2009 is SHINee Time!

January 3, 2009

Well, bad rhymes aside, I do have a lot of SHINee things to post because I haven’t posted in awhile and a lot of things have piled up so I’m going to start with the most recent news which is that SHINee will be performing another medley (yay for medleys!) this Sunday, January 4th on SBS Inkigayo and they’ll be performing AMIGO, Romantic and Love Should Go On.

I’m not sure yet if it’s the original LSGO or the remix but I’m sort of torn as to which one I hope it is – I prefer the original and I know it’s a song that the boys really like to groove to – but I can’t help thinking that it would make more sense if they performed the remix consideing that they’re promoting the repackaged album now. BUT if they performed the riginal, then there would be a song from each of their albums – LSGO from the mini, Romantic from the full and AMIGo from the repackaged. Hmm, that is a thought… Well, I just hope that this medley is more like the ones that they’ve been doing recently – COMPLETE WITH AN AWESOME DANCE BREAK – as opposed to that slightly confused one they did on that one music show however many moths ago. Yeah, that wasn’t soooo great. Oh, also AMIGO’s going to be in Take 7 this week which means that SHINee has a chance to take home the Mutizen again and with a lot of the bigger artists gone, they might actually be able to win it this time. I’m sorry if that sounds unsupportive but it was definitely a lot more difficult for them to get it with BB, WG and DBSK around, you know? Anyway, it would be really great if the boys won this time – but I’m not getting my hopes up. Let’s just wait and see what happens. Even if they don’t win it, it’s no big – we all know the boys are fantastico and that Ah.Mi.Go’s the coolest song since ‘Replay’ so no worries, right?

Now speaking of music shows, the boys were on one today – MUSIC BANK – and they performed Ah.Mi.Go. Okay, but before I talk about the performance, all I have to say is “Amigo is number what on Music Bank? FORTY-TWO?! Whaaaaaaaat?! How can that be?” *sigh* But there isn’t really anything about that so….let’s just talk about the performance, shall we? So the performance – it was good, it was. The boys did sound a little tired and Dubu’s obviously hoarse (I heard he might be sick – I hope that’s not true) but other than that, it was very solid. They seem to have settled into a pretty consistent routine for the Ah.Mi.Go performances and I’m really glad for that. Oh, and Taemin had a different dance solo again! I was really feeling this one too – it was very cool. The only thing was that at the end of it, he dropped his mic and to be honest, I didn’t notice at first but then he had to sing his ‘otdoke, otdoke’ line and I realized he didn’t have a mic and I was like “Huh? Where did it go?” Then I realized that weird, static-y noise I’d heard earlier was the mic hitting the ground. I’ll give Taemin props though – he handled it really well and he managed to make picking it up look cool because he danced over to it and then grabbed it and went back into the routine like nothing had happened. I think he was a litte shaken though – and it definitely threw the others off as well – but it didn’t stop them from acing the ending of the performance and honestly I didn’t even really notice that the others were affected until like the third or fourth time I watched it. But I feel really badly for Taemin though – not because I think that that was that bad because it’s really not a big deal – but because I’m sure that he’s going to go and beat himself up about it and there’s no reason too. It’s okay, we all make mistakes – I’m just hoping the hyungdeul did their job and reassured him that it’s nothing to worry about. Do you think he’ll write about this in his diary? Whatever – it doesn’t matter. The point is, it was a good performance, watch it, be amazed at how professional Taemin was and smile at their pink/purple outfits.

And speaking of Taemin, I watched a very nice fancam of my little mushroom head filmed during the boys’ medley performance at SBS’s Gayo Daejun, you know the one with the super cool dance break I mentioned a few posts down, yeah, that one. Anyway, I would recommend it – it’s pretty good quality. The only problem is that the person filming it is not in the most strategic location so sometimes your view of Taemin is blocked by some long, rectangular thing but other than that , it’s pretty good.

Notable moments: 1:12 – when, frustrated with his lame-o earpiece that keeps giving trouble, he just rips it out and throws it away (LOL). Oh, and the fans are totally chanting his name at that point – sugoi! 2:02 – Taemin and his super cool (dude, I need a bigger vocabulary) popping thing he does at the end of AMIGO – it’s a great view of it and I am still in awe at how he manages to do that. Still. 2:06 – okay, this is probably just going to be me but at that point, I just felt like I was seeing Taemin for the first time – like I wasn’t seeing maknae or SHINee’s Handy Boy (seriously, what is up with that nickname?) or my little mushroom head – but I felt like I was seeing TaeMin – this fifteen year old boy who’s experiencing something so surreal and who’s still so much of a kid and yet growing to be an adult too. And I was a little sad then because I couldn’t help thinking “Wow, my baby’s growing up – and he’s not gonna be my little mushroom head forever.” And I was sad. 😦 Anyway…. have I ever mentioned that I really like Taemin’s haircut? Like right now? I mean, I’m always complaining about how they don’t style it but it wasn’t styled in this video and it looked darn good. I like it. Oh, and have I also mentioned that Taemin is a really good-looking boy? No, I’m being serious here – I mean, he’s totally covered up here (oversized jackets, ftw!) so I was completely focused in his face and I couldn’t help thinking “Wow, he’s really good-looking for a kid and he’s going to be incredibly handsome when he gets older and fully grows into his looks”. I’m excited just thinking about it – it’ll be like in Fruits Basket when they had that panel in one of the early volumes where the other characters imagine what Momiji, the happy-go-lucky, baby-faced, fifteen year old is going to look like when he gets older and he’s so handsome and then in the later volumes, you finally get to see him all grown up (well, really he was only 16 by then – but you know, puberty and all that) and OH MY GOSH, he’s even better looking than they thought he’d be. Oh, I’m getting starry-eyed just imagining it…. Taeminnie, hurry up and turn 16! Anyway….boy, I get side-tracked easily, huh? 3:45 – I was so happy, I got a glimpse of the little mushroom head who stole my heart in the Replay video (did you know that Taemin was my first favourite in SHINee? Yeah, he was – and so I’ve still got a soft spot for him, although I guess you could say that I have one for everyone in the group. XD) What can I say? I can’t resist cute people – they’re just soooo cute. That’s why, even though she can’t sing, I love SoHee because she is seriously the most adorable little girl on the planet. Seriously. And that’s pretty much it for the fancam – once Yejin unnie comes on, he gets stuck behind her so you don’t see him too well. It’s a good fancam though – watch it!

Oh and speaking of good fancams, here’s a Jonghyun fancam taken at the exact same time. (What? I couldn’t NOT watch it. But to my credit, I did watch the Taemin one first.) It’s a bit longer because this girl started filming from the time they came out on stage and thankfully, she does not suffer from the same location disadvantages that the other girl did. So yeah, you get a pretty good view of Bling throughout the entire performance and I gotta say – why do they give this boy jackets? Why? He obviously does not like them since he’s constantly pulling it on and off again throughout the performance. I was watching like “You! Keep your clothes on, dangit!” (That’s definitely not your typical fangirl sentence. XD) But really though, he’s such a tease… Stop with the jacket pulling! It’s distracting… Oh, and there’s a funny moment at the beginning where they’re setting up and Bling plops down in his chair and poses, game face on, all ready to blow everyone away, then Minho leans over and tells him to move back because he’s too far forward and instead of getting up and pushing the chair back, he just pushes back with his feet and then very deliberately settles into his pose once again and I don’t know about you but I thought it was so funny! I was like “Wow, he’s not letting anything distract him, is he?” Oh, and Minho keeps coming into the frame while they perform LLO and I seriously could not stop lol-ing at his bathrobe/coat – really, where do they find these things? Well, anyway the point is it’s Jonghyun so it’s going to be hot, I don’t really need to tell you that, besides I don’t really feel like watching it over and takingd own the highlights so just watch it, okay? You won’t regret it – you know it and I know it.

Oh, and speaking of dear Bling, a friend of mine linked me to this murderously cute gif of him that is a must see for all SHINee fans. I’m not sure who made it but it’s likely it was her. Tell me that that it is not the sweetest thing you have seen in the last four days, go ahead, just tell me. It’s the cutest thing I’ve seen – that is certain.

And finally as a little bonus for you for reading through my entire post, here is an HD video for you.

credit: jaeurazn1live on YT

It’s my darling IU’s latest performance of Mia on Music Bank – and don’t you dare pass by this! Watch it, she is very talented and she did a great job here. She’s still a little stiff, her facial expressions could use a little work but other than that, this was a really good performance. She sounded lovely, I love how they arranged the set – it really makes her stand out and her outfit and hair are super cute, very age-appropriate and yet they still manage to showcase her maturity. Also the little feather ruffles on her sleeves kept reminding me of her song, Ugly Duckling (Miun Ori) which you should totally check out because it is stunning. Overall, I was quite impressed with her. Ah, I was so happy to see her on MB! You can never be sure to see her on music shows – her management don’t seem too keen on sending her on too often and I can understand why, they’re trying to set her apart from the crowd and that would help but at the same time, they understand how much exposure she gets from being on there so they send her on once in awhile. It’s not a bad game plan….

Anyway, I’m finally going now but there should be a lot more updates coming soon. I have about four different posts in my head already – and they’re not all about SHINee! See, variety~




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