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January 12, 2009


So there I was, puttering around the net when I decided to pop into SHINee Forums to see if there was anything of note to see – pictures or news or so on – and what do I see but news about a new song?!

Yep, yep, it seems that Sean Alexander who produced the song Amigo’s based on (OMG, what? this is a cover too?!) is currently working on a song for the group which should be released (according to him) around March or April. If you follow the link, there’s more detailed info but the most important thing is that he said that he’s not sure if the song he’s working on will be ‘the single’ meaning of course that there are more songs thereby alluding to another album (probably a mini). Um, do I really have to say how fantabulous this is?! I mean I was saying I wanted them to come back soon but I didn’t really think it’d be this soon, especially not with SM dealing with SNSD and Suju’s comebacks. This is really great news though! It means the boys won’t be gone for too long and it’s possible that they’ll be active when their first anniversary rolls around. Wouldn’t it be cool if their comeback performance was on their anniversary or something like that? That way it’d be even more memorable for them.

The only thing is….(you know I had to spoil it), if they go on a break in mid-January and come back in March, then that’s only like a month and a half break – and that is so not enough. Cause I was thinking they’d go on break in January, then come back in mid-April which would give them about two months on break at least but it seems that that’s not gonna be the case. I just want them to get a proper rest, that’s all. You understand, right? Anyway, I am still very excited for this. I do wonder if this song will sound anything like Amigo – to be honest, I didn’t really expect them to have any more songs that sound like that for awhile so I don’t know exactly what to expect. Still this guy seems to be a pretty good producer and he’s also produced/written songs for Taeyang’s mini-album, Criminal which happens to be one of my favourite tracks on there as well as DBSK’s ‘You’re My Melody‘ off of Mirotic and he’s currently working on stuff for Suju’s new album so he seems pretty versatile. I’m sure the song will be great! Now aren’t you excited too? But at the same time, let’s keep in mind that it’s early days yet and things are always subject to change – it’s not guaranteed that the boys will be making a comeback so soon, it’s just a possibility.

This actually wasn’t what I was initially going to write about when I started this post – I was initially excited about this video – it’s Jonghyun’s duet with Ahn Jung Yup of Brown Eyed Soul. They sang ‘Nothing Better’ at ParkKyungLim’s radio show on the 11th. So why am I excited? Because BES is only Jonghyun’s most favourite group ever and he’s always singing ‘Nothing Better’ and being able to sing it with the original singer who also happens to be one of the members of a group that he really admires and respects and whose music he loves must be so incredible for him. Besides, we all know what a big fanboy Hyunnie is. LOL, I was actually surprised at how excited I was when I found out – and I’m only so excited because I’m happy for him. I don’t even like that song so much. And just the other day, I was wondering if he’d ever gotten a chance to meet Brown Eyed Soul so seeing this gave me my answer. That said, I should probably actually talk about the video, huh?

So this is not HQ which makes me sad because I can’t see Jonghyun’s expressions as well as I’d like to but still the audio’s great and you can see the two of them well enough. They both sound really, really good and you can tell by the way that Jonghyun’s singing that he’s trying very, very hard not to mess up (which happens how often?) and sound good (like he wouldn’t!) but it’s understandable – in a situation like that, you can’t help but feel extremely nervous. I think that, despite his nerves and his fatigue and everything, he did really well and I’m quite proud of him. ^^ And he looked so rapt and interested when Jung Yup was singing – aww, such a fanboy that one, all beaming and bowing and clapping – he’s probably so happy~ And I’m happy for him. 😀 So go watch the video, you know – it was good.


So SNSD had their comeback performance on Inkigayo today and I have to say this one was much better than yesterday’s. This is what I expect from a comeback performance, friends – great vocals, lots of energy, supportive fans and cute outfits. The girls were way more upbeat here, their vocals were stronger – seriously, at times, as I was watching the Him Nae performance, I actually forgot it was live, that’s how good it sounded. I like that they had different outfits for the Him Nae performance, although I felt like Taeyeon and Seohyun’s didn’t suit them at all and Sooyoung’s shirt was perhaps a little too loose but other than that, the girls looked really nice and they managed to dance around in those clothes quite well. In Tiffany and Taeyeon’s cases, that is a major feat considering how tight fitting their skirts were.

Gee was very good as well, the vocals improved considerably from yesterday’s performance and Taeyeon doesn’t look quite so tired here. I really liked this set for Gee – it was bigger and simpler and it gave the girls a lot more room to lay with as well as made it easier for you to keep an eye on everyone. As expected, the Inkigayo camera angles were really good as well. So overall, very good performance – I was quite pleased with them this time around.

SHINee also performed (SS501 took the Mutizen) and their performance was pretty good. You know it occurred to me that I really don’t give these boys enough credit (lol, you probably think I give them too much!) because even though some days they look tired and they may not have as much energy or one person’s vocals may not be at the level you expect them to be, overall their performances of Amigo have always been good, solid performances. They really do quite well for rookies and sometimes I feel like I don’t fully appreciate that – I nitpick too much, expect too much – I really don’t mean to. I love these kids and if I hold them to a high standard, it’s only because they’ve showed me that they’re able of peforming at a particularly high level – but still, that doesn’t mean they always will and I need to give them room to make mistakes. And I think Amigo’s a pretty hard song to perform because it’s so fast-paced, you know? Ah, you must be tired of hearing me talk about these performances? It’s like all I do…

Anyway, so this performance was good, they had a lot more energy here than they’ve had for awhile and the dancing was spot on. The vocals weren’t bad either, Key started off a little shaky but recovered really quickly, only Onew still sounds hoarse – I do wonder if he’s ill…I mean, I know he’s tired but I would have thought that if it was just that that he would have recovered already – then again, this hoarseness seems to come and go so it’s possible that it’s just the strain of having to constantly sing this particular song that’s causing that (and considering, the boys don’t get breaks…) Hmm, I wish we could get an iple entry from him…seems like it’s been forever since we got one. Last one was Christmas Day I think…still the boys are busy so I doubt that they’ll have time to write anything there for awhile. Well we’ll see, right? Okay, ignore clueless me – I just checked their iple and Jonghyun and Key left entries on the 8th. Where the heck have I been?! How did I miss that?! *kicking self* Well, I read them now and they’re cute and the picture’s cute. I’ll post it sometime, maybe.

Oh, and speaking of Onew, I suggest you watch this fancam of the same performance. Onew’s not exactly his usual smiley self here but he totally cracks me up with his randomness during the rap – he’s so cute, this boy~ Always makes me laugh. XD


SO during Inkigayo, they had a special video featuring SHINee’s ‘Save Energy’ song and OMG, I definitely recommend you watch it! It is hilarious and so cute! So in addition to singing about saving energy, the boys act out ways of doing so in a little skit filmed in their dorm. Oh, I think their dorm got cuter since the last time I saw it…Honestly it wasn’t until like the third time that I watched it that I even listened to the song – I was just too busy laughing at the skit. I’m not gonna say anything because I don’t want to give it away but OMG, Key umma is adorable! Minho trying to be cute is funny (baby, you’re already cute, you don’t have to try!), I wonder if Minho really washes his hair in the sink (?), are those cups with their cartoons fan gifts? Because OMG, you know those fans feel special right now! and awwww, leader and maknae with their spoons are positively precious~ And OMG, LOL at the fact that everyone in the comments are like “OMG, they switched beds!” I did not even notice. But after I checked, it turns out they’re right, Taemin and Key switched beds, it seems. Bunk beds, ftw!

And if you actually need incentive, here’s a cute little gif. from said video. (credit: bestiz?)

Cute boy is cute.

Cute boy is cute.

Now it’s time for the Song Rec of the day: ‘Let It Play‘ by YMGA featuring Ji Eun. You know since YMGA are from YG, I thought that they would be really hardcore rap stuff but after listening to their mini-album, I ended up really liking the songs that had the techno influence in them. This song is the most obvious example of that – I really like the mix of the rap with the techno and JiEun’s vocals are a lovely addition to the song. It’s one of the first songs on the album that I could honestly say I really liked so overall, it’s a good song, check it out.

See You Later,



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