K-pop is making me like radio again.

December 4, 2008

You know I really don’t like the radio down here – I can’t stand being in the car without my iPod because it means I’ll have to listen to the radio and since listening to the radio usually frustrates me, I need my iPod. Hmm, it’s a long story but it’s a lot to do with all of the talk radio we get. I personally think radio should just be music with the hosts telling you the song names in between but that’s just me. Then again, maybe if I had Korean radio, it might be different. And now that I can listen to it – because of my live player – now I’m not listening, now when the boys are on! *sigh* I’m going to have to check their schedule and see if I can fix my timing. If I could really hear them ‘on the radio’ , I’d die!

So the boys went on ChinChinRadio today (you know, Taeyeon and Kangin’s show? Hmm, maybe soshisubs will sub it..) and performed three songs – Amigo, Love’s Way and a cover of Shake by Blackbeat. They performed Love’s Way, yay! You know that was the first video I watched. By the by, I think their hair’s already growing out – Key’s already looks longer…Their outfits are really nice, by the way – they performed Amigo in them last week, I believe or maybe the week before.

Amigo – Maybe it’s just me but I feel like the boys look a bit bored at times here…I don’t blame them, really. I mean, although yes this is their song and that’s super cool and everything, they must have to sing this like a million times a week. And that could get a bit old. Nevertheless, they all sound great here – Onew in particular, I find his voice is so clear.  Jonghyun’s notes were practically perfect and the way he sang that high note – it looked effortless and this is me speaking strictly unbiasedly. Ah, but the boys are really improving – Taemin is definitely sounding a lot better, although he kind of looks like he’s in pain when he’s singing his lines in the verses – I’m not sure what that’s about…Key and MinHo sounded really good too, both singing and rapping and you have to make sure to look at Jonghyun during MinHo’s part of the rap, he does this cute thing with his hand like he’s batting something away. I don’t know why he’s doing it but it’s really funny to see. And Taemin can’t keep still – he keeps miming the dance moves but of course, he doesn’t have enough room to do them. I can’t understand why they use the track with the dance break for the radio performances – they can’t dance here so just use the studio version. That makes sense, right?

Love’s Way – This could possibly be (no, wait, it is) their best performance of this song yet. Remember that ‘boredom’ I mentioned before? Yeah, it’s gone – and you know I’m thinking that it’s possible that they just looked like that because they’ve gotten so comfortable singing live because in this song, they look so comfortable singing, it’s definitely a big change from their first love’s way performance – it’s a good change though. Since I said that this is possibly their best performance, obviously the vocals are very good. Taemin is really improving, you guys! And Key’s getting a lot steadier, much more consistent. The rap was really good as well – they were both obviously feeling it. Jonghyun and Onew are amazing as always – speaking of Jonghyun, his high note – my favourite of the million he has – PERFECTION. Something always seems to go wrong when they perform this song and it usually clashes with the background vocals or there’s feedback or something but this time, nothing – it was perfect. He cracked afterwards (his first time?) – but considering that he delivered a great performance before and after, I think we can excuse him that, ne? To be honest, I’m tempted to say that maybe he overdid it a bit around the second verse but to quote someone on YT, he ‘was in the zone’ so I guess that’s why. (Do you see that’s it difficult for me to criticize him? I really don’t want to…)

And finally Shake – Is it wrong that this was my favourite performance to watch? It’s not just that they sounded good but they were really into this one, smiling and bopping along as they sang and just looking like they were really enjoying themselves. It wasn’t really like that for the other two (so I guess they weren’t so comfortable? Ah, I keep contradicting myself…) Uhm, SM, can SHINee have a song like this? No, seriously, it’s a really nice song and they sing it so well. So I don’t know Blackbeat or this song, even though I do know the boys performed it on another radio broadcast awhile ago – I never watched that one so I can’t say how well it stands up to the original but I will say that all of the boys sounded really good here – the singing, the rapping, the works and I really enjoyed watching them perform this one. It makes me want to go track down the original now…Oh, and Bling’s ‘Shake your body’ at the end killed me dead! I laughed so hard, OMG!

So feel free to check out the videos – I’m going to go look for that Shake song….




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