ILU Baby….but you’re trying too hard.

January 2, 2009

Soooo Seungri-gun’s MV for Strong Baby is out and I gotta say – I wasn’t that impressed. And you should know that Strong Baby is one of my favourite songs off of Remember so I was pretty excited when I heard that there was going to be an MV and that he was going to be promoting the song because I have faith in SeungRi and I knew he’d do his best but honestly, I am not really liking the way things are turning out.

Let’s talk about the MV, shall we?

So…I’d heard some rumours about what was going to be in it – abs, a bed and a kiss scene – and I was a little surprised at that but I figured I’d wait and watch the actual video before I made any assumptions. Well, the video did include abs, a bed scene and a semi-kiss scene and they didn’t really do much for me. I don’t know – I mean, SeungRi looks good, you know he always rocks suits well and he wears one in just about every scene and he looks very gentlemanly and classy but I just felt like he was trying too hard to push this grown up image. Now it’s true that he’s getting older and I figure it’s pretty difficult for a maknae to be seen as anything else and I get that he wants to be treated with more respect and to show a different side to himself and I don’t have a problem with that – I just don’t like the way he’s going about it.

Watching that video, I was just alternating between laughing at him trying to be sexy (and he can totally be sexy too! – just not when he’s being so blatant about it) and feeling kind of bemused. One of the things that I wa really looking forward to was the dancing because I know Baby’s a choreographer and so I expected the choreography to be really cool and on point but…I didn’t really like it, to be honest. I mean, there were certain parts that were cool like when Seungri and the female dancer are doing the same moves – that part’s nice – but honestly, it wasn’t anything particularly remarkable. And the thing is I know he tried his best too because you can see that he’s really serious about everything but to me, the ‘MJ’ inspired moves (a.k.a. the crotch grab – eew, why do people do that?! It is soooo not sexy, it’s kind of gross actually) and having the female dancers rub up on him is just so unnecessary and way too much. Seungri, you don’t need that – I’d tune in just to see you dance for three and a half minutes, really! And the scene at the end with him and the noona actress – I’m not feeling it. I wasn’t appalled or anything but I just didn’t want to see that – and not because Seungri’s maknae or because I’m jealous (it’s definitely not that). I just don’t want to see that – and not just from him, from anyone. That’s so not cool – and it too is extremely unnecessary. I’m sorry but I’m just having a really hard time taking Seungri seriously here – but who knows? I might like it yet. I’m still holding out hope though. The performances could change my mind but if the SBS Gayo one is what they’ll all be like, I doubt it.

Oh, and in a side note – I hear a lot of people saying that both the song and the video have a Justin Timberlake vibe but I didn’t get that at all and I watched it again to see if I saw it buuuuut I didn’t. I mean I suppose him chasing the girl through a room full of other girls is similar to Sexyback but really, it’s not like that hasn’t been done in a million other videos as well so I don’t agree with those “OMG, so unoriginal, he’s just copying JT!” comments – at all.

Oh, and on a totally unrelated side note, the teaser for SNSD’s new MV was just released and it looks pretty good so far. I’m glad this MV seems to have some kind of plot this time as opposed to their last three and the song is super catchy – it’s stuck in my head already. Also even though their concept hasn’t changed drastically, it’s still a nice change from the cutesy, cutesy, carrying around fake lollipops (OMG, get rid of them already!) ‘Kissing You’ concept so I think I’m actually kind of excited for ‘Gee Day’ now. The Gee thing is kind of weird but who knows? Maybe Soshi will make it work and bring Gee back into the vernacular – or I suppose introduce it to the Korean one.





  1. I totally agree with you, baby is sexy enough as it is, he doesnt need any bed scenes, and i was also looking forward to dancing but they were dissapointing. But you have to admit that GD’s part was really awsome, i keep rewatching just the begining to here the “show em what you got bro”, and the new snsd song doesnt get me excited, im only loooking forward to the fact that they are finally wearing pants lol btw i love your blog, i always read it! i like your view on all things related to shinee!

  2. Hi!
    It’s nice to know that you agree – I was afraid I might get comments from angry VIPs telling me off. Yes, GD looked very cool – he’s been looking pretty good these days now that he’s letting his hair grow out and wearing (fairly) normal clothes again. Ha, GD’s a born showman, I tell you – his intro in Strong Baby reminded me so much of the beginning of the Number One MV.
    Thank you so much for the nice comment, by the way. I’m so happy you like my blog. Please keep dropping by and remember you can always comment. And yay! Another SHINee fan! 😀

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