November 3, 2008

OMG! I’ve never had more of a desire to illustrate a keyboard smash than right now – seriously, coherency is totally overrated. The Amigo MV is out and IT IS SO HOTTTTTTTT!!!! OMG! OMG! OMG! I can’t type right now – seriously I just can’t. I will edit this later with my review. Now go watch (in HQ)!

credit goes to adilahLoL

edit: All right, I’m back and slightly more coherent… You know this is how I know I’m turning into a fangirl – I’m freaking out over a music video. A music video? Seriously?! But it’s SHINee so that’s okay. Ah, so one thing I’ve got to commend SM for is that despite the fact that this MV has a ‘plot’ – MinHo chasing down a super pretty girl (who cannot really be 15 – what?!) because she picked his pocket – they didn’t lose sight of why we’re all really watching this video – to see hot boys dance, sing and rap. I mean, halfway into the video, I went “Wait, this MV has a plot, right? So I should be paying attention to that”. I mean, maybe I was just too busy spazzing over the numerous, suuuuuuuper hot close ups (more about that in a second) but I seriously didn’t even notice the plot except at the beginning and the end until like the sixth time I watched it.

So where do I start? With the close ups, of course! Thank you, producer, editor, director for all of those close ups (especially all those of Jonghyun) – they were, without a doubt, the best part of the video. I mean, I can’t get over how hot everyone (well, except Dubu – but that’s okay because he’s adorable) looked in this video. Stylist noona! You did good! Seriously. I mean, Jonghyun – what is there to say? He just looked so good in this video and I loved all of his little smirks and half-smiles and grins and any expression really. His expressions kill me dead and I know some people think that Key stole the show in this one but for me, it was Jonghyun – every single frame was just gorgeous! GORGEOUS! Can you say – gorgeous? And I can’t stand how obvious it is that he knows he’s hot – I mean, those smirks are just full of “yes, I know you want me – too bad you can’t have me, hmm?” WHY?! STOP TORMENTING ME LIKE THIS! Please continue. Really, it’s not good for my hormones, you know. Oh, and I always laughed when people said that JH gives off this badass air (oh, I’ve never used that word – I’ve never even written it down. *__* but of course, JH warrants it) but in this video, I really saw it – I just love his attitude. It’s something else. Ah, but I should really move on now…

So we start with MinHo doing his super hot, slightly squinty stare and then we go to Jonghyun – looking mega hot, owning all his shots and I got see him sing his ~sexy~ – they never close up on him during that line in the performances so it was cool to finally see him sing it. Then we go to KEY. OMO, Key! Key looks uber hot in this MV, just super fine – I want him to look like that all of the time. And of course, he’s wearing pink again – his signature colour – and rocking it as only Key can. And then we get – who? TAEMIN! Who did your hair, Taemin? They need to do it every day! Taemin looks really hot, you guys – I think all of those noonas were trying not to fall for him are seriously smitten now. (oh, and I totally had to do a double take when the video started and they were all dancing in the blue sweaters with MinHo in the middle with the hat because he looked JUST LIKE GD FROM BIG BANG. I never thought I’d see the day…) Wow, I think I called everyone hot – I do know other adjectives, you know, I’m just overwhelmed right now. You know I thought they looked hot in the LLO MV but I realize now that that was just like a prelude to this – that was like a cutesy sort of “hey, we’re kind of cute, you know? maybe you should notice” (I noticed) and now they’re like “yeah, so that cutesy thing – it’s gone. We’re hot, some of us are sexy and we will be very in your face about it”. And I say – feel free, be as sexy as you want – it may land some of us in the hospital, others in jail but that’s all right – keep it coming. So then when the chorus started, I was looking around waiting for Onew because he hadn’t gotten a close up yet and then when it popped up – I laughed. I couldn’t help it – he was just at odds with all of the hotness going on. Don’t get me wrong – I love Dubu and sometimes with the proper styling – like here – he really does look attractive but in this video, he just looks cute. So cute I want to snuggle him! He’s just so cuuuuute! Oh, but he did have some cool shots too where I went “Ooh, Dubu – looking good~”

Anyway onto the rest of the video – so let’s talk about the plot, shall we? Uhm, there really wasn’t much of one – the girl picks MinHo’s pocket (that part with the yellow effects looks really cool, by the way), then she stands on the other side of the train tracks, waits until he sees her and then runs off. He chases her, there are lots of really cool running scenes – Minho looked so good! Put him in a drama, now! Okay, maybe not now… – and then there was a part with a fountain. What? I don’t know – I think he lost her or something and then he sees her again and then there’s more running – up to a roof this time and then they stop. MinHo corners her, she touches him, the effects happen, there’s a cool heart-line effect and then he moves her to touch her and it ends. That’s it, that’s the plot – people were surprised by this but since I’d heard what the plot was supposed to be like beforehand, I wasn’t. It does suit the song though since you know she steals his heart, then acts all aloof and makes him chase after her and then when she gets caught, she gives it back. So you see – it’s fitting!

Now…dance scenes! So I was afraid that since this MV had a plot, there wouldn’t be much dancing but like I said earlier, SM dealt with that. There is, in fact, lots of dancing – which means there’ll be a dance version of the MV, yes! To tell the truth, I don’t really like how the dance parts were shot because obviously they were spliced in between the parts of the plot and so they were really disjointed and it just seemed really odd to me. In addition, it looked like they were dancing really slowly at certain points. I don’t know – sometimes it looked good, sometimes it didn’t. But the flashing lights and the part where they splice all of their faces into one shot is really cool! I loved that! Then the rap part – yeah, I didn’t like the effects they used there either – it reminded of the American version of BoA’s Eat You Up video and that’s not a good thing. But overall it was okay – I prefer MinHo’s shots to Key’s in the video. Oh, and then there’s the high note shot which looks kind of weird and fake because that’s not the way Jonghyun normally sings that but that doesn’t matter BECAUSE HE LOOKS REALLY GOOD. My gosh, his lips are so pink! Like pinker than everyone else’s and I am yet to understand why! The pink……..aish! (Sorry about the obviousness of my bias, by the way – I usually try to make it more subtle but I’m dying here. He was just so hot!)

Anything else? Aaah, I loved the walking close ups – OMG! So hot! – and the running scenes – and the fountain part was a nice interlude to the running – MinHo looked awesome – I loved Onew’s smiles in this video – Taemin’s hair was so good – that girl’s really kind of pretty – those outfits they were wearing in the first dance break were cheeeeeeeeeesy! – Taemin’s pink sweater during the dance break – not feeling it – I really want someone to take a cap of that last scene -just the ‘SHINee Ah.Mi.Go’ so that I can use it as my new desktop background and that’s it. I hope my review was long enough for you. Lol, overall I like the MV, I think it was hot, I don’t care that not much happened in it – as far as I’m concerned, once I can see SHINee and they look good, it’s a good MV. So yeah, go watch it now if you haven’t. And if you did, watch it again. I’m going to go read other people’s spazz about it because I love to hear people spazz about what I’m spazzing about. Leave a comment, okay? Here’s a bribe. And here’s a cap from the video – Taemin since he’s the one everyone spazzing about (if you take my pictures, make sure to credit, nae? Not me, the people I’m crediting): credit goes to kiechul on soompi

~Hajiman Sexy~

~Hajiman Sexy~

Oh, and I came home intending to write a post about yesterday’s Inkigayo performance – it was so good! You see I felt like I wasn’t giving credit where it was due and generally being really annoying and nitpicking at everything so I wanted you to know that I’m going to try to be more positive from now on and I was going to start with yesterday’s performance. It was great! That Music Core performance had me a little concerned because it really wasn’t that good, you know but this one was amazing! I knew the boys just needed some time to find their stride and I think they’re doing that. Besides, it’s still early – they’ve only been dong promotions for the song for a week so I can’t expect every performance to be perfect. That said, after you watch the video, watch the performance and then come back here and tell me how great they were! Or I guess you could disagree…but why would you? SHINee fighting!




  1. I had a huge spazz over Amigo yesterday and watched the MV so many times that it was playing in my head when I woke up the next morning. That scares me, I feel like a creeper… but I’m guessing it came from a build-up of spazztoplasm or something. There was no one to spazz with in those moments. So thank you for writing this long post. Now I don’t feel so alone! XD I’ve never spazzed like this over an MV. And you said it. They’re SO HOT. Omg…

    Also, thanks for posting that cap of Taemin. Ahh, so attractive. No, Taemin! >___>;; Wwhhyyy??

  2. Haha yes I was distracted (but only momentarily) by how pink JH’s lips were. Like his stylist used the wrong make-up by mistake. But yeah I loved the walking close ups as well and I’m still rewatching the mv just to see everyone’s individual expressions when they combine all their faces into one shot.

    I think Minho was perfectly cast for the role, especially the way he was just smouldering at the end. He and the girl make a really good pair too! LOL this was the first time I thought Key looks really fantastic in pink though I cannot fathom why. It’s just him!

    And TAEMIN. I don’t recognize you anymore, but I like it augh.

    Ooh and thanks for linking to that very, very nice photo of Onew XD (Remember the tofu soft toy I mentioned earlier? I bought it!) I’m waiting for whoever worked her magic on Taemin to do the same to ondubu…

  3. @ ozayu

    Yay! Someone appreciated my long spazz! Lol, I thought people would see the length of the post and go “No way am I reading this. Backtrack!” so thank you for reading and commenting. ‘Spazztoplasm’ – wow, I never thought of that but now I’m sure it does exist. XD

    Look on the bright side – at least you won’t be alone in noona jail considering that just about everyone is dying over Taemin’s scenes in the MV. Oh, but are you a noona?


    Oh, I haven’t seen them all either! It’s hard to focus on each one – I always just end up looking at the three in the middle.

    What can I say? Pink is just Key’s colour and he carries it so very well. Don’t worry – I’m sure our cute, lovable maknae is still there behind all of the sexy…somewhere.

    Ha, you’re welcome! You bought it – and just the other day, i was wishing I had some tofu-like object (besides actual tofu – lol). Now you have a constant reminder of dubu! It will happen in time – I am sure of it…

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