Bulabulabulablue! Peenkupeenkupeenkupink!

November 26, 2008

LOL, I’m hoping people will read this just to figure out my weird title. So in honour of the fact that my boys now have their first official CF, I’m going to make a list of my top five Korean CFs. (I’m assuming here that CF refers to just tv ads and not print ones as well – feel free to correct me.) Naturally these all involve celebrity endorsers because those are really the only kind of CFs I get to see (or that you can find on YT). And without further ado:

5. Big Bang’s CYON EDGE CF

Dudes, how could this not be on the list? I mean, hot boys in suits+a cool, floating phone always = AWESOMENESS. This one would have been higher but once you get past the hotness, it’s pretty boring. I mean, nothing much really happens in it besides BB standing around looking hot and feigning flinging that cool phone all over the place. As such as much as I like it, I can only watch it so many times before it gets kind of old. It is a must watch though – if only to see Tabi’s lovely, new pixie hair (I LOVE THAT!) and Dae-Dae’s adorable, random smile at the end of his commercial. (That boy just can’t NOT smile, can he? He’s so cute!) By the by, it’s split into two parts but that video has them both so never fear, you’ll be able to see them both there.

4. Wonder Girls’ Keroro Fighter CFVersion 1, Version 2 and Version 3

Ha, these ads are really cute and funny. I’m not particularly fond of Version 3 but the first one is adorable with the dancing and the second is my favourite by far. It’s so funny! SoHee is supposed to be playing Keroro Fighter while the unnies are trying to help her either by cheering her on or telling her what to do and it’s really frustrating her so eventually she just presses a key on the laptop and one of the characters from the game comes out and zaps the other four. Okay…so maybe it doesn’t sound that amusing when I describe it but trust me, it’s a riot when you watch it. So go on – watch it!

3. SNSD’s Gubne Chicken Dance Battle CF

I really have no idea what dancing has to do with chicken but it doesn’t matter because I can’t stop watching this video – seriously I watch it almost every day and I haven’t a clue why. It’s just a dance battle between eight of the members of the group (Tiffany’s only there for about a second) but I really like this ad – I’m not sure if it’s the dancing or the fact that the girls really look like they’re having fun or because it gives me a chance to see SNSD act some way other than so cute, OMG! (I really hope they drop that cute concept for their next album…) Anyway you might like it, you might not but I do suggest you check it out. I don’t regret it. By the by, this isn’t the entire ad – it’s just a preview. I can’t wait for the whole thing!

2. DBSK and SNSD’s AnyCall Haptic Scandal CFPart 1, Part 2 and Part 3

Okay, so they’re all nice ads but Part 3’s my favourite. Junsuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Junsu makes these ads for me – he’s so funny! I love how he’s so out of everything like “OMG! You! Together – like in sets! Arm in arm! Oh, my blood pressure! I’m going to put this on Naver!” OMG, Junsu, marry me! I know I’d be entertained each and every day (if I could ever get him away from his brother, that is). The other DBSK members are hilarious in this as well, acting all lovesick over Yoona, Tiffany and Jessica. Those girls don’t know how good (or not so good considering how this all turned out) they have it, especially Yoona – ah, what I wouldn’t give for some skinship with Micky………he’s gorgeous. Love the fact that the second one has a narrator though – LOL. Narrators are win. XD

And finally…..*drumroll*


What – bias, you say? There be none here! No way, this is seriously the most adorable ad! I love the song – had it stuck in my head all day, the jumping, the random poses – Key’s hearts, Jonghyun’s point and crane, Onew’s grin, Taemin’s super cool headphones and of course, the uniforms are cute too. Ah, and those girls seriously remind me of anime characters – their uniforms, their voices, their poses are all so anime like. OMG, am I lame because I keep watching this? I can’t help it – I just love this ad – it’s so random and cute! Please tell me there’s going to be more…XD

Oh, and some Honourable Mentions:

– The AnyCall Haptic Game CF

Yay, this one has all of the members of SNSD in it! And they’re singing and dancing and playing a game in an empty airport with all of the members of DongBangShinKi. It’s cute – it’s adorable – it’s funny and I love the losers – LOL at the losers! I’m so unsurprised that it was those two. Oh, and Yoona got to be with Yoochun again! Lucky~~~

Big Bang’s Baskin Robbin’s Ice Cream Cake CF

Okay, so this one isn’t actually out yet but I saw the making of it (unsubbed) and I can tell that it’s either going to be extremely adorable or ridiculously funny (or both!) either of which will make me very happy. XD And since the Wonder Girls’ equivalent from last year was pretty cute, I’m certain that this one will not disappoint. Ah, I feel for some ice cream cake now…

That concludes my list – I’ll just leave you with a picture from one of the aforementioned CFs. Adios!

Merry Big Bang!

Merry Big Bang!

TOP’s face…ROFL!



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