On The Radio – Updates Part II

December 22, 2008

So I’m back with the rest of the updates – just a lot of short clips to talk about today. The majority are subbed messages that the boys (mostly Key) said on UFO Radio. I’m not really sure if they’re supposed to be replies to questions or something but they’re all significantly random. Some are funny, some are cute, all are interesting. However, shineesubs02 just released the subbed video of Key’s bag so I’ll just start with that.

Key’s bag:

Haha, the umma bag! LOL, Key always carries around this big, silver bag and I remember that when I first saw it in some older stalker pictures, someone said that it looked just like a bag a mother would have. Ever since, I’ve referred to it as ‘the umma bag’ now. XD Ah, so apparently the bag is new and Key actually has some trouble opening it because of that. LOL, he’ says it’s a new type of bag that’s very popular nowadays. Hmm, well Key, you’re the fashionable one – you would know. Key’s bag has the most things, I think and he has a lot of hygiene stuff – I thought the others did but that was only because I hadn’t seen Key’s – he has a whole bunch of creams and lip gloss and toothpaste and stuff. It’s really no wonder he has such lovely skin… Oh, and the hand cream he has looks like a tube of paint – you know how acrylic paint comes in those little plastic tubes – yeah, it looks like that. It’s funny – he says that people mistake it for toothpaste and paint. He also has his piano key hat in the bag – ah, I love that hat! I seriously think that every single SHINee fan who has seen that beanie wants it – and I don’t blame them. He also showed the Polaroid camera that he mentions in his iple entries – it’s silver and pink! LOL, and the frames have Disney princesses on it – *sigh* I’m going to give Key the benefit of the doubt and assume that that was the only one they had left in the store. He shows some pictures too – ones of him and Taemin and him and Jonghyun hyung (OMG! HE CALLED JONGHYUN HYUNG AGAIN!!!!! MOMENTOUS OCCASION!) and then for the benefit of all of us who don’t know how polaroids work, Jonghyun explains – and he continues the explanation a little bit later on saying that you actually aren’t supposed to shake a polaroid picture when it comes out because it smudges the ink (That’s true too – I remember Polaroid had to issue a statement about it after that Andre 3000 song came out – you know the one with the line that goes “Shake it like a Polaroid picture”. LOL.)

So then Key takes out his mp3 player (WHICH IS AN iTOUCH, OMG!!!) – dude, I’ve never even seen one of those. And to make things better, he explains that it’s really important to him because it was the first thing he bought with his own money. I was just like “WOW. How much money did you get?” XD Or maybe iTouches aren’t as expensive in Korea as they are here. Then he shows his headphones which are in a case; his wallet – red plaid! – which is really a very big wallet but it’s super cute, they look through the wallet and then Key takes out HIS VISA CARD (OMG! He has a Visa!) and on the card is a post-it with a message from his Granny – “Halmoenika Kibum Saranghae” (Grandmother loves Kibum) – Awww, isn’t that just the sweetest thing ever? I was so touched. 😀 *skip skip skip* Right then, Jonghyun pulls out a glasses case and opens it to find some transparent sunglasses inside – they look a lot like the ones Jonghyun was wearing during that most recent CLRIDE photoshoot actually – except that those were black or white, IDK – and he tells Key to try them on but Key says he doesn’t want to because he’s not sure how they’ll look. I was like “LOL! So you bought sunglasses without even trying them on first?” And that’s pretty much it. Afterwards, the boys just take a picture with the camera and then talk about what the Thai experience has been like for them.

Righto – so onto the radio messages:


So with this message, Taemin sets out to correct the misconception that guys with the ‘B’ blood type are ‘bad boys’ by saying that he, Minho and Key are all that blood type but they’re not at all bad boys. LOL, it’s really funny how he seems dead set on proving that this bias is wrong. Ah, he’s a little awkward at times but it only makes him more endearing – and his voice is so cute! I didn’t know you could have such a cute voice. My favourite part is at the end though when his maknae-ness comes out – “Speaking of guys with Blood type B, there is no guy as soft and nice as me, right?” Of course not, Taetae – who could beat our sweet, little maknae? 🙂

The other messages are Key’s and somehow I feel that there are more to come:

081112 – The one about the repackage

OR Proof that Key should totally be a DJ. This boy needs that outlet, seriously. He’s already got a pleasant voice and he has a super entertaining personality – he’d make radio fun! This message is basically plugging the repackage – and in it, Key asks the fans to leave audio messages on their UFO telling them their favourite song from the repackage.  He says that his is the Love Should Go On remix (because of the rap, I’m sure). Ah, mine is Forever or Never – I think. It’s hard to choose. Ha, I love how Key always manages to throw some random English into his messages. In this one, it’s “thank you, thank you”. Oh, this message also made me more amenable to AMIGO for some reason – I don’t know, it’s something about the way that he said they were presenting the song with humble hearts and working hard to present good sides, it made me feel bad for not loving their performances more. 😦 *sadface*

081208 – the one where Key addresses his nagging advice giving

Or Why Key is Obviously the Umma of the Group. OMG, I want to quote almost everything in this message! There are so many classic lines like “Our Taemin is acting like a bad boy these days” (doubly ironic once you listen to Taemin’s message first) and “Honestly nothing goes right without me“. Seriously, how does this boy manage to say these things with a straight face?! And it amuses me to no end how you can always hear that slight layer of smugness in Key’s voice when he says those kinds of things. He’s really a riot, this boy. He basically explains that he has to ‘nag’ and ‘scold’ the members, makdoongee in particular because he’s looking out for them and their health and because he’s ‘in charge of Taemin’s education’. And at the end, he changes his tune and says that it’s not really nagging anyway, just giving good advice – and that if one were to call it nagging, he’d be disappointed. Yes, umma, I understand.

081208 – the one where Key admits that even he has weaknesses

OR Proof that Key and I aren’t that different after all. So if like me, you watched all of the episodes of SHINee’s reality show as well as their guest spot on School of Rock, Behind the Scenes footage included, then none of this information will be new to you. Key just sets about explaining that he isn’t always almighty and that his two major weaknesses are horror movies and high places. You know, i never said this but Key’s fear of heights is part of the reason that I like him so much – not that I want him to be afraid of things but when I started watching Yunhanam and I saw that he was afraid of heights, I couldn’t help liking Key more because it showed me that he wasn’t oh so super perfect and amazing, I saw that he had a vulnerable side too – and I appreciated that. So as Key himself says “But even if I’m Almighy Key, if I’m too Almighty, it’s not charming. A person has to have some flaws to feel more comfortable.” This, “I believe!” (Key’s random English phrase of the day).

So I hope my comments weren’t too boring for you. I’ll be on the lookout for the latest videos from shinee subs and if you want to do so for yourself, make sure to subscribe to shineesubs02 on Youtube or go straight to the source at shineesubs streaming site. I’m on my way there now.





  1. Ah, ILUSM you’ve given me the perfect SHINee Christmas present! I can’t wait to watch the bag interviews; I got unreasonably happy to read that Jonghyun ‘only carries around what’s absolutely necessary which is a philosophy I can identify with since I can’t stand even having to take a bag with me when I go out.’ because I feel exactly the same way too XD I’d rather stuff everything into my pockets if I could.

    Key is… amazing, really. He has this knack for saying/doing the weirdest stuff which only makes me like him all the more. I don’t know why but it seems quite normal to me that he should have a pink and silver camera lol. He seems really close to his grandma, which is lovely.

    (I’m wondering if the photo JH has in his wallet was taken by Key, since they both have Disney Princess frames? Lol)

  2. OMG, I’m sorry I took so long to reply! I always take so long to reply to people – it’s terrible.

    Anyway, you’re welcome. I’ll have to do another post soon actually because Onew’s bag is out now as well as their closet videos. I know though! I get so annoyed when I get pants without pockets – they should all have them! It should be a rule.

    He is amazing. I’m trying to tell myself that at this point nothing Key does or says should surprise me. He’s really just an eccentric individual – and who says there’s anything wrong with that?

    (I think it is actually – it is a Polaroid, after all and Key did say he loves taking pictures now. Speaking of, I actually saw a camera like Key’s in the mall the other day. ^^ It was so cute!)

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