. dancing to ‘Gee’, 2. singing along to ‘Gee’ or 3. giving NINE reasons why you deserve to be given a cd, then you put the video up on Youtube and post a link with your entry on one of the sites. The winners will be chosen on February 1st and the entries need to be in before midnight on the 31st. It’s a bit of a hassle maybe putting the vids up on Yotube and whatnot but I still think it’s a really cool idea! I might try out – I’d love to get the Gee mini-album – and it’ll be even better if it’s free! Well, better for me anyway. But I don’t know – I’m not that great a dancer and I’m sure there’ll be lots of people trying out, maybe not the allkpop readers so much but the soshified members definitely. I think I’ll still do it though – it’ll be fun! A cute little project! There’s not much time though – just about a week for me to practice and film it. Well, we’ll see what happens, ne? Wish me luck!

And finally, as a little bonus, I’m posting up the cast of Infinity Challenge’s Haru Haru Parody. You’ve probably seen it already but if you haven’t, definitely check it out. These guys are hilarious – MC Yoo/Jae Suk wins as TOP and Noh Hongchul trying (and failing) to sing SeungRi’s high notes is hilarious! The guy who plays Daesung (sorry, I don’t know his name) actually has a fairly good voice though – he’s the only one who doesn’t sound bad. LOL, and the guy who plays GD – well, you just have to see that for yourself. Hyungdon is a great addition as the random extra, by the way. So go watch it! You won’t regret it!



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