Nostalgia – I miss the Replay days…

January 18, 2009

So I was bored earlier (bored? there are so many things I could have been doing!) and I started watching some old videos and I put on Replay and I had such a blast watching it that I ended up ~replay~ing it about four or five times.

credit: princessxhours

Hmm, I think I might have said this before but I miss the Replay days. I miss the boys’ cute image. I mean, I know they haven’t that much and I really like Amigo and I loved LLO but I think they could have continued going the cute route for a little bit longer. I just miss how cute and young and fresh and awkward they were, how they were always bushy-tailed and bright eyed about everything, how they always looked happy and excited and eager and NOT tired, how they did a million interviews a week (I really miss that!) and I even miss their too bright clothing and matching graphic print tees. Hmm, I don’t know what to say…I guess I’m just feeling nostalgic. I know I’m just being silly – after all, everything changes and the cute thing would have gotten old after awhile but I just can’t help how I’m feeling.

I remember when I first saw the video the first thing that struck me was how well the boys danced. They just moved so well together – everything was in unison and while, yes this is a music video so it should be good, I couldn’t help being impressed by the caliber of their dancing. To be honest, I still am. 🙂

I mentioned in a previous post that Taemin was the first one who caught my eye in the video – and he really was. He was just always smiling – and he looked so young! I was like “What is up with this kid? Why’s he so happy?!” Ha, but I thought he was adorable. And I couldn’t believe he had a bowlcut – like who has a bowlcut in this day and age? (A lot of K-pop stars apparently.) I also noticed him because of his WICKED t-shirt and his dance solo. I didn’t know who he was but I thought he was awesome and the most adorable kid on the planet so I made sure to learn his name if no one else’s. And for that, Taeminnie will always be my little mushroom head. ♥ Oh, and speaking of smiling, watch this video – I was so happy to see him smiling genuinely again, I can’t even tell you. I was like “my baby’s happy again! Yay!”

The second person I noticed? Probably Onew. I remember wondering why he was dressed all hip-hop-y in a pop video. His fake gold bling! That really cracked me up. But I really liked his hair though and he had one of my favourite lines in the song – To you I know this love is one moment, one feeling but no matter what is said, this is my life’s everything”. Yes, it’s silly and melodramatic (especially coming from a younger guy) but I thought it was the sweetest thing in the world and I couldn’t understand what girl would be dumb enough to dump a guy who said that to her. Oh and my friend also pointed out this really cute moment at 2 minutes where Onew puts a handkerchief on the bleachers for the noona to sit on. Aww, how much more adorable can you get?! (I bet you Onew would totally do that in real life too – if, you know, he actually had a handkerchief on him).

Hmm, I think I noticed Jonghyun next – well, technically I noticed him right away but it was more me going “why does that guy have those big headphones around his neck? Who actually uses those things in public?” (I don’t much like big headphones) so I’m not sure that that actually counts. I only noticed him really because it occurred to me that he seemed to be doing the most singing (although I think they spilt up Replay pretty evenly) and because I really didn’t like his hair or his clothes in the dance portion (you know where everyone’s wearing red and white and black) – I mean, a bandana and a red plaid shirt?! Not cool, stylists, not cool. I didn’t really end up liking him (although I loved his voice) until I saw the LLO MV but I talked about that already so moving on…Oh, but on a totally unrelated note, Mnet had some star ranking thing and Jonghyun was on the list! He was number 59 out of 100. I hope it gets subbed by shineesubs soon – I’d really like to know what they said about him. (Key was also on the list – number 81.) Congrats boys! Those are some pretty high spots for rookies.

Hmm, I’d love to say something about Key and Minho here but I really didn’t notice them much during the MV, although I did think it was funny that Minho kind of had a bowlcut then too. I remember after I watched the first episode of Yunhanam and I finally learned who Minho was, when I went back and watched the Replay MV, every time I saw him, I kept going “OMGee, yes! He was there! So how come I didn’t notice him?” It’s sad, I know but I really just blanked him out – I just remember his close-up during the “so cool” part, that’s it. Sorry! I notice him now though. As for Key, I have to say that when I look at him in the Replaydays and I watch him now, I feel like I’m watching two different people. Why? Because he looks different now – like he wasn’t so pretty before, IDK what happened, is it because they dyed his hair? – and I don’t know, I guess he doesn’t really act differently. I think it’s really just that I had a different impression of him back then than the one I have now – like now that I have a better idea of what he’s like, I realize that my initial impression of him was really inaccurate. So because of that, it seems like he changed when it’s really that my view of him changed.

And well, there really isn’t much more for me to say – Replay’s always gonna be a classic for me and it’ll always have a special place in my heart being the first K-pop song I ever heard. Whenever I feel down, I watch the video and I laugh at how young the boys all look and how odd some of their clothes are and how cute and corny the video is and I smile because it was their very first video and it’s amazing to see how far they’ve come since then – just what, seven months ago? What can I say? I really ♥ those boys – and I know that they’re just going to keep getting better. Faith. You gotta have some, you know?

Anyways, adios!


Oh wait  – the Song Rec! Well, today it’s SNSD’s new song, Dear Mom, off of their ‘Gee’ mini-album. (LOL, I’m sure some of you are like “OMG! Not SNSD again?! Why won’t she stop talking about them?! LOL, sorry. ^^) Anyway, this is the only ballad on their mini-album and it is, in my opinion, the best song on there. The link takes you to a video with subs as well as the track and when you read the translation, you realize just how touching and authentic a song it is. But honestly, you don’t need that – you can determine what it’s about from the title alone and really, the girls just bring so much heart and emotion to the song that you can be moved just by listening to it. I always feel sad when I hear it – it makes me so depressed! – and listening to it with the translations almost made me tear up. It’s a really beautiful song and whether you like the group or not, I’d definitely recommend you check it out. It makes me wish my mother wasn’t mad at me right now…anyway, just check it out!


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