Music Core!

January 11, 2009

Hola. Okay so this is a little bit late but here’s the wrap-up for this week’s Music Core. I actually watched this live but my player was buffering like crazy so I only caught bits and pieces of most of the performances. It was quite frustrating. Let’s start with SHINee, ne?

LSGO Remix + AMIGO performance: – Overall, very good performance. I was quite impressed. In the MuBank perf. from the day before, I noticed that both Onew and Key sounded hoarse at times so I wasn’t sure how they’d sound here but as always, they pulled through and sounded amazing. The LSGO Remix performance was really good, the boys had a lot of energy and Minho did that thing he should really not be doing again (I swear, he should be banned from doing that until he’s at least 20 – international age!) Hmm, and can anyone tell me why Jonghyun always has that little smile on his face when he sings ‘a state of tension’? It’s a particular look too… Hmm, and I noticed that our maknae seems to be feeling a lot more comfortable with his singing/rapping – he’s looking a lot more confident on stage. It’s a good thing to see. I’m happy. ^^Speaking of looking comfortable, Hyunnie seems to have gotten back to his usual level – I noticed that he seemed to be struggling to sing particularly challenging notes a few weeks back but he seems all right now – I’m sure you can guess I’m very happy about that too. 🙂 OMGOMGOMG, and the little kiss thing everybody(but Hyunnie *sadface* wait, wait, wait – scratch that. This is why fancams are amazing – kissy face, kissy face, WATCH) did after the ‘My Love’ was so cool~ *fangirl squeal* Anyway…so, the dance break? One word: awesome. What was not awesome? The camera angles. Dude, why was the camera so low during Jonghyun and Onew’s part – I could barely see Jonghyun. Not cool, cameraman-nim, not cool. *shakes head* The Amigo performance was really good as well – the vocals were pretty solid and everyone seemed into it, except I felt like maybe the stage was too small or something because I kept noticing these almost collisions and trips and stuff and SHINee doesn’t usually have those kinds of problems – but maybe they were just tired. IDK. Anyway, it was a good performance and I definitely think you should check it out. I’m starting to think this should have been the combo after all – because it seems like the boys are good at transitioning from LSGO to Amigo – maybe LSGO gets them into that hyped mode to perform a high-octane song like Amigo? I don’t know but I’m always happy to see these special performances – they’re very cool.

Now onto SNSD’s comeback – Gee and Way To Go (Him Nae)

So before I say anything about the performances themselves, I think you should know that it turns out that the girls had to perform each of their songs four times because every time they performed, the fans were too loud and it was drowning out their singing so if their energy level wasn’t as high as you expected during the performances, that could be why. (I heard the PDs of muisc shows want to get rid of fan chants all together. I don’t want that, I like to hear the fans chanting along…) In addition, it seems that Yuri and Taeyeon are sick so that could explain why their vocals weren’t top notch. So onto the actual performances, they weren’t bad, pretty decent for their first performances of these songs. Him Nae was much better that Gee, IMO. Not only was the energy level higher but the vocals were a lot stronger as well. I can’t talk about improvement because I haven’t watched too many of their older performances (just like one or two) but I heard that Hyoyeon and Yoona (?) are typically the weakest singers in the group. If that’s the case, well Hyoyeon sounded pretty good here, although she was a little pitchy at times and Yoona was all right. Tiffany was really good throughout and Jessica as well (although I still don’t like her hair – like sometimes it looks cute but most times, it doesn’t) and Sunny (OMG, why do people say she’s not cute? This girl is freaking adorable!) sounded pretty darn good – I was quite impressed. Seohyun was good – I must say she’s a very good performer, I notice that maknaes aren’t always the best singers but I think that’s definitely untrue in Seohyun’s case, she really has a beautiful voice and she’s usually very solid during their performances and in addition to that, she has such a sweet, pure personality.

Anyway onto the Him Nae performance – btw, if you’re wondering why that song sounds so familiar, it’s because it’s a revamped version of their jingle for the Haptic commercials – same chorus, same music, different lyrics. It was really good – I disliked their coloured jackets but they looked good in them and I loved Tiffany’s pigtails (OMG, so cute!) Like I said before, this performance had a lot more energy and the girls’ vocals were a lot stronger. Some people are saying they didn’t like the dance routine but I didn’t mind it – it was a bit odd at times but overall I think it was cool. And the pink, heart shaped confetti was a nice addition – cute and happy. Hmm, I know they’re performing on Inkigayo (today) – well, I really hope they perform “Destiny’ as opposed to Him Nae. It’s cool and all and very upbeat but Destiny is a different feel for them (their ‘Amigo’, I call it) and I’d love to see how they pull it off. Anyway overall it was a pretty cool comeback.

Oh, and speaking of Inkigayo, the boys are also going to be in Inkigayo’s Take 7 this week for Amigo so let’s hope they take it home this week. Pray and keep your fingers crossed! That would be so cool~

By the way, you should know that I’ve decided that in order for me to retain my appreciation for ‘Strong Baby’, I’m going to refrain from watching SeungRi’s solo performances because seriously, they’re slowly making me dislike the song. I do not like those performances at all and I am very sorry, SeungRi but you are not bringing sexy back and you need to stop and revamp your dance number, okay? Please and thank you.

That said, here’s the song rec of the day – it’s ‘Tell Me Why’ by a group called Untouchable. I sort of came across it by accident – the result of clicking on a related video on YT – and I ended up really liking it. This leads to the video which is not subbed so I can’t say for sure what the song’s about or even the video because I’ve never really watched (I just care about the song) but I think it’s a love song. They are a rap group – I’m not a great judge of rapping but I think that these guys have a decent flow and OMG, one of them looks like Tablo (weird~) and the guy who’s providing the vocals, Hwayoung has a very nice voice! His high note at the end – whoa! Uhm, if you know anything about them, feel free to enlighten me – I went rooting through the back pages of Soompi searching for their thread but it seems like maybe they don’t have one? So any info you can provide me on them would be great. OMG! And when I tuned into Music Core, they were performing but then it froze and Kara was on the screen so I didn’t get to see much of their performance. 😦 I did manage to find their performance on YT but for some reason, it refused to load all the way for me so I can’t say much about it…if you watch it, let me know how it was, okay? Oh, and at the beginning of the video, you can see K. Will and MC Mong’s performance (although is that really MC Mong? Because he so does not look like him) of Love 119 which is another song that I like. I only listened to it like twice but it seems really nice and the performance was very good.




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