A SHINee Christmas Carol…

December 21, 2008

So Music Core’s Christmas Special aired last night and there were some cool performances. I tried to watch it live but I tuned in after SHINee’s performances were done – as such, I was too bummed to bother to watch the rest so I just caught them on Youtube like the majority of us. So let’s go…

AMIGO performance

So I tried a different tactic here – I tried to watch the whole group during the performance as opposed to just zooming in on Onew and Jonghyun – it worked pretty well actually – up until Onew’s close up towards the end of the performance where he sent the camera the coolest look. After seeing that, I couldn’t help squealing and turning my attention solely on Dubu. Sorry, boys – I’m easily distracted. :/ Anyway, I couldn’t help noticing from my little experiment just how in sync they are when they dance – and not just the boys but their back-up dancers as well – they’re really moving in unison! It’s really cool~ Also they switched up the choreography for Taemin’s dance solo again – hmm, this one’s kind of odd, it just looks like random spastic movements to me but I still think it’s cool that they’re changing things up. The boys sounded really good too. The outfits were pink, purple and gray today which I wasn’t really feeling despite my fondness for purple. I just didn’t like the way they matched the clothes…I really liked Jonghyun’s box-y necklace thing though. It’s very cool. Oh, and I saw Taemin smiling a few times – very happy about that. Keep em coming, maknae!

Special Stage With KARA:

What can I say? I loved every single thing about this performance – seriously. And it’s funny because I wasn’t even really looking forward to it since I’m not a big Kara fan but it was really good! The boys sang Silent Night in Korean and then KARA came out and they sang Jingle Bell Rock and they did a great job! Everything was really nice and festive and cute and they transitioned from one song to the other very nicely. It really got me into the Christmas mood – I went about cleaning my room and listening to carols and generally feeling very Christmas-y afterwards.

Ah, I really loved everyone’s outfits here – red and white were extremely prevalent. OMG, their English was really good! And I love the way they paired them up in two lines – Onew and his partner were so cute (I don’t know the KARA members’ names – sorry) as were Key and his partner and Minho and his partner’s little dance thing was adorable – the little tap tap tap on the back! (they tricked me though – I thought he was going to get to sing) and Taemin and his partner were cute with their heart and I don’t know why but I couldn’t help laughing at Jonghyun and his partner. Overall, there was just a lot of cute and more cute and even more cute and OMG, was anyone else struck by how low SHINee’s voices suddenly sounded when they sang after KARA? Ha, I was so shocked! I was like “Boys! Is that you? You don’t usually sound so manly!” The ‘Silent Night’ performance was very nice as well – they really created the perfect atmosphere for it and the boys harmonized so well! And Minho sang! which is always a plus.

Honestly there are a lot of other SHINee videos that I want to share with you all but it’s late and I’m tired and I want to go to bed so I’ll post about them later. Happy watching!



Oh, and since this post isn’t really as spazzy as it should be, I’ll make it up to you by sharing a really nice picture of my makdoongee and my Hyunnie and Maknae’s smiling – yay! credit: as tagged and mrs. key on shinee forums for the reupload


Did anyone else notice that Hyunnie’s hair is growing out? Cause to rejoice, people. Seriously!



Ah, seeing that boy smile really does a heart good, you know. It’s just the thing to see before one goes off to dreamland. Good night!



  1. I loved this performance too, especially for the a capella performance and the chance to hear Minho’s voice ^^ I also found it funny how deep and manly the boys sounded right after KARA sang! And rofl why were only Taemin and Jonghyun dancing around at the ending?!

  2. Hi? I’m kaze from mongolia..My friends and I love SHINee!!!!! Oh,today is Christmas day! Merry Christmas to aalof you! And Amigo is soooooo coooool Thank you..kk See ya.

  3. kuroi_katchen

    I think they made their voices a little deeper though – because they are so not really that low. Oh, did you watch the carols video? Because there’s an even better version of Silent Night there and Minho sings in the Santa Claus is Coming to Town one. LOL, I didn’t even notice. I guess the others forgot. XD


    Hi there. I’m Maki. That’s great that you all love SHINee. I do too – but I think that must be obvious by now. Thank you for the comment. ^^ Remember to keep supporting the boys!

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