In My Bag – Updates, Part 1

December 22, 2008

So do you remember the million and one SHINee videos I said I wanted to share? Well, I’ve decided to compile them into this post. Let’s start with….


You know I always said that the boys have their best AMIGO performances on Inkigayo and it is now a proven fact. This performance has got to be their best one yet – they all sounded and danced amazingly well and they didn’t look tired and Taemin has another new dance solo which has got to be the best out of the four. He does this really cool move where he spins around on the floor and it just looks so smooth and impressive – I’m very pleased. 😀 Their outfits, though extremely festive, were a little out there – lol, Taemin looks like an elf and I don’t even want to know where they got that fabric to make Key and Onew’s jackets and the weird green lei-y thing that Jonghyun was wearing at GDA (the white equivalent of which MinHo was wearing during Music Core) has made its’ comeback but trust me, after you get into the performance, none of that even matters anymore. AND to add to the awesomeness, towards the end of the performance, the boys seemed to be taking turns sending charismatic/cute looks at the camera (make sure to watch Onew at 2:31!) and I swear I nearly fell out of my chair. Aigoo~

The boys were actually in the Take 7 for the Mutizen as well but Baek Jiyeong got it instead. Still, it’s great that they made it in there – hopefully they’ll be able to win it at another time.

Oh, and here’s a little bonus video – it’s an Onew fancam from the Music Core Amigo performance. (Make sure the volume on your computer’s not so high when you click on it because there’s a lot of screaming at the beginning) It begins while the boys are waiting for the music to start and Onew takes the chance to send a little hand heart to the crowd. He also mouthes something to someone in the crowd and later on, during the rap, he points at someone in the crowd – aww, I want to be that girl. 😦 So Dubu basically alternates between big, happy smiles and his surprisingly appealing charismatic looks and moves – the finger waggle and jacket flap – and it makes for a really entertaining performance so watch it, okay?

Ah, so it’s time for the miscellaneous stuff:

I’ll start with the bag videos – basically, what happened is that one of the Thai channels did this ‘interview’ with SHINee where they had them show what was inside each of their respective bags – and lots of randomness happens. Funny things, odd things, cute things…so far, shineesubs has only uploaded Taemin, Mino and Jonghyun’s segments but I’m sure they’ll add the other two soon. And if you can’t wait, the raw videos are also on YT so if you putter around, I’m sure you’ll find them. Oh, and apparently there’s a segment where they show their closet as well – I really hope shineesubs posts that one soon since we all know how much I love SHINee’s clothes. XD I do, you know – their real clothes though, just not the stuff their stylists usually put them in.

Taemin’s bag – Well, first off, Taemin has a lot of pens. And when I say a lot, I don’t mean like five, I mean he has like a packs’ worth in his bag. Ha, the others say it’s because he’s a student so he carries the pens around and works hard. 🙂 I certainly hope so… Ah, major lols at Jonghyun by the way – he keeps peering into the bag and taking the things out before Taemin has a chance to and it’s all quite amusing. Why is he so curious anyway? LOL. Taemin even asks him “Why are you being like this?” but in a good-natured kind of way. Taemin also has a book – Jonghyun shows the title but it’s in Korean so obviously I didn’t understand it…still it looks like a book I’ve seen before. It looks really dramatic too – I wonder now what kind of books maknae likes to read… Taemin then takes out his diary – aww, he has a diary! How cute! When I was 15, I’d just started blogging actually. He says that he writes in it “things that can’t be said aloud” – aish, sounds kind of cryptic, no? Hmm, then Taemin takes out his mp3 player and the cords that he uses to play the audio from it. Jonghyun then says “since Taemin dances often, he really has to carry those cords around”. Ah, dedication! So endearing! Then he takes out some hygiene stuff – toothbrush, toothpaste, skin cream. Jonghyun then asks Taemin what the most important thing is in the bag – Key jokingly says that there’s nothing and then Jonghyun puts his hand in the bag and takes out the diary which he says he chose because it contains a lot of Taemin’s thoughts. I won’t lie – as soon as I saw him take out the diary, I got suspicious and I was right because a few seconds later, he opens the diary and tries to read it – but of course, Taemin grabs it back. The hyungs then jokingly say that if the crew comes back in a few hours, they’ll tell them what’s written inside the diary. XDD I’m sure. Taemin probably guards that thing with his life.

Jonghyun’s bag – LOL, Jonghyun’s bag is practically empty. He says that he only carries around what’s absolutely necessary which is a philosophy I can identify with since I can’t stand even having to take a bag with me when I go out. Anyway, he does have some items though and they are pretty basic – a (really small) laptop, mp3 player (looked like a video iPod), two wallets (IDK why he has two. He doesn’t explain it), a book (I wish he’d said the title – I would have liked to know what it was. It was small though, very compact) and his lyrics book. I was like O.0 “Hyunnie writes songs? I did not know this.” That’s very cool though and not so much of a surprise considering he wants to have a hand in producing his own music later on. LOL, he gives a funny little demonstartion too, saying that if he suddenly turns his back to you, then it’s because he’s writing lyrics. The others all nod sagely like they don’t already know this. (Make sure to look out for Key fidgeting and moving around until he finally finds a comfortable spot – since they’re all sitting  on this one small bed.) Oh, and sometime after Jonghyun shows his lyrics book, it seems like he starts talking just to Onew and for some reason, it seemed really funny to me. I was like “talk to the camera, not to Onew!” LOL. Anyway, then Onew says that he saw something really special in the bag and I thought that it was the lyrics book but it was actually a picture of the members that Jonghyun has in one of his wallets (Seriously, why does he have two wallets?). It’s a very cute picture – I think they took it during the Save Water benefit thing – you know the one where they performed Amigo in suits? – and it’s in a Disney Princess frame! LOLOLOLOL! The really funny part though is where Minho pulls some money out of Jonghyun’s wallet and says “Isn’t this it?” (meaning the most important thing) and Jonghyun and Onew both shake their heads adamantly and tell him no. LOLOL. Minho. Such a silly boy~

Minho’s bag – Oh, I loved this one! Minho was so cheery and talkative and it was nice to see him interacting with the others so much. So he starts by explaining that his bag is very important to him because he really wanted it and he pestered his parents until finally they bought it for him when he got into high school. Ha, I like how he says “One day I went home and it was there.” 😀 That’s how my mum does things too. So then he actually starts showing what’s inside it – lip gloss, sunscreen, his school keys (locker keys, I guess) and of course, Key makes a joke here, then he takes out his mp3 player and a pen – apparently the pen belonged to Minho’s hyung who then gave it to him ‘to take tests with’ – as such, it’s something he treasures. He then says that he also treasures the mp3 player because it’ s kind of old but still works well. Aww, Minho treasures like everything! If I ever meet him, I’ll be sure to give him a hand-written letter. ^^ Then he puts those things back and takes out a book (what?! All of my boys are readers? I’m so happy!) which turns out to be the Catcher in the Rye. I won’t lie – I really, really dislike that book but I’m glad that Minho’s tackling the classics. Cool points~ Anyway, Bling jokes that Minho’s only read one page of the book but when he opens it, there’s a bookmark in the centre of it which pretty much kills his joke. There’s also a PSP and they clarify that Minho likes football (soccer) games – big surprise there – and finally he takes out his laptop – which is a Sony Vaio just like mine! HAPPY! LOL, they tried to cover the logo but didn’t do so when he started to take it out so you can still tell. Hmm, then Key jokes and says that this seems like the home shopping channel and then follows it up by plugging Minho’s lappie. It’s pretty funny! Ah, this video was really cute – if you watch any, you should watch this one.

Hmm, there’s more stuff but again, i’m feeling tired so I’ll try to have them done manana, si Dios quiere, okay? Hope you enjoyed my postie. Happy watching!



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  1. hi! i love your rendition of posts….:)

    i know the book that taemin read! its called Les Papillon des etoiles. by bernard Werber

    i ve tried many places but still cannot find one exactly lik e that! 😦

    hope to hear from you soon. :!

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