Just tying up some loose ends…

December 16, 2008

So since there were a ton of things I was supposed to post about but didn’t get around to doing in a timely fashion, I’ve decided to just stick them all into one big post. So I’m warning you from now – this will be pretty long (while I was writing it at work, a colleague of mine passed by and asked if I was writing an essay) and dealing with a number of SHINee- related topics, although there’ll definitely be some mention of other groups as well. Now without further ado…

~I’m bringing GDA back~

I started to write a post about this last week Thursday but I didn’t get around to finishing it on time and now I feel it’s a little too late to dedicate an entire post to the topic. Ultimately I really just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS to my shining boys for snagging such a prestigious Newcomer Award (shout-out to Davichi for getting the other one – I really like them too~). It was nice to watch them accept it almost tear-free with the exception of course, of our lovely leader – but in his case, I didn’t mind the tears – they just endear him to me more really. (*sigh* Only SHINee can get me to like watching people cry…By the way, when did Hyunnie go from being the crier to the comforter again? I’m glad though – I’ve seen him cry enough for a lifetime.) Onew’s acceptance speech was seriously adorable and I thought it was wonderful how he dedicated the award to SHINee World. Doesn’t he know you’re obligated to keep the first round? Ah, and the Dong Bang SHINee! As usual, the men of DBSK were sitting there looking extremely proud of their hoobaes and Yunho’s thumbs up and nod to the camera right after Onew finished his speech was the perfect ending to it. Oh, my heart~

I really enjoyed watching their medley performance – seeing them transition so smoothly from one promoted song to another was lovely. (Oh, how I missed seeing them perform Love Like Oxygen – those performances were the best!) And they looked so at ease on stage! More so than I’ve seen them in a long while – the opening was super cool as well and Taemin’s little solo at the beginning – awesome~

All of the performances I watched were good though – I really can’t pick a favourite. The Wonder Girls 5 in 1 Nobody remix was really cool, possibly the best remix so far – I only wish they’d all sung live as opposed to just Yeeun – but I suppose it would have been difficult given all of the dancing they had to do. Rain’s dance break was really hot and DBSK’s performances were crazy good! OMG, I can’t tell you how excited I was when I saw that they had performed ‘Are You a Good Girl?’ – that’s one of my favourite songs off of their album and I was beginning to think I wouldn’t see it performed. It was way cool too and I love how everyone had a little dance part with the back up dancers – Changmin’s was the best! Minnie! Oh, and the Mirotic performance…. I think it was the best one I’ve ever seen – there was so much passion, so much attitude, fire and life! (I think they were trying to make up for having to sing ‘under my sky’) and Yunho’s dance solo and Changmin’s expression just before he did the scream – priceless~ (OMG, and LOL at the all of the Dong Bang SHINee during the performance – did you see Jonghyun dancing and singing along and looking totally into the performance? He’s such a fanboy – my gosh, he can’t even hide it. XD Ha, and Minho – oh goodness, he looked positively enraptured! He was watching DBSK like he was studying their every move! But towards the end, he loosened up and sang along too – it was very cool.)

OMG, you guys and Taeyeon won! I don’t know about you but I was seriously bummed that she didn’t get anything at MKMF but this is even better – her OST songs are fantastic and I’m really happy to see her getting recognition for them. I haven’t watched her performance yet but I’m sure it was spectacular. No really, it was stunning – she sounded just like the studio version. I haven’t been this impressed in awhile. Brava, Taeyeon, you’re a heck of a songstress.

Oh, and about Big Bang not getting anything – I really don’t think it’s that big a deal. They swept MKMF and honestly, I don’t really care why they didn’t go. Even if it was because they weren’t getting anything, who cares? Why should they go spend three hours at a stuffy awards show at which they will be getting absolutely nothing when they could spend it doing something more productive like resting or practicing or whatever? Bottom line is – it didn’t bother me either way.

And to conclude, although I don’t think GDA was as overall entertaining as MKMF, there were still lots of fun times to be had.

Next up is my birthday greeting for the lovely Onew-ssi


Ah, saengil chukhahae, Onew! I’m so happy we’re the same age again. It makes me feel like less of a noona. You know it’s funny – I wrote a little greeting for him in his official Soompi birthday thread (because I wanted to get something in on the 14th) and it occurred to me that so much of what I wanted to say to him had to do with his role as the leader of the group. It’s amazing how I went from not understanding how he came to be the leader to not being able to fathom anyone else in the role. (yes, not even my Hyunnie)

It’s just that it never ceases to amaze me how serious Onew is about his role as the leader. It may not always seem like it but he puts so much thought into everything he says and he really tries his best to show good sides not only of himself but of the group as well. He always speaks so highly of the others, taking care to emphasize their strengths, all the while downplaying his own. He has no problem stepping back and allowing the others to have the spotlight, if, for example, someone slips up and introduces himself as the leader instead of Onew, Onew just laughs it off – it would never strike him to be annoyed or upset about something silly like that. Honestly this boy’s not pretending to be humble, he really is.

And he’s so intelligent and well spoken too! He jokes around a lot and his ‘Onew sangtae’ makes my life but when the occasion calls for it, he always sobers up and does his best – and he does it all with the largest smile on his face. My gosh, that boy smiles like the sun! It’s gotten to the point now where all I have to do is see him smile to smile in return – it’s actually an automatic reaction. But I can’t help it – his smile is just so genuine and bright and chock full of happiness and good sentiments.

Ah, I really love this boy unconditionally – I love him when he’s smiling like the sun, I love when he’s acting like a dork and falling down all the time, I love when he’s spinning around crazily during practice and looking for all the world like the magnae as opposed to the leader, I love when he makes his signature ‘condition’ and freezes the atmosphere, I love when he’s doing his best to comfort his members despite his own tears, I love when he’s being a pushover and letting the others have their way – letting Taemin be the director or allowing Key to drag him to the bathroom because he doesn’t want to go on his own, I love how good natured he is about constantly being made fun of and left out by his members, I love when he’s trying to downplay how smart he is by acting like it’s not a big deal that he placed second in his whole school (yay Dubu!) or that he passed his university entrance exams, I love when he’s failing at acting like a bad guy (in that HP-themed M!Countdown ranking) or doing a pretty good job of acting like a pained lover (only to be upstaged by Minho), I love when he and Jonghyun and Key get together and spazz out and talk utter nonsense, I love his shocked expression at hearing that he said something he shouldn’t have (on the blue carpet at the Mnet 20’s awards), I love how serious he gets when he’s singing a sad, love song and how he somehow always manages to make you believe that he’s actually feeling whatever he’s singing, I love his guarded romantic side, I love how he smiles no matter what – when he’s happy, at random moments, when he’s tired, when he’s performing and supposed to be looking ‘charismatic’, when he’s embarrassed, when he makes a mistake, when he and the others do well or just before he dedicates an award to his fans. I love how no matter what he always remembers to thank us fans, throwing in a ‘saranghamnida’ or a hand heart at random intervals – we remember those things, you know, they really make a difference.

I love you , Lee Jinki and because of that, I wish you only the best, I want for you all that you want for yourself, I hope that yesterday was just the beginning of the best year of your life so far and that each one gets progressively better and better, I hope that you grow as an entertainer, as a person, as a leader and as a friend, I pray that you continue to be happy and healthy, that you keep smiling, that you continue to see success, that you’re blessed even in the tough times, that you learn to stay strong for your team and most of all, that you come to appreciate all that you have to offer the world – because there’s so much, really. You have so much to offer – and it breaks my heart that you can’t see it. You will though, in time. I believe that. Keep practicing your charismatic looks because they’re actually getting better – you’ll be a ladykiller yet, son! And finally, happy birthday, Onew. I wish you many, many more.


credit as tagged/various SHINee citizens on Soompi for the re-up

And here are a few miscellaneous items that I think you guys should check out/know about:

– Here’s an amusing Replay parody with a message – it’s anti ‘antis’ (of any kind but focusing on the SNSD/WG ones in particular) which I am always for – but it’s done in a lighthearted, humourous way and I totally suggest you check it out.

A short video of Key doing his rap from ‘Love’s Way’ to a beatbox – he switches up the flow a little and it’s quite cool to hear. (the actual rapping starts around 50 seconds)

Bolero – listen to the song, people. It Is Epic.

– And the most important thing of all, SHINee SUBS HAS A NEW STREAMING SITE! Whoo- hoo! Yay, it’s really neat and pretty and cool and this time you do not have to be a member to watch the videos, although I really suggest you join. It’s just more fun that way. Here’s the link. Please show them (and SHINee, claro) a lot of support. SHINeee.net and SHINee subs jjang!

And finally, I will leave you with a little shot of my boys. It’s the invitation card thingie for Onew and Minho’s joint birthday party – I certainly hope some fan accounts of that surface soon – and it’s really just too cute for words. So instead I’ll just leave you with the picture. credit as tagged, achel! on shinee forums and omg_mayhem on LJ



Oh, and a little addendum to my last Jonghyun post – as much as I loved watching Hyunnie fly solo, I really miss the group now. So while that was a lovely little interlude, I think it’s time we return to our regular programming, all right?



  1. and i love all your spazzing *haha*

    although i’m biased when it comes to minho, i do disagree with the majority who commented that minho’s acting the best in that skit in their reality show.

    personally, jinki’s acting was way better than minho. his acting was more convincing in that you could really see and feel his pain when he delivered his line. i guess knowing his sunny personality, it was just amazing how he was able to get in the zone and deliver a moving performance. he was more natural in that role whereas with minho, he didn’t add much to the feeling. i think minho’s very conscious in his acting that it comes off as just acting the part. he was way better as a director. i think he’d be a great one in the future if given the proper training *hehe*

  2. “I love his shocked expression at hearing that he said something he shouldn’t have (on the blue carpet at the Mnet 20’s awards)”

    this is my first time learning this. could you share with me what that was about? links please? =D

  3. Ha, well I’m glad someone appreciates it. XD

    To be honest, I’m not really sure who’s acting was better because I got kind of caught up in the whole “OMG, Minho’s such an amazing actor – he must be cast in a drama like now” that was going on in the fandom at the time but I do recall thinking that Onew’s acting was actually pretty good and quite believable (although I, like Taemin, couldn’t help laughing at Onew not smiling for an extended period of time) and I’ve been devastated ever since at the lack of appreciation that seems to exist for his little part. Dubu was really good, you know – and this isn’t the bias talking. (Btw, it’s good that your own bias hasn’t blinded you – yet. XD)

    I do think that Minho could be a great director though. He works hard and he’s very focused and he was quite professional during the shoot. Let’s hope that if he does get the chance to direct that he gets actors who are a bit more manageable than his members.

    Oh? Did you not see that video? It’s one of the first SHINee vids I watched actually. LOL, you’re like my RL SHINee friend – once I mention something SHINee-related, she goes “So where are the links?” http://videos.shineee.net/video/29/080823-Mnet-20s-Choice-Award-SHINee
    I don’t mind though – I like being thought of as a SHINee connoisseur. 😀 The part I mentioned happens at about 2:36.

  4. thanks maki! to me you are becoming a shinee connoisseur. that’s why your page is added on my favorites list. i love all your insights and all your spazzing. keep them coming since surfing for me is not complete when i don’t see new entries about the boys here *haha*

    pressure, pressure! LOLz ;P

    thanks for providing the links and the time. it makes it easier for me to check where it happened. happy friday!

  5. Oh, that is seriously so sweet! Ha, that’s how I feel about the folks over at let’s all eat candy and pretty boy power – it’s amazing to think someone thinks of me that way! 😀

    You’re welcome! I’m happy to help – I just hope you enjoy watching them.

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