Soshi imitates what SHINee fans do every day…

January 7, 2009

….which is spazz over our lovely Minho in their adorkable new MV! Here it is!

credit: AhMiGo on YT

Okay, that still shot in the above video is horrible, by the way. How do those things get chosen? YT always picks the most random moments. LOL.

So Minho’s part is pretty small, I’m not surprised really – this being the girls’ comeback MV, I assumed they’d want the focus on them (after all, SHINee’s already got more than enough, right? XD) He looks adorable though and I’m really digging his hat. As I assumed, he’s the sales clerk working in the shop that the girls are mannequins in and he is apparently the boy that they all come alive for (or come alive to spazz over at least). Serious lulz at the totally unnatural way he walks away from the store, by the way. But enough about him…

This MV is seriously cute! And while I didn’t like the way that their outfits looked in the promo pictures – those colours, ugh! So bright! – they somehow work in the MV. Everything’s bright (like really bright – honestly, I don’t recommend watching this video more than thrice, it could NOT be good for your eyes) and sparkly (banjak banjak!)  and cool and the girls look pretty good too. I almost like Jessica’s hair. Almost. OMG! And I finally know who sings what parts because they magically seemed to find a way to make them all sound almost identical in the song and everyone gets some lines. Sunny gets parts! Yay! And this is one of those times where Hyoyeon acting cte does not make me cringe. (That girl – the cute thing just doesn’t work for her, I’m sorry. Anyone else – but not her.) Oh, and the outfits where they’re wearing short pants – all I have to say is WOW, the use of colour really works there. I love it. And they’re wearing pants! So you should be happy.

OMG, THE DANCE! So…I know I said that I thought the moves would be ridiculously cutesy but they’re actually not and lol, somehow the fact that they’re wearing pants really adds to the overall effect. The move from 0:48 – 0:51 looks really nice too. So some of the moves are kind of cutesy but you know, it’s SNSD so that works for them. Somehow they’ve managed to make me buy into this uber-cute fantasy land of ponies and unicorns and fairies that they all seemed to have emerged from. Because really, how else could they pull off acting cute twenty-four seven? So the dance does get a little awkward towards the end but that’s okay – I’m sure they’ll sort themselves out when it comes time to perform it. I really love when they all point towards Hyoyeon in succession and then she jumps though – in heels at that! – you have to respect that.

Uhm, to be honest, I’m not loving the all white shots during the bridge – you know, where they’re all sitting down – it looks kind of awkward to me. It didn’t in the teaser but somehow seeing it in context makes it seem odd. I find the ending intriguing though – I thought that they’d return as mannequins and then Minho’d come back and find them and notice that things were off like that they were wearing different clothes or something (which they weren’t but you know they could have changed – it is a clothes store) but instead they all just decide they don’t want to be mannequins anymore and leave. This idea is spearheaded by Tiffany, of course – and I don’t mean that in a mean way either – watching Factory Girl gave me some insight into Tiffany’s personality and while I see what traits got her (and the rest of the group) in trouble, those also happen to be some of the same things I like about her – because it shows she’s realistic, you know, she makes mistakes, she speaks her mind and she’s not afraid to hide what she truly feels. This isn’t always a good thing, of course, but in an industry like this, it’s refreshing. But ANYWAY back to the ending…(lol at Minho’s faux perplexed face), yes I think it’s supposed to be all girl power-ish which would be cool, except that I don’t think it really goes with the tone of the song, you know. But that’s just me…

Oh, and I couldn’t help noticing that their ‘Employee of the Month’ sign was in English and I could not understand why. Are random signs in Korea really in English like that? And do people really use English phrases as often as some of these dramas and reality shows would have you think? Hmm, I wonder… Someone, please enlighten me. Unnie?

Anyway, so I like the MV. I wasn’t really looking forward – was more interested in the song but this is one of those rare cases where the MV actually makes me like and appreciate the song more. Anyway, I hope you liked it as much as I did! Soshi fighting!




  1. I must admit I have no impression of SNSD (and I finally know all the WG and BB members from the WonderBang stage!) but this song is cute! Minho seems perfect for this mv because I just seem to see long legs everywhere lol.

    (Oh, and hope you’re feeling better! since I noticed you said you were tired and then sick =/)

  2. Thought I’d drop by here as I make my rounds on the fanblog circuit!

    In a HQ version of the video, ripped from MTV Korea…
    at the end of the video, you will see Minho looking at the Employee of The Month poster, which is covered in lipstick kisses 🙂

    The Gee MV’s so colourful *_*

  3. kuroi_katzchen

    Yay, WonderBang works miracles~ Ha! Yeah, well SNSD are nice girls and like you mentioned, they’re super tall! Their music’s not for everyone though…Gee is a really nice song tho, uber catchy and bubbly and it describes Minho to a tee.

    Thank you! I’m feeling a lot better now. ^^


    Oh, I saw a screen cap of that! I was wondering why he was staring at the poster like that before…ha, it’s cheeky but cute.

    Yes. Blindingly so.

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