Suits – the best article of clothing ever invented…

November 13, 2008

SHINee + pretty, pretty, perfectly fitting suits = a dead me. Dudes, just watch the video:

credit: randy1997 on YT

You know someone is seriously smiling on me these days – I mean, first I get to see BB donning smexy tuxes for their hottest intro performance to date, and now my lovely, amazing, amazingly good-looking SHINee boys are performing in them and then the Wrong Number MV came out today (oh, and guess what DBSK’s wearing in there? Yeah – suits) – I mean, it doesn’t get much better than this fandom-wise. I think the only way for it to get better is if SHINee takes home the Best Newcomer Award at the MKMF Awards this week-end like there’s any doubt they will?

Anyway onto the performance – you guys, it was so good! I mean, this is definitely one of their best performances – Amigo and otherwise. They sounded great and their dancing was shockingly good – you’d think it’d be super awkward to do that routine in suits (and at times it looks that way) but for the most part, their dancing is really clean and precise. To be honest, I think the suits actually enhance the dancing (if that’s even possible). Oh, and there were no back up dancers for this performance so it’s all them, no distractions. If they messed up, they couldn’t hide it.

Now onto the clothes…this is probably the first day where I can honestly say stylist noona, you did good. I have absolutely no complaints – everybody looked good, everyone’s hair looked good, it was just bam!wow!hotness as far as the eye can see. It was even better than the MV! And seriously, I think you need a raise just for dressing Jong-Hyun like you did. (You know it’s times like this where I realize how biased I am – because for all that I can see and appreciate how nice and neat everyone looks, seeing JH in that suit near about killed me. And when I watched the fancam – this fancam, the one you should be watching right now – I nearly fainted. How can one boy be so mindblowingly, charismatically, fantastically hot?! My poor heart can’t take it. Ah, I think admitting I had a bias just made it worse. XD)

And moving on…oh, MinHo wore the hat from the MV! I didn’t like that hat so much in the MV but coupled with his suit, it looks terrific. And Taemin’s hair looked so nice – it wasn’t fully styled like normal but it was styled just enough to give him a slightly older (but not too much older) look – I really like it! Dubu’s bowtie is like the cutest thing I’ve ever seen him wear – it’s seriously adorable – it fits him perfectly. And speaking of Dubu, after checking out that Jonghyun fancam, I suggest you watch the Dubu equivalent – he actually manages some nice charismatic moves in it. I was watching like *gasp* “Dubu, you look hot! Why didn’t you do that stuff in the MV?” By the by, the fancams are from a different performance but they’re still wearing the suits which is really what matters. There are Taemin and Minho fancams as well, I just haven’t watched those yet so I can’t quite recommend them – although I’m sure they’re just as great as the two I shared. Now go watch!

Oh, and on a side note, SHINee Subs just launched their streaming site so you can now watch their videos on SHINee forums – but you have to be a member to access them so make sure to join like I said. They’re really fast, ne? SHINee Subs jjang! Fighting!





  1. I LOVED loved loved this performance – there are times when it all gels for them, when the look at the dance and the singing all fit perfectly, and this was one of them. Reminds me of the Madam B stuff, where they were all gorgeous and perfect yet again. ❤

  2. look and, not at!* 😦

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