Updating Because I Should!

January 19, 2009

Sorry, sorry! I’m sorry – I was online all day today and totally had post ideas and I didn’t do either of them! I will though – I’m really sorry! In the mean time, check out this video. It’s the song rec of the day.

credit: DragonWHW

All I have to do say is thank goodness May Doni debuted when she did otherwise I would never have heard this song! It’s a really good dance track and I really don’t understand how it didn’t become a hit – May Doni’s got a serious set of lungs on her and the rapping is the perfect compliment (Lol, I’m talking like this is her song). I’m seriously addicted to this song right now and I totally suggest checking out May Doni’s actual debut song, Molla-ing. It’s not half as infectious as this one but I really like it – her vocals are so sweet and smooth there. I’m going to check out her mini-album soon. I wouldn’t suggest taking the MV too seriously though – it’s super weird and more than a little creepy. Oh, and the kid can really dance too!



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