A Series of Fortunate Events

December 9, 2008

Okay, so you know how yesterday I said that this was a really great week for SHINee World? Yes? No? Well I did say that – and guess what? The good luck just continues! Why – what’s happening that’s so great? Well, nothing other than the fact that JONGHYUN-SSI’S GOING TO PERFORM ‘Y SI FUERA ELLA’!!!!!! TWICE!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I know I’ve been crushing on Onew a lot lately – and I still am – and I’ll admit that ‘Y Si Fuera Ella’s not really one of my favourites on the album – but dudes, none of that matters right now. The point is that JongHyun is going to go on a stage in front of lots of people and sing his solo song (yes, I know it was Alejandro’s first but for me, it’s his, okay?) and he’s going to sound amazing and undoubtedly blow us all away. And this I cannot wait for – I swear, that boy was born to sing and getting to see him carry off this song – the one that showcases his vocals so fantastically – is nothing short of a dream come true. I actually had a SHINee wish list that I was supposed to post here and haven’t yet – and this was pretty high up on it – and now it’s happening! So I’m very happy. 😀

I know some people think it’s a little soon for someone in the group to have a solo performance but I don’t agree (and no, this is not just my bias talking) – it’s not as though they haven’t split up and done things in ones and twos and threes before and it’s not like they’re promoting the song, he’s just performing it twice. They’re just giving Jonghyun a little time in the spotlight on his own. And it’s precisely because SHINee’s a team – and a strong one at that – that I don’t think the others will be upset about this. I’m not saying it’s not possible – Jonghyun does get a lot of focus because he’s the lead singer and it’s obvious that their management are putting him in the forefront a good deal – but I honestly don’t think that the others will be envious of him or feel resentful towards him just because of this. I mean, if they were going to feel like that, it would have happened when they found out he was even getting a solo. Still as I said, it’s not impossible so I do sincerely hope that the others won’t feel put out because of this and that they won’t secretly (or worse yet, openly) feel resentful towards him as a result. (Besides Jonghyun will probably be all nervous and stuff before the performance and he’s going to need the others’ support. I want to think that they’ll be back-stage with him, like “Fighting, fighting, fighting! You’ll do great, Jonghyun (hyung). Ultra SHINee Transformation!” except Key who’ll just be like “Psh, what are you worried about?” at first but then when Bling’s about to go on, he’ll be like *poke, poke* “Don’t worry, okay? You’ll do great” and he’ll even throw in a ‘hyung’ for good measure. CUTE POINTS! How I wish I could see that…)

Now while I’m sure that Jonghyun will rock this performance – I can’t help but feel a little anxious. He has a tendency to overdo it sometimes and I’m afraid he’ll be so eager to prove himself that he’ll practice too much and strain his voice or he’ll belt out some note and end up cracking afterwards (like during that Love’s Way performance last week…>_>). Jonghyun-ssi, please take care of yourself, okay? Practice but don’t overdo things. You’re already an amazing singer and once you go out there and do your best, you’ll sound incredible. Don’t feel like you need to prove anything or try to impress us – once you open your mouth to sing, you will. Anyway, I’m praying for him and sending him good vibes from all the way over here and in case you’re wondering, he’ll be performing the song on KBS Music Bank on Friday, the 12th (the 11th over here) and on SBS Inkigayo on Sunday the 14th. Let’s be as supportive as possible, okay?


Oh, and before I forget, let me wish SHINee a happy 200 day anniversary! Good job, boys – I know you’ll just keep getting better.

Now I’m off to watch Minho’s monologue. Laters~


P.S:- Oh, and SM? Please put him in a suit. Please. Do not make him perform that song in regular clothes – epicness of this nature requires one to be dressed up. I mean, a few seconds into the song I’ll be mesmerized by his voice and totally forget what he’s wearing but I would still really appreciate seeing the suit at the beginning. I’m thinking of the one he wore during that Water concert thing – or better yet, one I haven’t seen! Anyway, I have faith in you, stylist noonas – I know you’ll dress him well.


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