My pride and joy…

December 15, 2008

So…Jonghyun performed ‘Y Si Fuera Ella’ for the final time on SBS Inkigayo today (yesterday). I’ve really been looking forward to this – and I wasn’t disappointed. Not at all.

credit: randy19972 on Youtube

Ah, I was excited before he even started singing – the set for this performance was beautiful and he was on a podium, dudes! (did I mention that I really love podiums? Well, for performances anyway.) And the lighting was lovely – I love how he was shrouded in darkness at first and then the spotlight came on as he began to sing and then it went off again when he finished. And his outfit was seriously gorgeous today – it looked so lovely and wintry and melancholic all at the same time. (Yes, outfits can seem ‘melancholic’ – trust me on this one.)

And the singing (you know – the important part) – well, it was incredible, really. Not perfect, no but spectacular nonetheless. I’ll never cease being amazed by the performances of this song (thank goodness there probably aren’t any more) – I mean, the kind of control that he has to have to sing this song is really something. And although I feel that he struggled a bit this time, you could tell that he knew to take his time and he didn’t push himself too much and you don’t know how grateful I am for that, seriously. He did so well in all of these performances! And his expression while singing – gah, it just breaks my heart! Why does he have to look so serious and plaintive and like someone’s ripping his heart out while sounding so amazing?! Agh, it makes me want to cry! I’m really proud of him though – so, so, so very proud of him. My boy did so well! I’m just so impressed really, honestly I don’t think I could take any more performances of this. These kind of overwhelming rushes of emotion can’t be good for my heart – they just can’t. I think I’m going to go now…

Oh, and I know I haven’t done my birthday post for leader-ssi’s birthday yet. I was out all day and I’m feeling really tired – I wanted to get it in on the 14th but that’s not gonna happen. I’m so sorry it’ll be late, Dubu but I’ll try my best to have it up by manana.

And on a totally unrelated note – if you haven’t, I seriously suggest you check out DBSK’s new Japanese single, Bolero. Gosh, this song is so ridiculously amazing. I mean, I’m not even one for their ballads usually but this song has seriously impressed me. My favourite part is this particular note by Junsu somewhere around 3:46. My gosh, it pulls at my heartstrings every time I hear it – he just sounds so heartbreaking. Ah, I’m going to go now before I start weeping. But speaking of Junsu, saengil chukhamnida oppa! You’re one of my favourites in the group and though I know you already had a little something for your big day, I hope you enjoy the actual thing as well! Have a great day!



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