Can I marry Onew now? Please?

December 19, 2008


Now I knew about this before I listened to it (it’s a radio message) because I’d seen a translation of the message on SHINee Forums – and just reading it melted my heart – ah, but hearing it! Listening to Onew’s lovely, lovely voice saying those words and understanding – thanks to the fantastic team over at shineesubs – what he was saying made it feel like I was hearing it for the first time.

To quote some of the people in the comments, “This message seems so exclusive, like he’s talking only to me” and the thing is, I felt the exact same way. You know, hearing Onew speak is a really different experience from watching him speak. Because when I’m watching him, I can get distracted by his smiles or his little mannerisms and so on but just listening to him – and just him – during that video, I realized for the first time just how mature and soothing his voice is. The girl who left the first comment had it right when she said that just hearing his voice can calm you down and ‘stabilize your emotions’ as she put it. (If you’re wondering why I keep quoting these people, it’s because that’s seriously how I felt! And I’m so happy that I’m not the only one who feels that way). I was mesmerized listening to him speak, his speaking voice is so lovely~ I never really noticed it before.

And dude, they used one of my favourite pictures of Onew in the video. Ah, but anyway – when I first read the translation to this message, in addition to just being touched because what he said was so sweet and thoughtful, I couldn’t help thinking “OMG, this is practically a response to my Dubu birthday message” (well, part of it anyway) – mainly the part where he said “Even though I can’t reply to all of your hearts which cheer for me and love me without any condition, I always feel grateful.” You don’t know how I wanted to cry when I read that, I was so touched! And now I get to actually hear him say that! *sigh* life is just full of bittersweet things, no? It seems like almost every day that goes by, I find a new reason to love this boy. *sigh* I think I’ve come down with Onew Ache which evolves from the deadly SHINee Poison. Anyone know a place where they treat that?

Oh, and for your information:

Korean fans are using the word 온 유 앓 이, which is Onew ache , if literally translated.
It means shinee fans’ hearts ache so much because they love him so much.
It’s a kind of heartache condition which Shinee fans have for him…whenever they can’t go to sleep because of thinking about him..whenever they are spazzing about his voice, pics, and solo songs.
Basically it means Onew is being so loved.

Translation from yeonae on SHINee Forums.


a sick Maki



  1. oh my dear heart is aching now 😦
    just remembering how dear Ondubu said all these gives me Onewache even if he isn’t my fave…
    saranghae, SHINee!

  2. I know just how you feel. I think Onew does that to everybody.
    Kamsahamnida for the comment.

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