Magnae, you’ve got me wrapped around your finger…

December 19, 2008

Ah, so Taemin’s monologue came out fifty million years ago and dudes, you would not believe that that was just what I needed. When I watched it on Wednesday, I was having a day that would definitely qualify for ‘most mortifying of my life’ and I really needed something to cheer me up and thankfully I was able to come home and watch my baby’s monologue and it instantly brightened up my day! It was super-de-duper fantastc and could possibly be my favourite out of the five.

First off, the first reason that I loved it is because that little boy beamed his way throughout the entire thing – while there were times when he seemed a little uncertain or embarrassed – the attention always seems to get to him somehow – he was just too adorable during the entire thing and he seemed so excited and so eager, particularly when he was talking about dancing. I loved how he really couldn’t sit still and kept clenching and unclenching his hands like he was itching to get up and show off the moves that he’s becoming famous for – it was the perfect emphasis to what he was talking about.

So like how Jonghyun’s monologue pretty much centred around music, Taemin’s centred around dancing . But I mean, that’s really no surprise, is it? I love how for his comment title, they added “on Dancing” to the “Thoughts on” section. I must say that listening to Taemin talk about dancing gives me a greater appreciation for his skill and for what it took to get him there. He’s not just a kid who likes to dance and who happens to be good at it – dancing means so much to him, it’s like second nature – he actually said “dancing is like walking. You know how everyone has to walk, well that’s how dancing is to me”. Now tell me that is not the best analogy ever – and I love how he came up with it on the spot too! This kid! These boys! So smart! Smarter than me, by far. Well, certainly more eloquent – that’s for sure.

Okay, this is a random note but every time I watch a monologue and I notice one of SHINee’s album posters behind the member’s head, I feel so inexplicably proud – they’ve just come so far already and they worked so hard to get there and through these monologues, I’m starting to understand just how difficult an experience it was for them. Every day, they give me new reasons to feel proud of them – and most of all, to admire them. Those kids inspire me, you know – but that’s a topic for another post.

Anyway, you know I used to worry about the toll that this whole debut process was taking on Taemin because he is the youngest and he’s being separated from his family for so long and it really can’t be easy, you know and while I do think that that might have something to do with why he’s so solemn these days, I’m starting to understand why he’s able to make those sacrifices. Hearing him talk about spending his school recesses dancing on the playground as opposed to playing with his friends and going online to look for dance and music videos so that he could learn more moves when he came home as opposed to …whatever it is kids do on afternoons, it put things into perspective for me. So I think now that even if he gets down sometimes and he begins to feel burdened, he will bounce back – because he has the will to succeed. He’s following his dreams and if being on stage and performing in front of a crowd is what he wants to do for the rest of his life, then I’m pretty sure he’s going to make sure he does it – difficult though it may be.

LOL, he says his role models are Michael Jackson (no surprise there – what singer/dancer is not influenced by MJ?), Usher and Justin Timberlake. For some reason, this amused me – I’m not really sure why. I mean, they’re all great artists and performers and I enjoy their music (although I’m not really feeling Usher’s latest stuff so much) so I’m not really sure why but yes, I was amused. Oh, and in a (possibly related) note – I find myself hankering to listen to more JT all of a sudden. First SexyBack, then My Love, what next – LoveStoned?

He talks about how among all of the presents he’s received, his most treasured one was a hand-written letter because “if you have money, you can always buy a gift except for letters, because no one can write a letter for you”. Aww, Taemin! I mean, I’d write a letter to you too but you know it’d be English and then you wouldn’t be able to understand it…maybe Key could read it to you? Doesn’t really matter anyway – once this monologue airs, Taemin’s gonna be flooded with fanmail. XD Fangirls are nothing if not observant – and communicative. But really? He’s only ever gotten ONE hand-written letter before? Hard to believe, amigos…

Then he talks about his hyungs and how kind they’ve been to him and how he loves being the youngest and being called ‘magdoongie’ – baby (which surprised me considering he always says he doesn’t like being called ‘cute’). Ah, my heart swelled like the Grinch’s when he spoke about how kind the other members are to him. I’m so happy! I mean, we all know that he and Minho are close and he and Onew and he and Key but…okay, well truth is, I do wonder what kind of hyung Jonghyun is. I mean, I see him being just the sweetest dongsaeng to Dubu-ssi (at times) but I’m not sure about his ‘hyung’-ness. He treats Key pretty much as his equal and sure, he babies Taeminnie at times but I’ve never really seen him interact with Minho – well, not much anyway. On a one-on-one basis, I mean. (I think I’m getting off point…) My point is I’m grateful for the confirmation that they all really do get along well. I hope they continue to.

He talks about their memorable performances – the debut one and their SM Town live stages and he focuses on his little solo dance (which I only saw for the first time the other day and OMG, IT WAS SO AWESOME!!!) WATCH, WATCH, WATCH! Oh, but the shirt ripping – so not necessary. Seriously, Taemin, don’t you know you have to wait until you’re 21 to do that?! Yeah, I said it – TWENTY-ONE, which is what? Like six years from now – *weeps in a corner because of her noonaness*

And finally he talks about his goals as a SHINee member – it’s just one goal really, to make SHINee the world’s best group. Wow! Ambitious much?! Ah, but he said “you’ve got to have an ambitious goal” and he obviously does. It’s a good thing though – that’s definitely something you’ve got to work towards. XD I’ll do my best to help them along though. Minna, you all do your part too! And then the monologue ended and I couldn’t help feeling like Taemin didn’t look quite as young to me at the end of it. He may be the maknae but he really isn’t a little kid. Ah, to quote Key-gun, “my son is jjang!” I’m really so proud of this boy – he’s really growing to be someone special. ^^

I have more videos an so on to share with you but it’s late now and I’ve got to go to bed – I’ll try to post the tomorrow, God willing though. Have a SHINee day!




  1. This monologue was sooo cute and yeah it made me respect Taemin more and see him as more mature than I previously thought – he’s really a different person when it comes to dance. I’m looking out for his solos now…

    ‘I mean, I see him being just the sweetest dongsaeng to Dubu-ssi (at times)’
    Really? I really shouldn’t be taking up more of your time but if you could, could you show me where/when? =P

  2. You should, especially now that he keeps changing them for every performance. That’s really cool, ne? I like that they’re letting him experiment, explore his potential.

    Oh? You never noticed – I always notice these things because I’m usually not aware of their age difference so when they happen, I remember. Oh it’s no problem, really – consider it my actual Christmas gift to you. ^^ I’ll try to remember some times.

    Okay, well there are times like during GDA and the Mnet 20’s Awards when Onew started to cry and he tried to comfort him.
    Mnet 20’s (go to 6:50): http://videos.shineee.net/video/29/080823-Mnet-20s-Choice-Award-SHINee
    And well, you can just check out my GDA post for that link.
    And then there was the time on SBS Solomon when he was all bragging about how Onew came 2nd in his year (I was like “lol, you’re bragging about his grades. You should brag about your own!”) http://videos.shineee.net/video/63/080922-SBS-Soloman-Onew–JH-Cut (it’s around 3:20)
    During episode 9 of Yunhanam, when he was trying to talk up Dubu to the noonas, I can’t remember exactly when but it’s a cute episode so you should watch it anyway. http://videos.shineee.net/video/32/080924-SHINee-Yunhanam-Reality-Show-Ep-09
    And during the LLO MV shooting when he was talking about Onew’s cool move: http://videos.shineee.net/video/323/080901-MNet-wide-news-1st-album-MV-JacketShootMaking (somewhere around 4:26)
    Ah, I feel like I’m not coming up with good examples but it’s difficult to remember all of the times. Just be on the lookout for it when you’re watching a SHINee video, okay? Hope this helps! Merry Christmas!

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