So….Please Excuse Me While I Scream.

January 4, 2009

All right – the SHINee medley performance I was talking about – it’s out AND OMG, IT IS FANTASTIC! WATCH.

credit: randy19972

Did you hear what I said? Fantastic? Yeah, I’m not joking – I was shocked. I was a little anxious about the Romantic performance, to be honest, because I know the boys are tired and Onew’s been a bit hoarse lately but there was nothing to worry about. Seriously, the boys really delivered here! They sounded good – so good – and they were full of energy and life and just overall awesomeness! Yay!

I knew it was going to be a good performance the minute Romantic started and I could actually hear Minho’s rapping – for some reason, in the previous performances, he was always really low – but this time, no, I could hear him and then I could hear Jongie hitting his falsettos and OMG, it was so good I just want to cry. SO awesome, so awesome, so awesome! I told you these boys don’t disappoint, no?! Onew sounded wonderful- not hoarse at all – Key was a little off at times but in his duets, you couldn’t hear it at all, JongJong was amazing and Taemin and Minho were really great! Oh, and this time, they included the whole bridge as opposed to cutting the Onew/Jonghyun duet – and how was it? FANTASTIC! This is me being really happy right now! Best thing to wake up too – seriously. Oh, and stylist noonas did good today – they’re inside so they’re not too bundled up and their outfits work for the song – all different shades of grey and black and the boys looking all forlorn and solemn and gorgeous (they had different ones for LSGO/AMIGO). The harmonizing was great too and OMG, you guys it was so good! So why aren’t you watching it? Go watch it, now, now, now, now, now, now!

Right, then they switched to a different set (and different outfits – so glad to see them in less clothes) and started to perform Love Should Go On (the remix!) and AMIGO. Okay, Love Should Go On was awesome – I was hoping they’d include the new rap parts but they didn’t – but that’s okay because they made up for it by including that excellent dance break from the SBS Gayo Daejun performance – and they even switched up Key, Minho and Taemin’s parts a little. OMG, you guys, this performance was so good, really it’s a must watch. Did you hear me? Must watch! That means you have to go look at it. So go! Now! (I’m making a new tag – must watch – look out for it!)

And on a related note, during the Romantic performance, Hyunnie was spotted wearing the diamond earring studs he received as part of the presents in SHINeee.net’s last big project, Project SHINee Wonderland which is only super, duper amazing, especially after having seen Taemin wearing one of the jackets they sent the boys in the same project just a few days ago. Coincidentally, SHINee Forums is working on two new projects at the moment – Project Bling It On!, Hyunnie’s birthday project and the SHINeeversary project which is to commemorate their upcoming first anniversary in May. So if you like the boys and you want to show them some love, feel free to join SHINee Forums and participate in either (or both!) of the projects. Come on, you guys – it’s their first anniversary! How can you not want to join? Ah, I know I don’t say this often enough but the folks over at shineee.net are really nice and super dedicated to bringing all the members all the news about SHINee. I’m not as active as perhaps I should be but I’m definitely taking part in these two projects – suggesting ideas and hopefully donating later on – and it’d be great if you did too. Come on – let’s show the boys some love! They’ve worked so hard these past few months – you can’t say they don’t deserve it.

Ooh, and I really want to highlight the two booklets they’re working on for each project. First of all, for Bling’s birthday project, members can take a picture of a random object that reminds them of Hyunnie (it can’t be something with SHINee though or a picture of you) and then you write a short message to him in English explaining the reason you chose that object and then wishing him happy birthday and whatever else you want. The BLINGSPIRATION booklet – it’s honestly the easiest way to contribute and just a really cool, unique way of showing Jonghyun how much you care about him. And for the SHINeeversary booklet, we’re trying to highlight the international feel of the forums so members are supposed to take a picture of a particular, special location in your country or hometown (it could just be special to you) and then you’ll upload it to a picture hosting site and write a 600 character message IN ENGLISH to the boys explaining the significance of that place and wishing them happy anniversary and so on. Don’t worry – the translators on the shineee.net staff will translate it to Korean before they put the booklet together. Now isn’t that awesome, you guys? I mean, we’re trying to introduce the boys to international SHINee World and show them that they’re getting support from all over the world, not just in Korea and for someone like me who lives all the way on the other side of the world, I really appreciate that so join, okay? It’ll be fun and you might see the boys wearing something we sent – and that is really jjang!

So watch the performance, join the forums, contribute to the projects and enjoy the rest of your day! Off to eat lunch now. Later!



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