If I had three wishes…

December 1, 2008

So I was supposed to write this right after my gift wish list because it fits in with the wish list theme but I didn’t get around to it so I’m doing it now. You know I’m talking about K-pop related wishes, right? Okay, so here goes…

1. If I could spend the day with any one K-pop star, I would choose…KANG DAESUNG!

Yes, I would choose Daesung even over any of the members of SHINee. Why, you ask? Well, partly because I don’t think I would freak out and have a spazztastic fit if I met Daesung unlike the massive one I would most likely have if I were to meet any of the members of SHINee but mostly because I know I would have fun with him (once he wasn’t tired – and probably even then). He just looks like so much fun – hes so upbeat and hyper and silly and he really knows how to have fun and loosen up and I really wish I was friends with him – I know I wouldn’t regret it. I mean, before I even started to see his personality, I would laugh just seeing his face (it was his eyes, I’ve never seen someone with perfect half-circles like that, he has eyes like an anime character) and now after seeing numerous BB videos and FO and so on, I see that he’s such a fun, happy person and definitely someone I wouldn’t mind spending a good bit of time with.

2. If I could spend the day with any one member of SHINee (because of course, I would want to meet them!), I would choose….Lee Jinki/Onew/Dubu Leader-ssi!

You know if you asked me this question a few months back when I had just started watching Yunhanam and getting into SHINee in a big way, I would have said the exact same thing. Honestly, my answer and my reasons have not changed. As much as I love all of the boys in the group, I would really like to spend some one on one time with Onew because I still feel like there’s a lot to him that we don’t really see. I once saw someone say that they thought that Onew was hiding something behind his ‘condition’ (deliberately or not, I can’t say) and I kind of agree – I don’t think he makes his ‘sangtae’ on purpose or anything but I just feel like he’s really a very deep person and we sometimes get so caught up in his perpetually smiling, easygoing, faily self that we don’t always notice that. I feel like I could write a post just on why I like Onew. I had actually intended to write one on why I think he makes a good leader but I never got around to it.

You know I really don’t talk about Onew enough – please don’t think that I don’t like him or that I don’t appreciate him – I really do. He went from being my number five out of the five to my number two (just like Daesung!) and I think he’s such an incredible person, it makes me a little sad to think that maybe he doesn’t think so – I don’t know why but I really feel that he doesn’t realize how much he has to offer. I mean, I love the fact that he’s obviously really, genuinely humble – I think that’s an extremely important characteristic for a leader to have, like you know he wouldn’t have a problem stepping back and allowing his members to have the spotlight – but at the same time, there’s a fine line between being humble and not appreciating yourself and sometimes I worry that he’s on the wrong side of that line. I remember he once said that he used to think of himself as the least talented of the five and I was flabbergasted, I was just like “How could you think that?!” I’m a little afraid that if I met him, my noona-ness would take over and I would end up lecturing him about properly appreciating himself and basically giving him a run-down of his many talents. Ah, but I’m getting off topic now…

My point is I’d really love to sit down with him and just feel him out, get a little chance to see what he’s like away from the members. Like I’ve said, I’ve always felt like this but watching his monologue really brought it back for me – he’s so well spoken and intelligent and earnest and even though he often acts silly, he can be quite serious when he wants to. I also think a lot of people (myself included) take his eloquence for granted, you know, because he’s the leader so he’s expected to be well-spoken and while that’s true, that shouldn’t stop us from appreciating that he really gives a lot of thought to everything he says and words things ever so nicely. He really takes his position on the team very seriously and always tries his best to show a good side in all of their activities. In addition to that, he’s very laid back and easy-going and I think that it would be easy for me to relax around him (instead of flailing about incoherently as I would undoubtedly do if I were to meet Jonghyun) so yes, I would definitely like to meet Onew. I’d also like to marry him but I don’t want to be unreasonable so…

Oh, this is a good time for me to say that I suspect that Onew has a romantic side – like a big one. I cannot tell you how sad I am that we never got to see him go on a proper one-on-one date during Yunhanam like the others – I was dying to see how he would treat a noona and we never got to~ I’m still holding out hope that it will happen somehow – who knows? Maybe he’ll get invited to guest star on We Got Married or something. I mean, YeEun from the Wonder Girls did it and she’s only a bit older than him so there’s still hope – kind of. I never really thought about it until I watched School of Rock and one of the students asked him to ‘allure’ her (lololol), I thought he would say no, actually but instead he just asked if it was okay – and then he proceeded to serenade her and get down on one knee (actually that was lucky cause she got to be serendaded by the whole group but I digress…) and just be super romantico (and kind of hot – whaaaaaat?) and I was shocked because I did not know Onew had that in him, okay? And then there was the time they asked them to send a message to their future girlfriends (darn lucky chicas!) and Onew said “I don’t know where you are or what you’re doing, but when you hear my voice, will you come to me?” Now tell me that is not the sweetest thing you’ve heard in your life. You know you wish he was saying that to you – you do, I know you do. I do too – Onew, I’ve already heard your voice and trust me, I have no qualms about getting on a plane and flying to Korea if you’ll have me! Too bad I don’t match up with his ideal woman. Ah, I’m going to stop now or I’ll never stop typing. I really love that boy though – you think anyone would mind if I married him? I don’t think so…

Anyway I’ll have to edit this post with the rest later – it’s late enough as it is and I’m tired. Blame Onew – if he wasn’t so darn amazing, I’d already be done.

See ya later,



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  1. WHAT?????!!!!!!!
    ha! I’m glad you came around to appreciating Daesung, you really surprised me. And speaking of surprises, hmmmmm………….. and that’s all she wrote, lol!

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