Is it getting hot in here or is it just me?

November 29, 2008

My titles are long, no? Sorry about that. Anyway, you know I remember a month or two ago while I was doing my usual browsing on LJ, I came across this icon made from a photoshopped picture of MinHo with the caption ‘hot much?’ and I suddenly find myself thinking the same thing.

MinHo, why so hot these days? I mean, I thought I saw his ~’Flaming Charisma’~ before but it seems that that was just a flicker or something but things are really heating up these days. (Lol, I love how many puns you can make off of SHINee’s names.) But seriously, I don’t know if he’s just becoming more comfortable in the spotlight or if he’s just coming out of his shell overall or if this was going on all the time and I just got wind of it – in that case, I am late to the party – but I find myself really taking notice of MinHo these days, and not just as my adorable, considerate dongsaeng either. I’m starting to see him in other lights – and I’d like it to stop, please! I was perfectly content only being attracted to one person in the group and very happy that that was one of the eldest of the five. So MinHo, you need to be toning down the sexy, okay? Flaming Charisma off. Please and thank you! (And if you were wondering where this all came from, I suggest you check out this Amigo performance – and by all means, do NOT check out SHINee singing Rainism. Do not. I mean that – don’t you go looking for that performance now but if you insist, the link’s in my previous post). *sigh* Now I’m going to go watch some Big Bang videos and hopefully the sight of TOP oppa and Daesung oppa will take away these questionable thoughts about Minmin.

See ya!



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