Taeminnie, you’re making this noona cry…

December 13, 2008

Random post time!

Okay, I don’t know about you – but I have been a little bit concerned about my SHINee baby, Taeminnie for the past few days. Why? Because he’s seemed to have lost his smile. And that was the thing that made me notice him in the first place – he was so bright and he just never stopped smiling and his smile was so genuine and adorable – and now I don’t see it. I mean, he smiles, yeah, but it’s not the same. Ah, did you see his expression when they were accepting their GDA award? Everyone else was practically beaming, all smiles (even in the midst of his tears, Onew was smiling) and Taemin just looked BLANK and it was so odd – I couldn’t help noticing it. And it used to be that when they performed, he would alternate between the ‘fierce dance face’ and ‘cute, happy expression’ but now it’s just the fierce dance face all the time… 😦

Ah, everyone I ask just chalks it up to exhaustion and I suppose that could be it but I can’t help worrying that there might be something more to it. IDK what – maybe it’s just that the holidays are coming up and he misses his family or something, I don’t know – I can’t know – and I suppose I should just put it out of my mind. I really care too much about these people. I just hope that if something is bothering him, he won’t just keep it to himself (he looks the type), I hope he can confide in his hyungs and even though they may not be able to do anything about it, just talking about things generally helps. Okay, this is a really odd post – I’m going to go now but I’ll leave you with a shot from GDA. credit: as tagged and jean7@soompi
Ah, smile more, maknae! Please? For noona?




  1. Ah, I thought I was the only one who noticed that (that he hasn’t been smiling recently and during the awards)! D: I care and worry about them too much, too.. lol. That picture helps quite a bit, though. He looks really cute but not too much like a little boy like he used to with his bowl cut — sort of like young, yet mature? I’m not sure how to say it… but my point is that he looks good. xD He has a really nice nose…

  2. It’s Sarah!

    I made a post on the fanboard on their iple fansite, asking taem to smile more XDDD hahaha

    Looks like it’s not just me noticing the lack of bright smiles coming from him!

    OHOHOHOHOH! The SHINee Wonderland gifts were received by SHINee successfully! I’M SO HAPPY! I can’t wait to see them wear the stuff I got them *_*

  3. etherenia

    It seems quite a few people are noticing it these days…I hope he cheers up soon. I don’t like seeing him like this.
    I really liked his outfit for GDA. As you said, he still looks young but more mature than the baby we saw in the Replay days. It suits him. (Not to mention I really like his sweater… XD)


    Hey Sarah! Lol, is it in Korean? I don’t know if they really check the others… still at least you did something. Yay for pro-activity!

    I hope he sees it and takes it to heart though. Honestly just one bright smile would be enough for me.

    Ah, really?! I’ve been checking the forums every day to see if the pictures were up. Ah, I’m so excited – I can’t wait for the boys to read the book. I hope they really feel the love and see how many international fans they have… Ha, I know everyone’s going to be scrutinizing their outfits now, looking for the stuff that was sent. XD

  4. I noticed that too. I thought even if Taemin is tired, wouldn’t he be excited since SHINee won another award? I just watched his monologue (filmed before GDA, right?) and he was so excited talking about dancing, how there’s nothing bad about being magnae and he just wouldn’t stop smiling! (^^ Awww!)

    This is worrisome. I feel like I need to go take care of Taemin lol. I think he brings out motherly instincts in people XD

  5. Ah, I just watched it too! And I saw what you meant. He was just beaming throughout the whole thing – it really warmed my heart. Well in the few fancams I watched, I saw him smiling pretty candidly a few times so perhaps it was just shock or something – I dunno. He might have just been overwhelmed too and was dealing with it in a different way from his hyungs.

    He does, you know – if ever I hear he’s ill or something, I want to jump on the next plane to Korea, find him and put him in bed straight away – and then keep him there until he rests up and gets better. I call those my ‘noona instincts’. XD

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