Happy birthday, Minho boy!

December 9, 2008

So today, tomorrow and Sunday are all very, very special days to we in SHINee World. Why? Because today is our Charismatic Flame, Minmin’s birthday, tomorrow is SHINee’s 200 day anniversary (yep, still counting…) and Sunday is our leader, Dubu-ssi’s birthday (we’ll be the same age again – yay!!!!). So yes, good times are ahead and afoot~


Minho-ssi, I’m so happy that you’ve come to see another birthday – and such a big one too, EIGHTEEN (in Korea). Ha, I haven’t been this excited for someone’s birthday for a long time. Anyway, I wish you only good things, MinHo – I want you to grow kinder, more compassionate, nicer, more loving, more intelligent, taller (Just kidding!), I hope to see you grow as an entertainer and as a person, I hope you get some rest and get to be with your family soon, I hope you do well in your studies and pass your college entrance exam next year – with flying colours! You are such a beautiful person already – inside and out and I’m so grateful to have even the slightest claim to knowing you. Please continue to be there for the other members, to take care of Taemin-ah and be strong for your hyungs.  I won’t say I hope you never change – I just want you to change for the better. Ah, I love you so much already – it’s difficult to think I could grow to appreciate you any more (but I hope I do). Know that you’ll always have my love~ Saengil chukhamnida.



Maki noona

P.S: – Make sure to read MinHo’s birthday iple entry as well as the other members’ birthday greetings to him either at SHINee Forums or here and for your daily dose of crack, check out this MinHo tribute video made by some Korean fans – it’s an A.Mi.Go parody.



  1. maki… you know how to complete my day! 😀

  2. Haha, really? What did I do? Thank you so much though. 🙂

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