[EDITED] Death by Cuteness – the best way to go…

November 5, 2008

Watch this video and then tell me that MinHo is not the sweetest boy on the planet – go on, I dare you.

credit: shineesubs, claro

Man, I want him to be my hyung. XD No, but really – I was so touched by what he said here. It was always apparent to me that he and Taemin were close but I never quite understood why – now I get it. It’s hard to believe that Minho was the maknae once – he always seems so mature and deep. Anyway I really like this video – it was so honest and heartfelt and to tell the truth, it was nice just hearing Minmin talk so much without any outside compulsion. 😀 Anyway, listen and squeal at the adorableness of it all. I can’t wait until this thing comes out in its’ entirety.

“You only have me, right?”


By the way, in addition to reading my blog, I think SM’s reading my mind. Every time I wonder something about SHINee, a little while later, I find out about it. Like just before episode 9 of Yunhanam came out, I really wanted to know what SHINee’s dorm looked like and then episode 9 came out and in the next episode preview, I saw that we would see it! And then, I was wondering if the members were really close or if they were just playing up the closeness for the camera (I’m not trying to say the boys are insincere – I was just wondering how close they really are) and then the above video came out. AND THEN I’d been wondering how come I never heard Key call Jonghyun ‘hyung’ – I mean maybe he has and I didn’t notice – but I seriously could not recall that happening and I was wondering if he didn’t, why not and then I was watching this video and lo and behold what happened at 5:23 but Key called JH ‘hyung’. I nearly had a fit – I was so excited. To quote the lovely needareplay, ‘my poor fangirl heart~’ I don’t know – I just love to hear the boys call each other ‘hyung’ – it carries a real sense of respect and more importantly, affection and so I was just waiting for this to happen and now it has happened so I’m happy. I wonder what SM will do next – cook up some Dong Bang SHINee, perhaps? We can only hope.




  1. Minho’s been cuter and more bubbly lately, too, I can so picture him as maknae, agh, my fangirl heart!

  2. He has been bubblier and more outspoken! It really seems like he’s loosening up in front of the camera. Finally we’re seeing his personality coming out – and it’s wonderful!

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