~Celebrate good times, come on~ MKMF Spazz Post

November 16, 2008

You know I really love being a part of K-pop and its’ myriad of fandoms. I am so happy that I got into them, really I am. I mean, it’s a fun experience being a part of any fandom and I loved my time in the Saiyuki, Harry Potter and Naruto ones – and even my brief Twilight stint – but I don’t think anything beats being a part of a K-pop fandom where you’re supporting and rooting for real people – not just authors or creators or mangakas. Nothing beats seeing your favourite artist or group shedding tears because they’re so overwhelmed/shocked/happy that their hard work and talent is getting acknowledged and you don’t (or hopefully you do) know how great it feels to hear them thanking their fans or to read the entries they post on their various blogs – cyworld, iple, etc. – thanking their fans for being there for them and supporting them for all this time and hoping that they’ll continue to support them and promising to continue to work hard to present their best sides to them.

While I consider myself a part of the SHINee World – yeah, I’m not Korean – so what? Once I support the boys that’s what matters, right? – I love to pop into other group’s fan sites and Soompi threads – not to bash but to see how they feel about different things, to gauge their responses. It never ceases to amaze me at the level of support and love and commitment I see coming from every corner of the K-pop fandoms. We may not all like the same groups, we may not all like the same music but we all love and support our artists as best we can and I think it’s a really touching thing to see. It’s true that it’s not perfect – there is a lot of bashing and hate going on and some people definitely take things to extremes – but I hope that one day that goes away and that everyone will learn to use their time and energy to just support their artists and be kind to the other fans, even if they don’t always agree with them. I must say it always warms my heart to see how fans rally around their artists when they know that they’re being criticized or when they know they’re having a tough time. That’s why we’re here – that’s what we should do and I know that if I were in the artist’s place, I would be touched. Dude, I’m touched when one person leaves a comment on my blog! And I really have to hand it to international fans (and not just because I am one) but to see the kind of dedication people have to their artists and the way that they try their best not only to follow their artists but to share what’s going on with other fans – fansubbers and video uploaders and picture uploaders and translators and news sharers and so on – it’s really something to be admired and marveled at. It’s amazing what people can do when they set their minds to it.

Anyway, that whole profusion of gushing and appreciation was prompted by yesterday’s MKMF award show and some of the fan reactions that I saw to it, particularly in the SHINee, Big Bang and Wonder Girls camps. Now onto my own account of the show – so I got up early, earlier than my alarm clock even and I turned on my comp and immediately checked my player to make sure that it was working. It was about half past 5 then and even though the red carpet was going on, TVN was showing some old Rain concert. I freaked out at first because I thought that MKMF had already started and I had missed part of it but then I saw the title in the corner and I realized I wasn’t late. So to kill time, I came on WordPress and went over to let’s all eat candy and pretty boy power where they were doing live blogging of the red carpet (and the show). Upon hearing spazzes on pretty boy power talking about the red carpet (and being sad that I just missed SHINee), I decided to dl the GOMPlayer she was using to watch the red carpet there. I started watching it just as DBSK was doing their red carpet interview so I got to see them and Big Bang. Yay! Anyway it’s a good thing I dl-ed the GOMPlayer because the other program I had started sticking and then conked out just as the show was starting. Great….

Anyway so the show starts (after some really interesting commercials, including Big Bang’s CYON EDGE CF – HOT!) and there’s some guy performing a rock version of ‘My Way’ and they show me Big Bang and DBSK and then I caught a glimpse of who I thought was SHINee but I couldn’t be sure because I heard they were in gold but by then they had already changed and were in blue and black and red (which I found out later on), doesn’t matter, I started screaming anyway (silently, of course because my mother was sleeping) and I was like “OMG! I’m actually seeing SHINee live on my computer screen – OMG!OMG!OMG!” and then Rain came out and said some stuff and then Davichi won the Female Newcomer Award (Yay, I wanted them to win!) and they were wearing pretty black dresses and then I saw WG (in Nobody outfits!) and some guy presenting what I assumed was the Best Male Newcomer Award and even though I had initially wanted that to be presented early on, I started to get nervous and wish it was later because “OMG! What if SHINee doesn’t win?” which I immediately counteracted with “But then who would win?” Fortunately, I didn’t have to worry too much because they had the newcomer nominees tribute stage first. Naturally I didn’t understand a thing so I was confused at first because I saw 2PM performing and they said 2PM so I thought “Oh, are they performing one of their songs? But I don’t know this song” and then U-Kiss performed AND I DID NOT EVEN RECOGNIZE THEM, OMG and then on the ceiling monitor thing, it said TVXQ – and by then I’d realized this was the tribute thing – so as soon as I saw the T and V appear, I was like “yeah, this is going to be SHINee” and it was! (I personally think it would have been an insult to let someone else do it, not because they’re from the same company but because I know how much the SHINee boys admire TVXQ) And they started performing to Rising Sun and I was all excited because Rising Sun is one of the few old DBSK songs I know and the one I actually like so I was like “Yes!” And it was so cute how Changmin was doing the moves along with them and Yunho was mouthing the words – OMG, the DBSHINee! – and then they stopped and Taemin’s face loomed on the screen and I was like “Taemin! Of course, he’d be in front” and then it went on to 2AM and they were actually singing the song and then it occurred to me that SHINee didn’t sing Rising Sun and I still don’t really get why. Anyway, 2AM did a tribute to G.O.D and then Mighty Mouth (Mouse’s?) did theirs to someone else and then the H.O.T. guy (Moon Hee Jun?) started performing and I got totally confused again. Who is this guy? And wow, I didn’t realize rock was so big in Korea and then I realized he was from HOT and I was like ‘they were a rock group? Huh?’ and then he went out to the middle of the stage and the stage darkened and then there was cool dancing and I was interested again and then I saw one of the guys from 2AM singing and I was like “What? What’s going on?” And then some other guy I didn’t know sang (Eli from U-Kiss, apparently) and then I HEARD JONGHYUN (!!!) and I started freaking out and then he came to the front of the stage and I was like “OMG HYUNNIE! Yes!” and I realized that this was the joint tribute stage they had been talking about before (you know the one I said I wanted Key to do in my last post) but I don’t mind that Jonghyun did it because he was awesome and on fire and I was staring at my computer scream in awe of his ridiculously gigantic stage presence (and if you don’t believe me, watch this fancam of him during the performance and you’ll see) and I was suddenly very into the performance and not thinking that it was weird in the slightest. AND THEN – the moment of truth arrived, the reason that I got up so early and downloaded a whole bunch of stuff just to watch this live – the presenting of the Best Male Newcomer Award. So they showed the nominees and I was telling myself “don’t get your hopes up, anyone can take it” and then WG and the guy said some stuff and I had my hands clasped together and was staring at SunYe (I think she was the one who announced it) like “Say SHINee, say SHINee, even if it’s not on the paper, say SHINee” and then she said SHINee and I was like “thank you, Lord”. I was so happy! I am so happy! I wanted to jump up and down but I wanted to watch the boys get their award first. So then they came out and Key was already crying, although he paused long enough to do the intro and they took the award (Jonghyun, I think) and then Onew started to give the speech and it was so touching watching him try to hold his tears back long enough to give the speech. I was just like “Come on, Dubu, you can do it” but he couldn’t and when that solitary tear fell, it almost broke my heart. I mean, if that didn’t move you, I don’t know what to tell you. Oh, it was amazing – I saw Jonghyun holding onto Key and Minho with his arms around the two of them and even he shed some tears! Not in a big way but it happened and that alone says a lot – I mean, you know it’s something big if MinHo cried. Taemin, of course, was composed – that boy, he’s something else, I don’t know how he manages to stay so composed and Jonghie was surprisingly well composed as well – I expected him to be as inconsolable as Key. I’ll tell you – being able to watch one of my boys’ dreams come true while it happened however many miles away was definitely worth the effort of getting up. Oh, and it was an added plus seeing how genuinely proud DBSK looked when the boys won, especially Junsu (my fav. DBSK member!) and seeing that they stood up and clapped for them as soon as they announced that they won. DBSHINee is love, you guys, it really is. So then they went off stage and I celebrated by jumping up and down in my kitchen and then I was like “well, yeah, I can stop watching this now”.

But I didn’t! Of course there was still a lot to see even if the best part was over. (I had to stop watching before BB and WG won their awards so yeah, that was the best part for me). And now I’ll just run down the other highlights of the awards (some I saw live, others I watched on YT) since there’s no way I can talk about everything I saw – I’m sure this post is already a mile long:

Seeing Epik High win the Best Hip Hop Group award – Honestly I just wanted them to get something considering that I knew they weren’t getting Best Male Artist against DBSK and Big Bang and because I honestly think it would be a crying shame if they didn’t get anything what with them being
musical geniuses and all.

The Wonder Girls tango version of Nobody with 2PM – I don’t know about you but I thought that was super hot! You can tell they put a lot of work into it and it came out looking great – I particularly liked the solo couple dances, niiiice! The disco version was cool too (and the girls sounded great, especially YeEun!) but the tango impressed me more.

WG winning Best Female Artist, MV and Song of the year – Oh, the girls cried when they got Song of the Year! At first, I was confused – I was like “you didn’t cry for the others so why this one? But I mean, to win ‘Song of the Year’ against groups like DBSK and Big Bang is really something. And the girls were obviously shocked and I saw them crying and bowing to all of their fans after the awards and it was so touching. I was like “WG!” I believe the girls really deserve their success – they’ve worked so hard this past year, it’s nice to see that acknowledged.

Big Bang winning Best Male Artist and Artist of the Year – So I haven’t watched their acceptance speeches yet (although I heard TOP teared up! What -everybody cried this year?!) but I just want to say a hearty congratulations to the boys! Big Bang has worked non-stop since the beginning of the year and I am so happy to see them rewarded like this. They really deserve all of the recognition that they got. Yay, all of my groups got something – and big somethings too!

Oh, and DBSK winning the Album Daesang Award (Album of the Year) – oh, Changmin cried! I couldn’t believe it, tbh, I watched the video just to see that. I was really happy that they got that award though – Mirotic is a good album, DBSK is an amazing group and they deserved to snag one of the big ones (aside from the 4 others they got). So congratulations, DBSK! Oh, I got to see when they got the Auction Netizen Popularity Award live though – that was awesome, they dedicated it to Cassieopeia.

And finally (drum roll, please)….the Big Bang/Hyori special stage collaboration! – So ever since I heard about that a few hours before the show aired, I was anticipating it and I wasn’t disappointed! It was really good – high energy, high octane, fun, lively and as the title said – scandalous! OMG, TOP and Hyori’s Kiss! I saw that live! And I couldn’t believe what I had seen – I wished I could rewind it to make sure. Ah, Hyori, she’s so luckkkky, man. She got kissed by T.O.P. It was quick though – oh, and did you see TOP’s grin afterwards? He looked so smug! You know he feels like he’s all that now. A typical boy…

And that is it for my MKMF post. If you didn’t watch it live, just pop on Youtube and search for 2008 MKMF and all of the highlights I just mentioned (and more!) will appear. Finally, let me say chukhae once again to all the artists who won – Epik High, DBSK, the Wonder Girls, Big Bang and of course, my darling SHINee in particular. And to those who didn’t get anything (like Taeyang for his solo stuff and Taeyeon for ‘If’ – seriously, what?!), better luck next year, okay? Now I’ll leave you with some pictures of the winners…

Big Bang

Big Bang

Dong Bang Shin-Ki

Dong Bang Shin-Ki

Wonder Girls

The Wonder Girls

And I don’t know if I made it clear but I am really proud of SHINee for all that they’ve achieved since their debut. Those boys deserve all the recognition, attention and success they’ve gotten so far and I certainly hope this is just the beginning for them. They have so much talent and drive and seeing them work so hard to achieve their goals always inspires me to work harder. They’re so young but they’re already an inspiration. I hope they continue to grow as artists and entertainers and that over the years, they grow closer and come to really regard and treat one another as family. And I’ll be here, following their progress and supporting them all the way, God willing. SHINee fighting!

~Shining SHINee~

~Shining SHINee~

To quote my lovely Flaming Charisma – “A formula that will never be broken for a lifetime….. SHINee + SHINee World = LOVE.




    AND OMGGGG WHUT WHUT WHUT. LOOOOL I’ll just end up quoting everything you’ve said so… XD

    I- seriously, reading this made my heart really melt. The way you expressed your feelings for the boys mirrors mine exactly as well. You’ve described every single bit and it’s just so overwhelming I could cry again. T T

    It’s really really different when you become a fan of an artist right from the very start – their debut. It’s nice to see them improve, rise, and work hard to reach their goals and dreams.

    And about DBSHINee~ LOOOOL you’ve read my entry already. XD

  2. You commented on my blog – yay! So I’m late responding but THANK YOU!!! I was all super excited to get a response from you on here – and it was such a nice response too. ^^ I was touched~

    Aww, you know this is one of the other reasons I’m so happy I got into SHINee – there are such super-nice people like you in the fandom, and I haven’t gotten half as close to the people I met in my other fandoms as I have with you guys. I’m really glad we get to watch the boys achieve their dreams together. *hugs*

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