The special stage to end all special stages

November 2, 2008

So I was thinking the other day about what my dream special stage would be and a number of collaborations came to mind (more Wonderbang, s’il vous plait?) but the one that seemed to me to be the most likely to happen is Dong Bang SHINee.

Why, you ask? Well, why not? I mean, they’re from the same company and there’s obviously already a significant relationship between the two groups, SHINee’s already done a tribute performance with Suju H and in addition, those boys just really, really love and look up to DBSK. I think they’d jump at the chance to get to perform with them. Besides, who doesn’t love some awesome sunbae/hoobae action? And you know with those two groups, it would be awesome.

I think now is a good time – they’ve both got upbeat songs (with similar themes!) out and I’m pretty sure that they could do the choreography for each others’ routines. I mean, the SHINee boys may not have gotten the ‘Miracle’ vocals down pat but they did the dance really well and I may not be a big DBSK fan but I know that those men can dance their butts off – it was the first thing that impressed me about them (just like another group I know…)

I think they could do a WonderBang-style collab where they sing their own song as well as the other group’s and do all of the choreo and everything but with this stage, things would have to be very hush-hush. They should keep us all in the dark. Just like how nobody knew about SunMi performing that tribute stage with Nam Gyuri and Ga-In or about the Miracle tribute performance until it happened, there should be absolutely no signs of this special stage happening so that we would all be taken by surprise. In addition, if we don’t know about it beforehand, the fans won’t be able to work themselves into a frenzy in anticipation – there’ll be no concrete expectations and that could definitely work in their favour.

I can see it now…SHINee starting off performing ‘Ah.Mi.Go.’ and then when it’s time for the back-up dancers to come out, DBSK comes out instead! Oh, I can hear the screams now…my poor ears…then they do the rest of ‘Ah.Mi.Go’ after which they go into ‘Spell-Mirotic’. To tell the truth, I don’t care how they split up the singing as long as JH still does his high note in Ah.Mi.Go and does NOT attempt Changmin’s ‘YEAH! WHOA!’ during Mirotic – although I think it’s important to let him sing a bit of the Mirotic chorus (lorsh, he really seems to love that song – I swear I hear him sing it more often than DBSK!) and can you imagine how cool the rap parts of both songs would be? I can…but I don’t want to have to. Make it happen, SM! I know you can do it if you want to. (Lol, I’m so demanding!)

But all joking aside, I really think that if both groups worked at it (and considering the groups I’m talking about, is there any doubt that they would?), this collaboration could be EPIC. I’m talking about the special stage to end ALL special stages here – if this performance went well, it could knock both WonderBang and WonderBoys off of a lot of people’s top special stage list. And that is quite a feat, I assure you. Still there’s always a downside and I’m afraid that if that happened, it would add fuel to the whole ‘SHINee are just DBSK copies/wannabes’ (dare I call it an argument? It does not even warrant the term) ‘point’ which is, you know, ridiculous but whatever, I don’t think I should let that bother me anymore. I mean, there are always going to be naysayers and the important thing is for me (and the rest of SHINee World) to continue to support the boys in their endeavours. I don’t even know why it’s a bad thing that SHINee might want to emulate their seniors. Do you see how hard-working and crazy successful DBSK is? That’s something anyone can aspire to. So if SHINee wants to be like them, I say more power to them! I certainly hope they can get there one day.

But I’m getting off track – my point is that Dong Bang SHINee, if properly executed, could very well be a special stage that would go down in infamy – it would become the first thing that popped in your head after you see the words, ‘special stage’. It could very well be ‘the special stage to end all special stages’. I mean I didn’t expect WonderBang to be as amazing as it was but those groups really pulled that performance off – they sounded good, they had fun and I had fun watching them and that’s the way a performance should be. Enjoyable for all those involved. So what do you think? Anyone agree with me?

Oh, and I finally get a chance to use this gif – it’s perfect for this post. credit: bestiz and petiiil on Soompi

You want me, you've fallen for me...

~neon nareul weonhae~

Just my two cents. Drop me a line and let me know what you think!

Night! Maki



  1. I agree ^^ It’s so endearing to see the bond between these groups and they’ve got distinct enough personas to perform each other’s songs and make a great show of it. I can just imagine SHINee attacking the Mirotic dance (Taemin!) and rap (MinKey!) but when I think of Onew singing Mirotic I … want to giggle.

    Btw, I hope you don’t think it’s kind of silly, but I’d like to know how you post comments on ‘pretty boy power’ without any link to your name. I tried logging in to thank her for her wonderful onslaught of SHINee stuff (as well as for reigniting my long-dormant interest in DBSK), but was horrified to see that my name was linked to my blog administrator page. I’m fine with leaving a link, just not that one lol. Do you have any ideas? Much appreciated… =D

  2. Yay! I was starting to think no one would ever comment on this! And you agree with me too. 😀

    Aww, Dubu’s always the odd one out when it comes time to turn on the charisma, eh? But he’s got his own soft kind of charisma, right? I don’t think songs like Ah.Mi.Go and Mirotic suit him, to be honest – he (and his voice) was made for lovely, heartbreaking ballads. Ah, but if you look at him during their ‘Run It’ performance, he looks kind of fierce. He might be able to pull it off – now if only he had his long hair…

    …I really don’t know. I have no idea why on some blogs, there’s a link attached to your name and on others there isn’t. I assume it’s got something to do with the blog’s actual settings. Hmm, but maybe you could check the FAQ? Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

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