The voice of an angel…

December 13, 2008

Okay. It’s been decided – ‘Y Si Fuera Ella‘, or ‘Hey ya’ as the Korean version is called, is the best song ever. I’m sorry, Jonghyun for not loving your song the minute I heard it – but I love it now. I love it so much now. It is the best song ever and getting to see Jonghyun perform it was amazing. Thank you!

OMG, the Music Bank performance was so good for his first time performing that song and for his first time performing solo in a long while. It must be so strange doing things on his own after getting used to always having the group’s support. He was a little nervous at the start and you could see it but that didn’t change anything – turns out my fears were totally unfounded, he didn’t overdo it at all – he really understands the way the song flows and he took care to start off slowly and work his way up to the climax of the song. He really seems to know his limits and I’m happy about that – the last thing I want him to do is try to go beyond them and strain himself and his voice. Ah, it was so good, you guys! When I finished watching it – and I had to load it on Daum which takes forever because it wasn’t up on YT yet – I felt so proud of him. This boy is so talented and he works so hard and to think that he thinks that he still has a long way to go vocally is mind blowing considering how far he’s already come. I’m really proud of him and I’m so happy I got to see him perform the song – it’s definitely given me a greater appreciation of it.

Oh, and I just watched his performance at the MBC One Love Concert today (yesterday in Korea – OMG, it’s already Onew’s birthday! Double yay!) and I was even more blown away.

credit: randy19972 on Youtube

I really think this performance was even better than yesterday’s and dare I say he sounds even better here than in the studio version? He does to me anyway. He seemed more comfortable and not so nervous this time and it was nice to hear the fans chanting his name and cheering for him at the start and the finish and the set, which I loved in the last performance, was even better in this one. The stained glass in the background was so very fitting for him and the band being on stage didn’t seem at all odd or awkward like in the last performance. But most importantly, he sounded even better! His voice was so strong – and wow, I heard everyone saying yesterday how hard a song this is to sing because it has odd timing and because the music doesn’t offer that much direction but I actually saw it today – he had to keep taking these quick, shallow breaths at the end of each line because the song doesn’t offer much time for that but that didn’t throw him off or take away from the performance at all. His voice really draws you in and the performance was just so breathtaking – I can’t imagine how he’ll improve for the final Inkigayo performance, although I’m sure he’ll find a way. Ultimately, I’m a very proud noona today – I’m so honoured to have such a talented dongsaeng, that boy…

So watch the performances, okay? You really won’t regret it – it’s six minutes well spent (they shortened the song) and when you’re done, make sure to check out the rehearsal for the MB performance – he sounds amazing here as well (at times he even sounds better than in the actual performance) and although there’s a little stumble towards the end, it gives you an even better appreciation for his vocal skills, I think. And it’s so nice reading the comments for the rehearsal (and the performances) because everyone’s so supportive – they’re all like “It’s okay you missed that one note, Bling – you still did so well! I’m so proud of you” and I can’t help but agree. I’m really in awe of him, you know and it’s just not because of the beauty and power of his voice and his vocal range, it’s because of the amount of control that he has over it. It’s really an inspiring thing.

So Bling, you did good, okay? You made us all proud. I just hope you’re proud of yourself – don’t focus on the negative (what negatives?), please, please appreciate how well you did and give yourself a pat on the back for it. It’s okay and in fact, it’s important to appreciate when you do something good (and you always do good) so you have a lot to appreciate! Continue to work hard but don’t push yourself too much, okay? Please don’t strain yourself – nobody wants that. I’m anxiously awaiting your last solo performance (for awhile) – I know it’ll be amazing.



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