5 Things SHINee Wants To Do

January 5, 2009

So I don’t usually do this but I wanted to post the pictures from this interview and I figured, I might as well do something productive and post up the whole interview as well, right? So here it is.

shinee-awardsI love how Dubu looks in that picture – Taemin too, and Jonghyun and Minho and Key – LOL, I guess I should have just saved myself some trouble and said I loved how everyone looked, huh? Hmm, look at all those pretty awards~

Interview beneath the cut…

2008 best newbie group SHINee revealed their goals for the new year. Having preorders of 200,000 copies, receiving awards in 3 awards ceremonies are some of their goals. Their wishes for 2008 has already come true. SHINee who wanted to get the newcomer award, had their dream come true and started 2009 with a open heart.

Next is 5 things that SHINee wants. “This is imaginary so we can say anything we want, right?” SHINee who had said this started answering refreshingly.

#1. Jonghyun debuting as a Song Writer

“My dream is to become a singer & song writer. So i am into writing lyrics these days. I write things while listening to music in the rest room. I am writing right now and if i can have it on our album i would be very happy. I get my inspiration from music and my daily life. And the listener’s stories i get from the radio is good too. I also go online too.” (Jonghyun)

(Uhm, I’d love to see this too. I think I mentioned that in another post – anyway, I’m dying to see what kind of songs Hyunnie’s writing. It’d give us a little glimpse into his head, you know. Coincidentally, I’d been thinking about trying my hand at songwriting for awhile but I haven’t yet just because I don’t know what to write about. If you’re going to write songs, don’t you need to have something to say? Suddenly I want to try harder though…)

#2. Topping International Charts

“We want to get 1st place in Thailand, China and other Asian Charts. Like DBSK. (laughs) We will follow in their footsteps. The sunbaenims did a very good job so i think that’s why we are getting good results. The members do speak a little bit of Chinese but we have to work harder. ” (Key)

(Ah, I’ll have to work harder at my Chinese too – that way whenever I meet SHINee, we’ll actually be able to converse. ^^ Oh, and this is a shoutout to all you asian SHINee fans, do your best to support the boys, okay? Help make their dreams come true.)

#3. 2nd album being a hit

“We will be active in 2009 too. (laughs) Our 2nd album will come out too, won’t it? I hope that album does well. Preorders of 300,000 copies? (laughs) Ah that is DBSK sunbaenim’s record. Then for us 200,000 copies! To tell the truth our albums sold a little over 100,000 copies this year. Our goal is to get twice that amount! “(Onew)

(When I read this, I suddenly felt like pre-ordering three copies whenever it’s released. I probably won’t but I’ll definitely be preordering it this time. This part made me the happiest though – I hope their second album really does come out this year. It’ll probably be a good few months from now but I’m still excited.)

#4. Get 14 CF Contracts

“We want to film a lot of CFs too. Cellphone, Electronics, Camera, Ice Cream, Drinks and chicken? (laughs)” We did film a lot this year. About 4.” (Taemin)

(LOL, Taemin and these CFs….I’m sure this is his wish. ^^ FOURTEEN CFs?! That’s quite a lot but I’m sure they can do it. They might have to wrestle a few away from BB though – gosh, they seem to endorse everything! Maybe they’ll get to advertise that Baskin Robbins ice cream cake this year – those ads are so cute! I’d love to see SHINee doing them.)

#5. Getting Awards at 3 Awards Ceremony

“Popularity Award, Digital Music Award….what else is there? Its getting more awards at each awards ceremony. (laughs) Ah! After getting the awards i want to go on a trip with the members. We haven’t gone anywhere together except for work related stuff. I want to do a barbecue party too. I want to go to the states and buy BoA sunbaenim’s CD too. (laughs)” (Minho)

(Hmm, if they want a vacation, they can come down here. They wouldn’t have to worry about being hounded by any crazy fans (except for me, of course! XD) and this is a good place to relax. I would totally have a barbecue party for them – my grandmother’s a great cook! They could stop by on their way to or from the States even.)

Translation credits: sanbi
source: asiae.co.kr
credits: shineee.net

And here are the other pictures from the interview – they’re all shots of the boys with their various awards.


LOL at Minho’s face and leave it to Key to be the only one to look at the camera.

shinee-awards-3For some reason, I really love this picture – it’s something about the way they’re holding the awards. I think it really showcases their personalities. Like Key’s admiring it (like he admires himself), then Taemin’s being all cute and holding his on top of his head and Onew’s just holding it out and showing it off all simple and straightforward and Hyunnie’s reaching out like that because he’s always reaching for the top and Minmin – okay, i don’t really know but the pose does suit him somehow.

shinee-awards-5And finally, in this one, they just look really happy which makes me happy – so there you go.

Source : asiae.co.kr + Bestiz
ReUploader : DHSEA1015
Credit : SHINee Forums

Oh, and on a related note, I heard the boys just got a deal endorsing Reebok sneakers. Surprised, I am not. Honestly it was only a matter of time before they got to endorse shoes – it’ s kind of their trademark, you know. Here’s an endorsement picture:

bright-whiteSource : asiae.co.kr + Bestiz
ReUploader : DHSEA1015
Credit : SHINee Forums

(Oh hey, if you take my pictures, take the credit too, okay? It’s just the right thing to do. Okay, bye!)



  1. awwww the pictures are so sweet! and there wishes are so sweet too! always praising there fellow sm artist! i hope they get many cf! but they can’t take the baskin robbins ones from bigbang! those are my favorite, maybe they can advertise a different product from BR! and have there own hats! awww thats sounds so cute! looking forward to there next album and there reebok ads! 2009 is going to be a shinee year! 😀

  2. oh… i’m so proud of them… keep fighting SHINee… GO! GO! GO!… LOL!!!…

  3. They’re so cute.. keep on aiming high but keep your feet on the ground…

  4. AHHHHHH…. their so cute!!! I know their gonna be a huge smash every time.(i could marry one of them if i can!) SHINee forever!!!>,<

  5. i think the way minho holds the trophy also tells something about him being the perfect model.. i mean, that’s a model pose right there! haha ^_^

    never seen this before.. thanks for the post.. it’s been a year, huh.. hope they keep on winning more awards. ^_^

  6. thank for sharing…hope SHINee will become the nex big thing in korean.

    • i think they already are…
      not just in korea actually..
      they’re gaining lots of fans all over the globe!

  7. FOr me they’re the most wonderful band in the world.keep on your good job,my wonderful SHINee.^^

  8. oh i just love shinee i am a super super super big fan of SHINee^^ go shinee go go shinee go oh i just love them^^

  9. hehehe… keep spirit for. shinee
    key… i like your smile
    tae min.. my friends really love you
    min ho.. my sister like you
    Onew.. a good leader
    jong hun… nice to meet you

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