Updates – the Unexpected Third Part

December 29, 2008

So…..lots of SHINee things happened recently and since I didn’t write about them, I figured I’d put them all into this one post. I’m sorry for taking long to update, guys – next year God willing I’ll do a better job of updating with the boys’ activities, okay? So here we go….

So as you may or may not know, the boys spent their first Christmas as a group in Taiwan – yay Taiwan! – however, that didn’t stop them from doing a special Christmas segment on Chin Chin Radio where they sang Christmas carols and told a special Christmas story. As a gift to their fans, the boys uploaded the video of them recording this segment on their iple and it was translated and posted on Youtube by the lovely randy19972 and NippaB.

The recording is super funny and full of the boys’ usual brand of crack-tasticness and OMG! They have the most adorable stuffed animals around them including something that looks suspiciously like a My Melody toy. Yeah, I nearly died of the cute. Oh, and in the official broadcast, they sang the Korean version of Santa Claus Is Coming to Town – so funny! – as well as Silent Night again and wow, it sounds even better than when they performed it on Music Core. Key talks about how much he likes making home-made cards for everyone and how much he wishes he could still make them now but he hasn’t got the time – and Onew talks about how people always put their presents under the tree as opposed to into a sock that you hang on the tree. (OMG, all of the random English throws me off – I keep wondering if there really isn’t a way to say “Christmas’ in Korean. There is a way to Santa Claus though – Santa Halabeoji). Taemin, our adorable makdoongie, talks about how much he loves Santa and how he still believes that he really exists (and in a side note, in his Christmas iple entry, Taemin totally said that he hung up a stocking in their hotel room in Taiwan just in case Santa came. Awwww!) and when Key-umma says that Santa can’t come to Korea, Taeminnie says they can just go meet him. XD

So you can watch it and laugh at Key constantly flinging his hair out of his face and at Taemin fishing for compliments from Dubu-ssi (eventually he settles for “you were very cute”) and at the fact that they’re taping it on the floor in a tiny corner of a room somewhere (seriously though, why did they have to tape it there? I do wonder…) They then talk about the good things that happen at Christmas – Onew proposes eatcing and singing with the family, Taemin mentions sleigh-riding, Jonghyun says he’d like to spend time with his family going through all the good things that happened in the year, Minho suggests watching a Christmas movie with your family and Key says that you should try to meet up with someone you care about and exchange cards or gifts. Aww, what a sentimental boy. They then reveal that Onew-ssi has taken up knitting (I’m sorry I can’t help but lol at that – it’s cute though) and Onew says that he’s knitting a muffler for himself. And then they end the show with some good old-fashioned Onew sangtae to brighten up your Christmas.

Oh, and speaking of that Taiwan trip, here are some subbed videos from there – the short GTV SHINee profile vid and a cut of the 100% Entertainment hosts talking about SHINee and I think there’s more to come – hmm, regarding these videos, I wouldn’t call them must watches or anything but people seem to find them pretty funny so I guess you can check them out.

The boys also paid tribute to their sunbaes, Shinhwa by doing a cover performance of their song ‘Wild Eyes’ on Music Bank a few days ago. While I don’t think this song really suit SHINee, I think they did a pretty good job and they certainly got the chair dance down well. And I don’t even have to comment on how smoking they looed in those black outfits…stylist noonas did good this time around. Oh, and maybe it was just me but Jonghie just looked super mature here – I was just staring at him like “Ah…so that’s what you’ll look like as an adult”. Minho and Key seemed really into this performance and they carried the rap parts off quite well and the others did well also, especially Taeminnie! I was quite proud of him – he sounded pretty good in his solo part, just a little soft, that’s all. Oh, and here’s an amusing fancam of the recording where they start performing and while Jonghyun’s singing the music abruptly cuts off and OMG, his reaction is priceless! That must be really disconcerting though…I still couldn’t help laughing. ^^And if you really liked the performance, randy has a ton of fancams of just about everyone on her channel so feel free to browse through them.

Oh, and let’s bask in the SM Family love, shall we? This is a fancam of the Music Bank ending stage where DBSK are awarded the MVP award – it’s actually an Onew fancam and you can see that Dubu looks even happier than DBSK themselves here. LOL, he’s such a cutie, really – so happy for his sunbaes. (I feel like maybe he assumed DBSK were going to win because he’s bopping along and beaming before they even named the winner.) He’s also standing next to Tiffany from SNSD and you can see that she’s ecstatic too. This is a Key/Taemin/Minho fancam where you can see them looking all excited and there’s lots of hugging and high-fiving (OMG, Minho and Changmin are so obviously close – it’s really cute!) and then you can see the boys bowing to the SNSD members and Big Bang. Always respectful these boys…Ah, The SM Family love~ It warms my heart.

Oh, and here’s the boys’ final performance on Music Core for the year – they did Replay and AMIGO. Hmm, it was a good performance – not their best and you can tell that they’re really tired – but they did a good job nonetheless. I’d still recommend checking it out. And it’s in HD so that’s good.

And since it’s late, I’ll be off now. Hope you guys appreciate the update. Don’t forget Taemin’s special stages on Gayo Daejun today – Wonder Boys II and the dance battle! Pray for him! Or at least say a quick Fighting! Good night.



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