And this is why Jonghyun is awesome…

January 13, 2009


source: shinee-ing
reupload: sanbi
credit: sanbi

Those earrings that he’s pointing to are part of the last batch of gifts that SHINee Forums sent to the boys in their last SHINee project and while we saw Taeminnie wearing one of the hoodies that was sent, Jonghyun’s taking the ‘fan service’ (LOL) to another level by wearing these basically all the time these days and even showing them off back stage. So you see, these projects have results~ Now don’t you feel like taking part? Right now, we’re working on both Jonghyun’s birthday project and the SHINeeversary project – come on, it’s the boys’ first anniversary as a group – so you know it’s going to be really special. So join, join, join!

Hmm, the boys didn’t have a schedule today so I haven’t got much to talk about, although I will tell you to watch this video – SHINee went to a gag concert the other day and naturally, the comedians there made jokes at their expense. It’s not subbed yet so I can’t say much about what happens but there’s this hilarious part towards the end where Park Jisun a.k.a. ‘the scary noona’ from Yunhanam goes and tries to sit on Key’s lap and he FREAKS OUT. OMG, it’s so funny – I’ve never seen him so skittish before. When it’s subbed, I might repost it or edit this one with more deets.

So on to the Song Recommendation of the Day: it’s Utada Hikaru’s teaser song for her second US album, ‘Come Back To Me’ which is available for listening on her Myspace page. Okay, I didn’t really check out her first US album but if the songs were anything like this, then I need to. It’s a lovely, R and B track – the music is simple enough to really allow the vocals to shine through and although it may seem a bit repetitive with the ‘Baby, come back to me’, she really manages to bring across the emotion, especially the vulnerability in her voice and everything just seems to blend together really nicely. It’s simultaneously familiar and refreshing. I was surprised at how much I liked it, to be honest (and at how good her English is) and I definitely recommend it. I’m not a big Utada fan but I think this is a wonderful offering from her and you should definitely check it out. (Gosh, I suck at these song reviews, don’t I? Sorry about that.)

Anyways, going now but just as an addendum, here’s what the writer of Inkigayo Backstage Diary had to say about Bling’s bling…

The 2nd time with SHINee, Jonghyun showing off his earrings.
I was trying to concentrate on his earrings but the cameraman liked his hair more so it switched to that.
The gender of the cameraman, was it a girl?
Anyways i remember it was a bling bling white diamond shaped studs.
If someone gave it to him as a gift you should buy yourself a congratulatory drink. (It’s funny he should put that in, huh?)



Oh, and I heard that Yuri, Taeyeon, Sunny and Sooyoung from SNSD have all been down with the flu for awhile and have been in and out of the hospital lately. What a terrible time to be ill. I really hope they get better soon – hearing news like that is always so scary. Anyway, please pray for them! Even if you don’t like the group, you shouldn’t wish ill on anyone. That said, get better soon, girls! I’ll be rooting for you! Fighting!



  1. omg yumi that vid was hilarious! i can’t wait ’till they sub it. but was that really onew’s noona frm YunHaNam? i didn’t recognise her, not trying to be mean but i thought it was a noona w/ facial hair painted on 😦 prob. it’s because i watched it in the mini pop-out… but yeah, lemme kno’ when they sub it, k?

  2. oh wait i almost 4got. jonghyun and his earrings… like peanut butter and jelly, nuff said.
    and yeah it is a sucky time for these snsd’s to get sick, hope they get well soon…

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