Blast From The Past!

January 8, 2009

So I was listening to my iPod just now and randomly thinking of how much I love Jonghyun and Onew’s voices and then I decided to pop onto Youtube and see if I could scrounge up some videos of them singing solos that I hadn’t seen yet – because believe it or not, I actually haven’t seen all. And I came across these gems which I think are way too nice not to share with you.

credit: choihaeni on Youtube

The Jonghyun solo, which I watched first, has no title attached to it, although in the comments, someone says that the translated title would be something like “Cleaning Up” and that it’s by an artist called The Ray but honestly all that doesn’t really matter. The point is that this is a really good performance by Jonghyun – filmed way back in July at Chin Chin Radio – and I would most definitely recommend it. For some reason, despite my immense love for Jonghyun’s voice, I rarely like his solos – mainly because I just don’t like the kinds of songs he chooses to sing – but this one is an exception to that rule. It’s really pretty good and towards the end, when he gets really into the song and goes off with the high notes and whatnot, I just sort of got all @_@ and kept thinking, “How is he doing that?” It’s something I think often when it comes to him. 🙂 But it’s really quite good and during the first verse, I was seriously so focused on his voice that I didn’t even realize that there was accompanying music playing. LOL. Of course he has some off moments where he loses his control over his voice a little but that’s okay – those were early days and so you shouldn’t fault them that. And honestly being rookies, I’d let them get away with a lot more – I really only expect so much from their lives now because their lives were just so good before! It still amazes me… So check it out if you haven’t seen it, okay?

Onew’s Solo, ‘Still With You’ – credit: jyck923

Dubu. Solo. In English. Nuff’ said.

Just kidding – of course, I’ll say more. So this is an Eric Benet song called “Still With You” – I don’t know it (I never seem to!) but it’s in English! And the lyrics make me think of ‘Forever More’ and you know how I feel about Onew singing these ballads….his voice was made for ballads, I swear! Of course, he sounds really, really good here and dare I say that watching this, I actually thought – but only for a second – that it might have been better if he had been a solo singer. Ah, but I know I thought that I thought that just because I’m afraid he won’t be fully appreciated for his rather impressive vocal abilities within the group – they really need to give him more challenging lines in their songs. People say that Jonghyun needs to give up some of his lines to Dubu but honestly it’s not about him having more lines, what matters is that the lines actually allow him to showcase his vocal ability and his range. Ah, but I’ve said all this before and I’m starting to sound like a broken record so back to the video – as always, Onew really manages to express the feel of the song through his voice and his voice gives me such a relaxing, safe feeling that in a way, I don’t mind that I feel sad listening to it. Aigoo, I wish SHINee had songs like this on their album – I mean, I love their songs and while they’re sad and plaintive enough, they haven’t quite got that particular longing, mournful quality that these seem to have – or maybe that’s just Onew’s influence? IDK – all I know is this video is wonderful and you should really check it out. Now go watch!

And a little duet for you…here’s Onew and Jonghyun singing “Did We Really Love You?” originally by Brown Eyed Soul.

credit: MusicRandomx on YT

So I’ve never heard the original of this – but after this, I’m gonna have to check it out – so I can’t say much about it as a cover but it’s a great performance nonetheless. I’m not always a fan of duets between the two of them – speaking of, where’s my JongKey duet? The two of them need to sing a song together like stat! – but this one was very nice. Their voices went well together for the most part and of course, they sounded amazing individually. LOL, when the song first started, I got confused because the opening lines sounded just like “Nothing Better” to me but soon that went away. This song is really nice, by the way – I love the chorus! Ah, I’m going to go look around for the original now – you just go watch the video, okay? Now this one’s also from July so they’re not perfect but still, they sound so good for amateurs. Every time I watch these videos, I feel like I’m at a karaoke except with people who can actually sing. (Okay so yeah, there are good singers at karaokes too but they aren’t always, you know)

Adios! Enjoy!


Oh, and on a side note, I now have 400 favourites on my Youtube channel. Awesomesauce, yes? I have SHINee to thank for that. XD



  1. I’m back again ^^ Please don’t worry about late replies, I’m always your faithful reader! And I think I owe you some replies too lol, so this will be long.

    ‘what matters is that the lines actually allow him to showcase his vocal ability and his range’

    ‘I wish SHINee had songs like this on their album – I mean, I love their songs and while they’re sad and plaintive enough, they haven’t quite got that particular longing, mournful quality that these seem to have’

    I agree with you on both points. I think I get so thrilled watching them cover ballads because I get to hear them (especially Onew) be expressive and soulful in ways that their first album didn’t quite cover. His rendition of Drunken Truth is so lovely! especially with his bashful smiles and relief after he’d finished and argh everything else.

    I love ‘Did We Really Love?’ too XD I liked the original, but never did find out more about Brown Eyed Soul till now. I’m probably asking for too much, but I’d really like Onew and Jonghyun to perform it again on one of those radio shows.

    Oh, and remember your ‘Oldies but Goodies’ post that you did back in umm, November? Hee I never did give you a detailed reply, but I did watch everything; my favourite’s still the one between Key and Taemin, it’s just so unbearably awww-inducing.

    That post also led me to find another song that Onew did when they appeared on Tablo’s Dreaming Radio, you’ve probably seen it already but here it is:

    The song’s still growing on me, but Onew is wonderful as usual and I liked seeing the others watching him so raptly – oh, and Tablo dances around again, which is hilarious because it’s completely at odds with the song!

    And I noticed JH tapping Onew on the shoulder when he returned to his seat ^^ Thank you so much for your Christmas present, after watching your links I’m definitely going to be extra alert for such stuff!

  2. Hi! It’s nice to know that you’re sticking with me. 😀

    Ah yes, you just put my point across much better than I did (and in less words too!) While I really love the songs on their album, there was a particular depth lacking from the ballads, one that I’m not sure we’ll get from their group songs for a little while yet but we’ll see.
    Ah, Drunken Truth~ I still can’t believe they cut that out of the official broadcast – it was so lovely! Onew really blew me away there – after I watched it, I totally understood why everyone was talking about it.

    Well, it seems to be a bit difficult to find info on Brown Eyed Soul – I went popping around Soompi and didn’t come across much but then again, I wasn’t looking that hard. I don’t think it’s asking for too much honestly – while it’s true that they don’t do as many covers on the radio now as they used to, I’m sure that as long as JH loves BES, we will get covers – and we all know Onew can’t say no to his dongsaeng so another rendition of the song might be coming up sooner than you think.

    Umma and son! It’s really the sweetest thing~ I’m just happy to know I wasn’t the only one squee-ing over it. 😀

    Ohhh, that video…you know I actually did come across it awhile ago and I listened to it but I never actually watched it so thank you for bringing it to my attention once again because it made for a good watch what with Tablo’s ballerina twirls (I’m convinced he’s gone past the genius line into insanity) and the others watching leader so intently (a rare sight) and just seeing Onew’s expressions as he sang. Ah, I’m feeling to write another post about Onew now – I think my Onew Ache’s flaring up! The song itself is nice enough but I dunno, watching Onew as he sang it definitely made me like it more. LOL, I think he could make me like anything at this point…so thank you for sharing! ^^

    Oh, you’re welcome! I couldn’t really remember too many instances at the time so I wasn’t sure if my examples were good enough but I’m glad you saw what I meant. Yes, they’re usually little things so you have to be on the lookout for them. Thanks again for commenting!

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