“I’m the key of the group!”

December 3, 2008

Ah, Key’s monologue is out. Did you see it? You should watch it if you haven’t. It’s really good – I definitely enjoyed it.

I must say that I really like these monologues – each one has a different feel and you really get to learn things about each member and about the group as a whole because of them. I don’t think I could say that one monologue is better than another because like the boys, they’re unique – they really represent each member and they all give you a little glimpse into each person’s personality. That said, out of the three monologues we’ve seen so far, I think I enjoyed watching Key’s the most – it mixed both the warm fuzziness of Onew’s with the informativeness of Jonghyun’s. As expected, it was chock full of Key’s usual optimism and openness – I really love how candid that boy is, you know you learn a lot that way.

You know prior to this, I had been feeling like my Key love was getting a little stagnant. Maybe I should explain – with me, it’s like I have a certain amount of affection reserved for the entire group and depending on what’s going on, my affection for a particular member might increase accordingly – it’s not that I like the others less, it’s just that I pay more attention to that person (or persons) and as such, I take some of the affection I might have for a particular person (I don’t really choose who – it just happens) and throw it over to that other person. That’s why it’s often difficult for me to claim to have a favourite because at different times, my affection for one member will always be higher than that of the others (yes, even for my Hyunnie). Did that make sense? I doubt it – just ignore it then. Anyway, my point is my Key love had been growing a little stagnant and that’s why I was looking forward to his monologue because I was sure that it would revitalize it – and it did! It reminded me of why I like Key in just under seven and a half minutes. ^^

Anyway onto the monologue…Key talks a lot about the other members here – from his first impressions of them to how he regards them now (as part of his family – aww) and he mentions that because they spend so much together, it’s always strange when even one person is missing. He says that they really realized this when MinHo took part in Andre Kim’s fashion show – he said ‘it felt like there was a void without him there, even though he’s not that talkative’. You don’t know how nice it was to hear him say that – because in the other monologues, even though the boys talked about the group, they focused more on how they saw the group or about their roles in the group or about what they wanted for the group and I had hoped to hear more about the interactions amongst the five of them and thankfully Key delivered there. Yay Key!

He also talks about the things that are important to him, citing his family, the group members, his laptop and his mp3 player as what he treasures most (Guess we treasure the same things then) and he says that his family are his number one treasure. You know I’d heard that initially his family hadn’t been too supportive of him being part of SHINee and following this road, although they obviously came around since he says they were at their debut performance – May 25th, 2008 (remember that date!) – and I was really glad to see that whatever must have gone on there didn’t sour his feelings towards them in any way. It’s really good to see that he and his family managed to get over that and reconcile and that they’re fully supportive of him now because family’s really important, you know and while I’m glad that he considers the members to be a part of his family, it’s important that he have a good relationship with his real family as well.

He talks about his wishes – saying that he wishes he had a magic pad where he could just write down everything he wanted and have them come true. As someone on YT said in their comment, ‘only Key could say something like that and have no one bat an eyelash at it’. He says that for now he wishes that they would get the Newcomer Award (one down!) and that SHINee would continue to be more successful and become more popular and that they could become good role models. All good, sensible goals, I think, all things I can see (or have seen) them achieving. He also says that most of all he’d like for SHINee to always be together and well, I can’t help but agree – what more could you wish for?

Oh! And he said that ‘Graze’ is his favourite song on the album, barring LLO and Replay, of course. That made me so excited because that’s one of my favourite songs as well! Now all of my favourites is one of the members’ favourites too – Jonghyun’s favourite is Love’s Way, MinHo’s is Romantic and Key’s is Graze. Wonder if Taemin likes One For Me? That would round things out, I think. 😀 He also talks about his surprise party and he must really be super emotional because he mentions almost crying more than once. These boys…don’t they know I can’t deal with all the waterworks?

He also says that while he recognizes all of the other members’ strengths, he doesn’t envy them and I can’t say I’m surprised. It never ceases to amaze me how secure Key seems to be in himself and his abilities. I’m not saying he doesn’t get (visibly) nervous from time to time but overall, he just seems to be such a secure, content person – I envy that, I wish I could be that okay with myself. Then again, I’m not multi-talented like Key-gun so it’s understandable that I’m not. Speaking of being multi-talented, Key, of course, gets the longest title: ‘Multi Talented Singer with Exceptional Dancing and Rapping Skills’ See what I mean? Ah, but he deserves it – it really sums him up nicely.

I really love Key, you know and I feel bad for not loving him more lately. Thank Goodness for Arirang and these lovely monologues. They’re just what I need. I’m definitely anticipating MinHo and magnae’s monologues – just because I have no idea what they’re going to say and the idea of MinHo talking for eight minutes straight is still difficult to fathom. Lol, I told a friend of mine that MinHo’s will probably be only four minutes but I was just joking – I’m sure he’ll have a lot to say and he’ll deliver it in the sweetest, most endearing way possible and we’ll all fall out of our chairs in glee. Oh, and it’s airing on his birthday too so I’ll just combine his birthday post with my review. Now go watch the monologue if you haven’t – each one is a must watch for all SHINee fans (and non-fans even). Go, go, go!





  1. Ah yes, so let me be the 1st to comment (YAY!) not that i really have anything to say being that I haven’t watched it yet – I WILL, I WILL, CALM DOWN, lol. but this is a good insight to what I should expect; i love that you said he rounded up the members nicely and made everything sound so family-oriented (1 of the things I heart about the k-pop industry) and yes we all would love for SHINee to stay together forever (so when we eventually go to Korea we can still get some SHINee-Special-Time right yumi? lol). So his fav. song is Graze? Good. I remember when the album just came out I had a list of fav. songs (’twas too hard to choose only 1) and all the favourites mentioned above were on it, but it’s funny that you should hope Tae’s is One For Me as that is my current fav.
    Key is a strong member and that contributes to his role-model dream. I’m so happy that my umma portrayed himself so well as you said he did. ^_^

  2. P.S. about my Min-Min, hmm I remember you saying that, lol. But yes he will have a lot to say, especially since he has evidently done away with that shell of his (^_^). Airing on his b-day? (next tuesday, right?) ha! looking forward to it!

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