Sanity? Hmm, I think I used to have that…

December 7, 2008

Prepare yourselves for the ramblings of a lovesick woman…

So I remember that in ‘Josie and the Pussycats’, right at the beginning of the movie, there was a scene where the really popular boy band (IDR their name) were getting onto their private jet and there was this fan in the audience dressed in a wedding gown with a sign saying “______, marry me” and I remember laughing so hard at her because hello! who would really do that? And in a wedding dress too?! –  That was then.

Now – I could see myself doing that. Why, you ask? What could have happened to tip me so far off my rocker that I would even think of doing that? Well, nothing much really – I just watched this performance. Yes, I know that it’s super old but I only just saw it.

Ah, Onew – Onew, Onew, Onew – can we elope now? Por favor? No, seriously – why can’t we get married? I mean, I’m perfectly content to just live with him and have him sing for me on a regular basis. Nothing untoward has to happen – I really can’t think of Dubu that way anyway – so we would be just like room-mates – only better! Agh, I really want to be the girl he’s singing about…whyyyyyyy???? Why am I not?! T_T Dubu…..

OMG, he just sounded so good singing there – his voice was so smooth and lovely and strong and just deep enough, you know. And he’s wearing a suit! (well, kind of) But most importantly – HE’S SINGING IN ENGLISH!!! And he sounds amazing!! I will admit that his English is noticably more heavily accented here than say when he was singing Cracks of My Broken Heart – but still that doesn’t take away from the beauty of the song and he hajiman makes it sound so lovely regardless. I am not lying to you – every time I hear him sing a solo, i want to cry. It’s not the flailing/fainting awe inspired by Jonghyun’s voice but in a way, it’s a deeper reaction – he’s just so good at conveying the emotions of all of the songs he sings. He really makes you believe whatever he’s singing about – which works so much better when he’s singing in english, claro. Oh, to quote candychu over at Let’s All Eat Candy, ‘I want him to record like an entire solo album because I love his voice that much’ – yeah, SM, I am downright begging you now – give that boy a solo on their next album and please let it be like the songs he sings on radio shows –  please! And in the mean time, Dubu needs to sing a solo every time they go on a radio show – seriously.

So I’m going to go away now and see if I can find a rip of the audio for Cracks of My Broken Heart – you guys go watch those videos up there if you haven’t already. *sigh* I really should stop listening to these songs – every time I hear them, it steals a little piece of my heart… Boy, am I glad Onew decided he wanted to be a singer after all. Oh, and here’s a little more Dubu love for you: credit: qeagrumpygirl on WordPress – yeah, she really likes Ondubu too.

Don't be embarrassed, Dubu - you deserve all the praise

Don't be embarrassed, Dubu - you deserve all the praise





  1. OMGG. I KNOW, RIGHT?! Aaahh! Yeah, his English sounds more natural in Forevermore ‘____’ I wouldn’t even think it’s not his first language. Aahh, SHINee sings a lot of love songs, but when Onew sings in a certain way and in English, I don’t know what to do ~____~ ♥♥. I’m starting to think that the group songs don’t allow him to showcase his voice completely… since they have to harmonize? It’s not bad, but it’s different when he sings solo.

  2. Whhhoooppp!!
    thankz for the credit lol!!
    another SHINee fans too!!
    yeah..I heart ondubu the most lol!!
    wanna link??

  3. @ ozayu

    I know exactly what you mean – after listening to his solos, his parts in the group songs just don’t match up at all. His voice just seems stronger in the solos – IDK why. I really hope he gets more opportunities to show off his vocal talent in the future.

    @ grumpygirl

    Hi! Lol, it’s nice to see you here. You’re welcome – I usually try to credit my sources properly. Sure! But how exactly?

  4. Ahh~~ I totally fell in love with him after that performance. His voice is just so smooth, deep and lovely. My mind drifts to dreamland when I listen to his solo. Plus, when he sings these kinda songs, he conveys his emotions and expressions to the song in such convincing fashion. Especially in Forever more, his random little smiles when he sings is so adorable. ❤

    I’m with you (and candychu), SM! please let jinki have a solo (no remake/cover) in their upcoming album/mini-album, por favor si? Even better, him composing, writing lyrics and singing his own song. This will eventually happen, I am sure. The time will come.

    Btw, I love your epic post for jinki for his bday. I kept nodding while reading. Thank you for writing it, it is so much win, really. ❤

  5. Hola amiga!

    Ah, yes, yes, IAWTC completely. Hmm, I think part of the reason he’s so good at conveying his emotions through song is because he’s so pure at heart. It feels like a corny thing to say but in Onew’s case, it rings true.
    LOL, we should make a petition! I’m sure we’re not the only ones who feel this way…
    Hmm, is Dubu aspiring to be a composer? That would certainly be lovely…although I think we’ll probably have to wait for a few more albums before he gets to share his own piece.

    Well, thank you for saying that. ^^ I’m happy I’m not the only one who sees Jinki’s many merits. Hmm, I honestly hadn’t planned for it to be so long but I wrote it on a good spazz day. I’m happy with the way it came out though – now if only he could see it…

    Thanks for commenting! ^_^

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