SNSD’s Gee – Full Audio!

January 5, 2009

So Gee’s out. Listen.

credit: soshisubs2

I didn’t like it right away – to be honest, it wasn’t the super catchy, upbeat song I expected – but after several listens, it’s definitely grown on me. The chorus is really the cincher, I think – it utilizes repetitiveness to pull you into the track. LOL, I can already imagine the nauseatingly cute dance moves that are going to go along with it. Overall, I think it’s nice, fresh and just a good song to start the year off with – and a good song for them to start over with. Now I didn’t listen to SNSD’s first album but I think this is a different sound for them – still pop, yes – but not quite as cute or cheesy as the kind of stuff they made before.

Some people are saying it doesn’t fully showcase their vocals and while that’s true, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. Every song isn’t going to showcase their vocals and honestly after having been gone for so long, this is just the kind of song SNSD needs. Something that will stick with people and get them interested in them again and being the first major group to make a comeback right now, SM’s chosen just the right time to bring them back. There’s less competition and therefore more focus on them. So I don’t love it yet but I can see it growing on me. Let’s wait and see what the MV’s like, huh?

Gee, Gee, Gee, Gee, Gee!



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