Uhm, a DBSK post? What?!

December 7, 2008

So I’ve never really posted strictly about the men of Dong Bang Shin Ki before but I think maybe it’s time for that. What can I say? These ‘Wrong Number’ performances are really getting to me…

So I’d like to start by saying thank you to DBSK’s stylist (because those suits are fantastic – every single one, without fail, is a hit – with me at least), and also to their choreographer and to their hairstylists (but not the person who dyed Micky’s hair that pumpkin colour – I’m sorry, I just don’t like it, okay?) and to their producer and to the person whose decision it was to make ‘Wrong Number’ their second single and of course, to DBSK themselves for being so ridiculously amazing.

Now I am not the biggest DBSK fan – really I’m not – but I think they’re cool guys and I like a couple of their songs and I have always been extremely impressed by their performances. They always give their all, you know, and you can see from the caliber of their performances why they’re one of the most successful K-pop groups today – they’re really amazing entertainers. I’ll admit that when I first heard Mirotic, I wasn’t really impressed and the MV didn’t help much because I didn’t like the dance and watching half-naked men isn’t really my thing – I prefer guys clothed to be honest, hence the suit appreciation. As such, it wasn’t until I watched some of the fancams from their showcase (dancing in suits – yeah!) that I really started to take notice of them. I watched Mirotic first and thought it was okay and then I watched the ‘HEY! Don’t Bring me Down’ performance and about halfway in, I was like “Wow, I’m starting to see why everyone likes these guys – their dancing is amazing“. As such, during their comeback promotions, I checked out a good few of their performances – the ‘Hey! Don’t Bring me Down’ ones were a must – and I continued to be impressed by them. Performance-wise, they really do not disappoint.

And now they’re promoting ‘Wrong Number’ and I am so happy because I love those performances. They’re always so good! Just like with BB’s Sunset Glow ones, I never go looking for them or anticipating them but thanks to the blogs I read, I’m always alerted when there’s a new one and I usually check them out. You know, I decided during the ‘Mirotic’ promotions that Micky would be my favourite – why I try to decide these things, I don’t know – but every time i watch a new performance, I start leaning more and more towards Changmin. At first, I was like “Magnae? No! I can’t like him” but then after seeing more of his loltastic performance expressions and charismatic smirks, I changed my tune to “Who cares if he’s the magnae? He’s older than me!” So yay for Changmin! I ♥ him.

And then I watched the last ”Come to Play’ episode that DBSK were on – although I heard they were on it just a few days ago, yay! – and I fell in love with Junsu – he’s just so faily (I mean, that in a good way, mind you). He had me laughing throughout that entire thing – and of course, his voice is incredible and his stage presence is like whoa! and he can bust a move – I saw him popping and it was really good and I was like “Whoa, Junsu – I didn’t know you could do that” – so I’m pretty impressed with Junsu as well – I think he could be my number two. Ah, who knows? My heart is fickle…for now, Micky’s still my number one – but we’ll see what happens.

Hmm, so I don’t see myself following their every move or fangirling them religiously like with my other favourite groups but I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on them because like I said, DBSK always impress…

Now check out their latest Wrong Number performance on Music Core – it’s in HD! WATCH.

Peace out (LOLOL, What?)



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