More (pic)spamming by me~

December 12, 2008

Okay so I’m still working on my GDA post – man, by the time I post about it nobody will care – and I’ll try to have it up by tonight. Here’s a lovely, little SHINee shot to appease you though – it’s a scan from SHINee’s 2009 calendar (that I may or may not buy – I just saw the scans from DBSK’s and now I’m so torn – and BB’s are lovely too~ Ah, thank Goodness WG doesn’t have one!) Anyway, he just looks so happy and bright here that I had to share – besides, I’m overdue with spreading the Key love, right? So here goes…

credit: as tagged and ~hAeLiN on Soompi and shiddex on LJ for the re-upload

Happy Key!

Happy Key!




  1. I think you know how much I love this, unni. 😀 I love his smile! I’m still undecided as to whether or not to buy their calendar… but Key is on the page of my birth month, so… XD

  2. It’s a sign then – you must have it. LOL, to be honest I’m not sure if I’m getting it either. I really want to buy Big Bang’s small calendar so I’m still undecided. Ah, but Dubu’s on my birth month so…

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