An open letter…

November 27, 2008

SM, cancel your Bangkok concert, okay? Please just cancel it – you can always have another one when things get better but things are so unstable right now, why are you so determined to have this thing?! I mean, I know that it’s going to cause a lot of problems for you and all of the people who were planning to go but the point is that safety – your artists’ safety, the audience’s safety and the safety of all of the staff – is way, way, WAY more important than anything else right now. Please use your head, please cancel this concert. What’s going on in Thailand is not just going to go away in a day or two – you cannot have that concert. Please don’t put all of these people in danger, please.

I’m so scared right now – I really hope they don’t have this thing.


The concert’s been postponed until the 7th of February, next year. Thank God. – No, I mean, really do that. Cause I surely did. Ah, that’s a serious load off of my mind. 😀



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