Ah…sweet relief.

November 25, 2008

So my SHINee World cd finally came today – after however many months (about two) of waiting for it. Apparently it got lost so Yesasia had to reship it – but whatever, the point is my SHINee CD IS FINALLY HERE! I’M SO HAPPY! I’ve been waiting to have it in my hands for the longest while and finally it’s here and in my hands (well, not at the moment but you get the picture). I’m just really happy and relieved right now. Now I’m wondering what I should order next…methinks Remember?

And to make matters even better, Jong-Hyun’s Arirang monologue was released today (well, on YT anyway) and it was really interesting. Jonghyun was really humble here, more so than I think I’ve ever seen him and it really struck me how the very first thing he said was that he had a long way to go vocally. Because he’s already come so far – trust me, he has – and his voice is already so stunning that to hear him say that really resonated with me. He really gave this interview (because that’s basically what it is) a lot of thought and I think you can really see that when he’s going through each segment. I really feel like I saw a different side to him here – he was so quiet and soft-spoken and honest. And all he did was talk about music, I mean, no matter what he was saying, the focus was always on music and I wasn’t really surprised at that because I think that with him, more so than any of the others, you can really see how important and how influential music is in his life. It is his life, it really is and since I honestly believe that music is his true calling, hearing him say that his goal in life is to be a true musician not limited by genre or style, writing and composing his own music is good because I really think that’s what he was meant to do. And he sang – of course, he sang – and it showed me that he’s really growing or already growing, I should say because before he would just sing and sing and they would have to stop him but this time he stopped himself. And I see him stepping back and letting the others get a chance in the spotlight these days, giving everyone a chance to talk and it really says something about the kind of person he’s becoming. I’m really glad – I was afraid that fame would go to their heads or change them for the worse but I don’t see that happening here and I really hope it never does.

I’ll be honest – before, like in the Replay days and the early days of LLO around the time the first few Yunhanam episodes came out, I really didn’t know what to make of Jonghyun. I mean, I liked him well enough and I thought his voice was incredible but I couldn’t figure him out – he always seemed to be in the middle of things and he was always singing even when they didn’t ask him to and he did most of the talking in interviews and such and I was just like “what is up with this guy? I mean, Onew’s the leader so maybe he should back off a little bit and let Onew talk”. I even thought him a bit arrogant but I realize now – well, I realized awhile ago actually – but this solidified it, that that’s definitely not the case. He always seems to be in the spotlight because he just thrives on attention, he can handle it well and as a result, it was probably a bit easier for him back in their just debuted days to take the lead in interviews and so on. And as for the always singing thing, I think he really can’t help it, to be honest – like he just loves singing so much that he really just cannot help himself when it comes to singing something (or I suppose, anything). And well, if I’d still thought that he was arrogant – which of course, i discarded a long time ago – this monologue would have done away with that impression. He’s not like that at all – he’s just trying to follow his dream and become the musician he’s always wanted to be – and I can respect that because as someone who doesn’t really have a dream, watching someone else follow their passion so wholeheartedly is always inspiring. So even though I didn’t get the warm fuzzies watching Jong-Hyun’s monologue like I did while I was watching Onew’s, I still feel like I learnt a lot from it.

Oh, but my point in bringing that up was that he talked about what it was like when he first saw their cd (the mini-album) and he was talking about how it brought back the memories of all of the hardships they had to go through to get there and it made him so grateful and appreciative and hearing that on the day I received my SHINee World cd is really touching – it makes me appreciate finally having this even more and it makes me really happy I made the decision to buy it and support the boys. It was money well spent – surely. Anything I can do to help their dreams come true is all right with me.

So anyway you go watch the monologue (if you haven’t already), I’ll go listen to my cd and we’ll meet up back here later, okay?

Adios! Maki



  1. Hey there ^^
    My internet connection was down for a while… it’s great to see that there’s so much SHINee stuff – I thought I might get a hangover after the MKMF.

    Yet to watch both the monologues, but before I do – I used to think JH was overly hyper and attention-seeking too, but I’ve come to realize it’s not the case. It was surprising to see him all nervous and uncertain during the 1000 Song Challenge, because he’s usually so full of confidence and charisma. Somehow it made me realize how much of himself he puts into his singing and I really hope he does have the chance to compose his own stuff in the future, because I think nothing can replace the joy of performing songs you’ve actually thought and agonized over.

    ‘as someone who doesn’t really have a dream, watching someone else follow their passion so wholeheartedly is always inspiring’

    That’s really true for me too ^^

    (By the way, I haven’t finished going through your ‘oldies but goodies’ list but I’ll definitely tell you my thoughts when I’m done XD I did check out those Epik High songs though, and ended up replaying ‘Umbrella’ for two whole days ~)

  2. Unni, you speak so eloquently~ I really liked what you said in your second and third paragraphs (lol paragraphs~); I agree. And I think you also said a lot of things that I didn’t quite know how to say myself.

    Alskdjf I don’t know how I’ll type up my spazz posts now. 8( I’d most likely end up saying the same things as you did.

    he had a long way to go vocally
    This was one of the things that surprised me as well, but as you said, he was really quite humble here. ^^

    He’s just trying to follow his dream and become the musician he’s always wanted to be – and I can respect that because as someone who doesn’t really have a dream, watching someone else follow their passion so wholeheartedly is always inspiring.
    I have quite a bit to say about this, actually – I think this is the reason I like Shinee so much. As someone who has the same dream but without the same opportunities, it’s really inspiring for me to see somebody else be able to go through with that same dream. And I think right now, I’m just happy to follow them through their ups and downs. Actually — forgive me if this sounds selfish — I suppose I’m also kind of thriving off of their successes because they’re doing the things that I want to be doing.

    hopefully that all made sense

    Also. I’m so jealous. D: I’m still undecided as to which version to buy~~

  3. That’s the thing that’s always struck me about Jonghyun. He’s gorgeous, talented, effortlessly cool, loud, knows it, and you’d like to hate him, but you can’t because he’s so genuine. Likeable. He really is perfect. D: ALL the boys are just so earnest, that I, ugh, <3, *dead*. When they first cried over LLO reaching number 1 – I don’t know. They deserve all of it. I’m proud of them, proud to be their fan, and happy to support them, even if it means shelling out every now and then. XD

    I’m still worried about the marketing machine and what it might do to them, but they’re obviously solid, good, hardworking boys, and they’ll land on their feet.

    I’ve been nostalgic for the Replay days too, lately. :/ Watched their Cinderella Under My Umbrella thing with Seo In Young again last night, and their hair! *sniffle* I miss it!

  4. kuroi_katzchen

    Hi! It’s nice to hear from you. Hmm, my internet’s kind of been on the fritz too so I feel your pain. I don’t think theres enough actually – these days I’ve really been feeling SHINee-deprived. Not so sure why…

    I’m kind of surprised to see that I’m not the only one who saw Jonghyun that way (I’m slightly glad too – just because I was wondering if I was being weird or over-analyzing things). Well, for me, it was during the Mnet 20’s Awards when SHINee won their very first award and Onew cried that I realized that I was wrong about Bling. Almost as soon as Onew started to cry, he stepped forward and I was like “Oh, I knew he would do that!” And then he started talking and I figured he’d deliver the whole speech but instead after thanking LSM, he just stepped back and let Onew take the lead again and I was really surprised by that gesture. It made me realize that maybe he wasn’t as bad as I thought and I haven’t looked back since.
    I would love it if he did get a chance to compose his own stuff though – I’d love to know the kind of music he would make, given the opportunity to do his own thing and of course, it would give him a much greater sense of accomplishment. That 1000 Song Challenge was lovely though – I always appreciate getting a chance to hear the boys sing songs other than their own so I can revel in their oh-so-very-amazing voices. Dubu and Bling never fail to impress.

    I hope we both find our dreams soon then. ^^

    (Oh, I’m glad you’re liking Epik High! I find that I tend to prefer their collaborations with female singers – it just strikes such a nice balance. If you liked Umbrella, then you should really check out ‘Memory’, it’s a Younha track feat. Tablo – it’s amazing.) But watch the monologues first!


    Aw, being called ‘unni’ makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! *hugs* Ah, thank you! I thought it would come off as me rambling away (as usual) so I’m glad that I made sense. LOL, and don’t laugh at my paragraphs~

    Sometimes I feel like that – like I read an entry that so perfectly expresses my feelings that I don’t even feel like writing anything myself afterwards. I think you should still write your own spazz posts though – I’m sure they’ll be great (and fortunately, much shorter than mine. ^^)

    Ah, so that’s your dream – I would never have guessed. In that case, I extend to you the same wishes I have for him – I hope you grow more adept as time goes on, I hope you get to realize your dream as soon as possible and even though I may not get to see it, hopefully I’ll hear about it? Keep me posted. ^^

    I don’t think you sound selfish – it’s perfectly okay to live vicariously through them once it doesn’t stop you from trying to pursue your own dream. And it’s totally understandable given that y’all are around the same age. It’s actually a good way for you to get a little glimpse of what that kind of life is like – what it takes to do it, what you get from it and what it takes away from you. Don’t give up on your dream, okay? You may not have the opportunities now but you never know what will happen tomorrow.

    GET AMIGO. That way you get everything – old songs, new songs, coloured shots and black and white ones – it’s the perfect mix.


    Haha, your description of Jonghyun made my week – it sums him up to a tee – and the way you talked about the boys warmed my heart, that’s pretty much how I feel too. I mean, they’re such good boys and they work so hard – how can they not deserve their success? People who claim not to like them obviously don’t know them at all.

    I hope so. I worry sometimes about that as well but I’m hoping that they can make it through there fairly unscathed and hopefully not at all jaded. It would kill me to see them lose their enthusiasm.

    LOL, I watched that again the other night too. Their hair was so gorgeous and floppy – I miss that. I hope it grows out soon. *pout*

  5. “like he just loves singing so much that he really just cannot help himself when it comes to singing something”

    WA! I love discovering that kind of passion in people~ but it makes me jealous at the same time XD. I’m not a musician but I’ve wanted to become an artist/illustrator for a long time. I’ve had ups and downs with my own self-confidence so seeing Jonghyun’s passion and hearing his goals makes me feel like I should be doing more ^^;. I still get excited when I’m able to create something that makes people smile. I realized recently that, alone, I can’t call myself an artist. That’s not enough, because what makes something “art” or on the whole entertaining is an audience’s reaction. As you said, “he just thrives on attention”, and he (or any good performer) probably knows the important feel of the spotlight and the energy it exudes. I think he knows that feeling – that indescribable feeling in your gut where you just HAVE to do something because, well, you just have to because it’s what you live and breathe and love. It’s like a feeling – no, no, an instinct to fly <3<3<3

  6. Well, it sounds like you know that feeling too. ^^ Ah, I would say you shouldn’t be jealous but I know how it is when you see someone going after what they want so wholeheartedly and it makes you feel like “man, I should be doing that too”. Still if you feel like that, then you should take those feelings and try to channel them into something positive – let them motivate you instead of getting you down.
    You are right about ‘art’ being very much dependent on the audience’s reaction, especially in fields like music and dance but at the same time, you have to remember that the most important person you need to please is yourself. It’s crucial for you to be able to be proud of what you’ve produced regardless of your audience’s reactions and then of course, acceptance of it will just enhance your already good feelings about it. (Hmm, am I replying to your comment? I hope that made sense.) Thank you for commenting. It was a really nice comment. ^_^

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