If I had a million dollars…

November 22, 2008

So since I haven’t posted in forever, I decided to post my dream Christmas list here – I keep writing it up at work, I figure I might as well post it up somewhere. I’m posting it here though and not on LJ because I don’t want my F-list to think that I want them to get this stuff for me. I really don’t – I’m perfectly content getting just like a card or something, honestly just getting anything would be nice. I’ve never had RL contact with my internet friends before so I’m cool with whatever. Anyway, this is basically all of the K-pop related stuff that I want and that I would buy if I had the money. To make things easier, I’ll go by group. Now without further ado…


Lock and Key earrings

So this isn’t actually under the SHINee section on Yesasia but they’re the same earrings that Key-gun wears and since I’ve thought them adorable ever since I first saw him sporting them, I’d really like to get them. I need some every day earrings anyway and I would probably use these as those – they’re small and inconspicuous, just perfect for work.

Amigo repackaged CD+DVD

Now like I said, this is my dream Christmas list which is why this is on it. In reality, if I buy this, I’m only going to get the cd because although I was initially excited about the dvd, when I realized that it only had the three music videos on it, I decided that it really wasn’t worth the money. That’s it – just three MVs?! Even if they had just the making of the MVs as well, I’d be more inclined to buy it but since it’s just the MVs themselves, that just doesn’t seem like enough to warrant me spending 64 more dollars on the DVD. I bet it’s going to be packaged really nicely though and the lovely packaging will call to me…*sigh* Evil Sm…

1st mini-album

So when I was buying my SHINee World CD, I considered getting the mini-album as well until I saw that it was almost the same price as the full length cd. I decided not to buy it then, thinking that it was uneconomical because you really expect me to pay practically the same price for half the amount of songs? That’s the problem I have with mini-albums – while they mean you get new music faster, they’re really kind of uneconomical. That said, I would really like to get this cd – not just because I want to support the boys but because I love the packaging of it. It’s got a really cute vibe to it and I like that. It makes me nostalgic for the Replay days…(because OMG, they were so long ago!)

Big Bang

Remember, Vol. 2

Now I don’t know about you but I love this album. It’s a lot slower than their other albums, I think – the sound is a lot smoother, more soothing, more melancholic and for some reason, I really like that. I’ve been listening to the tracks off the album almost non-stop since I got them a few days ago and they’re so nice! So soothing~ I’m quite fond of all of the electronica tracks that are on the album – I don’t think they sound the same or that the synthesizers/equalizers take away from the unique sounds of the boys’ voices in any way. Honestly I was always planning to buy this cd but after listening to the tracks and really enjoying them, it’s a must-have. In addition to that, I saw pictures of the cd itself on Soompi and the packaging is lovely! It’s like the nicest cd I’ve seen in my life – it has stickers and cut-outs of all the members and these cartoon versions of Big Bang that have got to be the cutest things I have ever seen. I squee-d for like five minutes straight after seeing them. Don’t believe me? Look! Down there! (You shouldn’t discount packaging, you know, it counts for a lot.) credit: mimi on Soompi



– Big Bang 2009 Wall or Pocket Calendar

(Okay, I blame Big Bang fansite for this – because I would not have even known that BB had a 2009 calendar coming out if it hadn’t been for the fact that Vicky (BabyBongaholic) posted the videos of them taking the pictures for the calendar and OMG, they’re so cute! There were three different ‘themes’ for the calendars – one where they were posing in suits, one where they were posing in regular clothes and one where they were basically lounging around an apartment (their apartment? IDK) and although they’re all nice, the casual, apartment scene pictures are the most appealing to me and would you believe silly me actually thought that all of those pictures were going in one wall calendar? Silly, silly me. It turns out that there are actually three versions – wall, desk and pocket – and the themed pictures are spread out amongst the three of them which is driving me crazy because I really wanted the one with the apartment scenes but I don’t think I’ll get all of those shots unless I buy all three. They’re selling a package with all 3 + a diary on Yesasia but it’s $100 and even I can’t rationalize spending $600+ (exchange rate+shipping) on some calendars and a diary. As such, I’m going to have to choose one – I’m going to wait until it comes out so i can see the pictures in each one and when I see them, i’ll decide which one I want. At the moment, I’m leaning towards the pocket one though – pictures of BB! In my pocket! especially since I love the picture they’ve released from it – it’s so funny!

Wonder Girls

Nobody – the Wonder Years trilogy

All right, I won’t lie – if I buy this, it’s really just because I want to support the girls (which isn’t a bad reason). I don’t really want this cd, partly because I’m saving up for the full length one but also because it’s really just chock-full of different versions of Nobody – ballad, dance, remix, instrumental. I mean, sure there are other songs, Saying I love You and I Tried but I don’t like those songs so much. I mean, they’re nice but one listen every once in awhile is good enough for me, I don’t feel inclined to listen to them on a regular basis and if I’m gonna buy a cd, i think it should be full of songs I want. I hear the packaging of the cd is really nice though and I’d love to see what it looks like close up. Oh, but Saying “I Love You” – the song that YeEun wrote – is really beautiful though, I’m considering taking Wishing on a Star off of my iPod and replacing it with this. And YooBin sings in it! If that’s not a plus, I don’t know what is.

Epik High


Beautiful album, to be honest, it’s kind of a must buy. BUT it’s not a must buy right now which is why I don’t plan on buying it anytime soon but I’ll get it though – one of these days…

Dong Bang Shin-Ki (DBSK)

Mirotic Repackaged, Version C

You know I’m not really a big DBSK fan but I really like the tracks that I’ve heard off of this album (haven’t checked out the new ones yet) and I find myself feeling more and more inclined to get the cd. In a way, that’s why I was so glad that they brought out a repackage because while I like the cd, the packaging, particularly the pictures in Versions A and B did not appeal to me in the slightest. The ones in version C however, particularly this one are much more appealing. I’m excited for this one – I’m thinking about buying it maybe around January. We’ll see.


Lost and Found (her first mini-album)

– Ah, my other little star! My review of her mini-album is still due. I really have to get to that…maybe this week-end…well, suffice it to say that I really enjoyed her mini-album – each track is unique and totally different from the rest and the album does a great job of showcasing her versatility as a vocalist. I’ve finally gotten around to accepting how mature her voice sounds – but seriously, who’d believe she’s just fifteen listening to ‘Feel So Good’? But more importantly, I want to get her cd because I want to support IU in her journey to stardom, especially since unlike my other lovelies, she doesn’t have the biggest entertainment company in South Korea backing her.

Well, that’s about it – I’m now going to see if I can find a way to convince my mother to get me ‘Remember’ for Christmas. Laters! Maki



  1. I totally get what you mean about ‘everyday earrings’, lol. Haven’t actually seen Key wearing those, but I’ve always had this liking for mismatched earrings so it appeals to me too. Yeah Replay days feel really, really far away.

    Ooh I heard IU on Music Bank and was amazed – she really does sound mature for her age. And the Big Bang cartoons are so irresistably cute! (though I still don’t know who’s who apart from TOP) Good luck with the convincing XD

  2. W-What!? These prices are exorbitant! D: There has to be a cheaper way to do this… I bought Mirotic C version and Remember for the price I’d pay for ONE CD in the States (if anyone bought CDs in the States anymore at all). These list prices are way, way, way off, and the exchange rate right now is so crappy on the Korean end that you should be paying pennies, and. Ack. Do you want to figure something out and I can ship you some of this stuff? *frets*

  3. kuroi_katzchen

    You’ve never seen Key wearing the Key earrings?! I must rectify that! Here: http://i431.photobucket.com/albums/qq35/yumimaki/122261535622565900.png
    I actually had a little trouble identifying SeungRi and GD in the cartoons. They are super adorable though! Did you mean you don’t know who’s who in the cartoons or in the group? Cause I can help you with the cartoons but if you don’t know the group members, it won’t be of much assistance. ^^


    Unnie! You would do that for me? Agh, I knew Yesasia was ripping me off, especially with that Big Bang calendar set – $100 is crazy! I don’t know how that would work though…I’ll PM you with my email address and we’ll see if we can figure something out.

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