I’m wishing on a star…

December 10, 2008

So do you remember that SHINee wish list that I mentioned in my last post? No? Well then your memory’s even worse than mine! Just kidding – this is probably your first time reading my blog and as such, I can’t expect you to remember something you didn’t see. Anyways, this is basically a list of random things that I’d like to see happen where SHINee is concerned, compiled because I obviously have too much time on my hands. Some of them are serious, others are silly and a little far-fetched and the rest are just normal requests so don’t take it too seriously, okay? I figure now, with yesterday being their 200 day anniversary, is a good time to post it. Okay, you’ve been briefed, now let’s go (in no particular order).

– First and foremost, I want to see a full length performance of Forever or Never, preferably on a music show – I won’t mind too much if it’s just on a radio show, tbh, but on a music show, they’ll get to have a stage with a set and all the works and that’d be so cool! Hopefully there will be no dancing – what? How can you dance to that? – But I’m sure they’ll find a way. I notice that K-pop groups always seem to find a way to dance to songs that they do not need to be dancing to (Nobody Rainstone Remix, anyone?) and I really hope that wouldn’t be the case here. As odd as it is to see the boys just standing on a stage and singing, I think it’s necessary for certain songs.

I would also like to see Jonghyun perform ‘Y Si Fuera Ella’ – don’t really care where or how once I get to see it and I would prefer it to be the whole song. This one’s italicized because it’s actually happening – this very week, yay! And yeah, this one really was on the list that I made a few weeks ago so when I found out that he was going to perform the song on MB and Inkigayo this week-end, it came as such a shock – but a pleasant one.

– And I am still hoping for a full length performance of ‘Love’s Way’ – not on a radio show, on a music show with a set and proper audio and fully HQ video so I can fully enjoy watching the boys perform my favourite song off the album. It may not happen but a girl can hope, right? (I’d like to add that I actually made this list at work the day that the boys went on ChinChin Radio and performed it so when I came home and saw that they had performed ‘Love’s Way’ again, it was like “OMG, a wish granted already?! SM is fast…”)

All right, now we leave the performances and go to the hair issues – before I start, I think maybe I should explain why I harp on the subject of hairstyles so much so that you don’t think I’m just a kook (although my explanation might confirm that assumption). You know how people have certain body parts that they’re particularly fond of like eyes or legs – well, for me, it’s hair. Yes, I know that’s kind of weird but I just think that people don’t realize how much your hairstyle affects your overall appearance and one good hairstyle (meaning one that really suits you) can seriously add to your overall attractiveness. Of course, there are some people (like Key) who will look good no matter how their hair is styled but there are other people (like me) who need that extra boost. So please keep this in mind for future reference – if you see me complaining profusely or spazzing about someone’s hairstyle, then this, my friends, is why. (Please excuse the whining I’m about to do…)

Now as far as hair goes, I would like:

– Onew’s hair dyed back black (Why someone thought he would look good with brown hair, I do not know – the black suits him so much better)
– Key’s hair dyed back as well (It’s not so much that he doesn’t still look good, it’s just that I much prefer the black on him – it seems to me that the brown gives him a totally different look, a slightly feminine one that I do not particularly appreciate) And speaking of Key…
– The hairstylists need to stop giving him a comb-over. Do you guys realize that he’s almost rocking the Donald Trump style now? It just doesn’t look bad because he has a full head of hair. It’s funny – Key is one of the few people in the group who can really pull off completely flat hair and him they give volume to. Or it could just be the fact that Key’s hair has this almost magical quality that allows it to look good no matter what happens to it? IDK. Anyway, comb-overs are bad and Key should not have one.
– The hairstylists also need to let Onew’s hair grow out again – ah, it was looking so nice just before they cut it. It was starting to get long and his bangs were almost covering his eyes and his hair would fly all over the place when they were performing and it actually made him look hot. (See this video for reference.) Puh-lease, let the boy’s hair grow out. It looks good long – just not too long like in his pre-debut pictures.
– Jonghyun….*sigh* I could talk complain about his hair for hours – i could write an entry about that, seriously. Anyway, you know I don’t dislike the colour – while the black looked amazing on him, the brown isn’t bad either (although I think I preferred the lighter brown colour he had before like in this picture) and I don’t even mind that they cut it but see, that only refers to when it’s styled like this – on the other hand, every time I see him and his hair is FLAT, I start to dislike both the colour and the cut. *sigh* The flat hair makes me want to cry….T_T
– Oh, and Taemin’s hair needs to be styled either like this or like how it was in the A.Mi.Go video todo el tiempo, okay? TODO EL TIEMPO, POR FAVOR. I’m not really feeling the flatness on him either. Please and thank you. 🙂

So those were the hair comments and now I’m moving on to miscellaneous stuff – these are all bigger, more long term, more difficult to grant wishes but I hope they happen nonetheless.

Let’s talk about the second album/mini-album, shall we? Ideally I would like:

– MinHo to get more singing parts
– an equal helping of ballads and up-tempo songs
– another song that’s as cool as Replay
– Key to get a dance solo in whatever song they decide to promote (Taemin’s already had two, people – you’re seriously telling me Key can’t get one – ONE!)
– Finally and most importantly, Onew’s solo – it’s in the works, right? Yes/yes? I hope so.
– Oh, and this is even more important – NO MORE REMAKES, PLEASE. No more remakes, no more sampling, no more covers – give the boys their own songs, please. They deserve that at least.

And more miscellaneous stuff:

– I want SHINee to continue doing the M! Countdown rankings – those things were so funny, I really miss them. I mean, I didn’t really appreciate how fanservice-y they were getting but still I didn’t want them to stop altogether. (You should know, couples aren’t my thing.)

– The special stage to end all special stages – DBSK+SHINee – I reallllly want that to happen. OMGOMG, dudes that would be so awesome. So awesome I even wrote a post about it (entitled ‘the special stage to end all special stages, you should check it out)

– Oh, now this one might sound odd but I got to thinking about it when I was showing a friend of mine some of SHINee’s older performances and she said, “So…don’t they ever dance with girls?” And I was like “Hmm, now you mention it, no….and I don’t think they will either.” (I’m not counting that special stage with SIY – she doesn’t really count and besides, they all kept a huge amount of space between them and her anyway). To be honest, the only group I’ve ever seen dance with girls is Big Bang and BB likes to be different so that’s expected. So anyway, my point is I’d like to see them dance with girls – not provocatively, of course (I certainly don’t want to see any Taeyang style moves popping in there) but I think it’d be interesting to see. Maybe just once? I don’t know how likely this one is though. I’m not really too familiar with this stuff – has Suju or DBSK ever danced with girls? LOL, in DBSK’s case, I seriously doubt it.

– And ultimately, I’d like the boys to get a break – a proper break, not two days, like a month or so…As sad as I am at the thought that I won’t get to see them regularly, I want to know that the boys get to relax and take a break, maybe go home for awhile and get to see their families and friends. They just look so tired these days, they’re really run down…they need a proper rest, not just the little rejuvenation that a few days of free time can give them. Ah, I try not to talk about it too much but I do worry about them – I don’t want them to be burnt out, especially not so early on…and it doesn’t help that according to some of my fandom acquaintances, this is the norm with SM groups and you just have to come to terms with it. *sigh* It’s things like this that make me dislike that company…

Anyway, that’s it. You get cool points if you actually read this whole thing – it was long and pointless and silly so I appreciate you taking the time to read it. I just want to wish the boys congratulations on making it to two hundred days once again and I hope you see many more as my favourite group in the whole wide world. SHINee forever~ Fighting!




  1. I think I would really like to see a performance of Love’s Way as well. The song didn’t really catch my attention until they sang it on ChinChin and after I looked up the translation again. Hm.. with me, I noticed that I only start truly liking a song when I know what the lyrics actually mean.

    I do realize how hairstyle affects one’s appearance! Funny you should talk about this… in real life, I focus on people’s hairstyles as a way to remember a person, because I am absolutely horrible at distinguishing between people’s faces. And then when people change hairstyles/get a haircut, it’s quite difficult for me.. xD

    Anyway, I agree with your first ‘hair’ statement. 😐 Well, I did think he looked pretty nice with the brown hair (when it was styled), but black definitely suits him better. And longer hair, yes. BUT DEFINITELY NOT LIKE PRE-DEBUT LOLOLOLOL!!! I dunno, but I think I just noticed one day that longer hair suits his facial structure better.

    Was there a time when Key’s hair was black other than during pre-debut? I think the brown hair does make him look quite feminine because it makes his skin tone look fairer. The hairstylists need to stop giving him a comb-over. Do you guys realize that he’s almost rocking the Donald Trump style now? You don’t know how hilarious that was! XD I think my bias for him is blinding me from anything that remotely looks bad or weird on him.

    Oddly, I have no complaints about JH’s hair. (: But yes to what you said about Taemin’s hair. No Minho hair comment? XD

    MinHo to get more singing parts
    I definitely agree with this. And I think Minho also agrees, didn’t he mention something about that in his monologue?

    another song that’s as cool as Replay
    Yep~ they had lots of good songs in the first album, but they were good in a different way. I want a song that’s good in the way Replay was good. ^^

    I want a Key solo too! And this is not just my bias talking, he is a good dancer. But I think they just focus more on Taemin because he’s younger? Okay, I really should just stop repeating what you said and say that I agree with the rest of your list there. xP

    Funny, I was all for couples and fanservice earlier as a Kpop fan, but I think Shinee stopped that for me. It was really weird to start thinking of them as anything more than friends or brothers. xD And as for your Suju/DBSG question… I don’t remember either group ever dancing with girls. Unless you count Dong Bang’s Rising Sun MV where some members danced with scantily clad girls at one point. And yes, that’s the thing that scares me about SM — the workload.

    I guess I get more cool points, then? 8D Lol~ I forgot about their 200th day! I was really focused on studying this week. ^^;

  2. Well it’s understandable – as important as the music is, the lyrics play a pretty crucial role as well – and the lyrics for ‘Love’s Way’ are so beautiful. Really poetic~

    Haha, oh dear, I can see how that would be a problem. I do that with celebrities too but in real life, I’m okay with faces – now if only I could remember people’s names…

    No, not like pre-debut at all! LOL, then it was too long. I think it had something to do with the way he had it styled as well – it was just sort of flat and hugging his head. :/ Not a good look.

    Well, Key’s hair was black all during the Replay promotions and for a time during the LLO ones as well, I believe. It’s really the Replay style I’m talking about – although he didn’t look bad with the LLO one. Ha, don’t worry – I know all about how blind a bias can make you. 😀

    Minho’s hair just always looks the same to me – once they don’t give him a bowl cut again like in the Replay video or dye it some outlandish colour, he should be fine.

    I’m not sure if it was in his monologue but he did say that he felt that he needed to work on his singing more. I think he said he felt like he was lacking in that area. Aww. 😦

    You see, here’s the problem I have with the way they deal with Key – it’s like because he’s multi-talented, they don’t attempt to showcase any particular thing – it’s just like “oh yeah, he can do all this”. So Jonghyun and Onew get showcased for singing, Minho for rapping and Taemin for dancing (I think it’s also partly because his vocals aren’t as well developed as Key’s) and Key just gets stuck in the middle sort of. I don’t know if I’m making sense…

    You don’t know how happy that statement made me. Down with coupling! Just ignore me. Aish, don’t get me started on SM and their ridiculous workload. Oh my gosh, have you seen SHINee’s schedule for the rest of the month? It went from relaxed to packed in a matter of days. *sigh*

    *showers you with cool points* That’s okay – studying is a good thing to focus on. Onew would be proud. ^^ Thanks for commenting, bb!

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