SHINee Style!

November 2, 2008

So first off, let me say CONGRATULATIONS to SHINee for winning the New Style Icon award at the 2008 Style Icon Awards. I’m always happy to see the boys winning something even if I don’t really consider fashion awards particularly interesting. No offense.

That said, the boys performed an 80’s revival at the show showcasing what I am happy to report is not SHINee style. No offense to the designer but those outfits were hideous and their hair…while I’m glad the perms aren’t really permanent, I will say that their curls were gorgeous. I wish my hair looked like that! (This is just further proof that someone from SM really is reading my blog – you remember earlier when I was complaining about the flatness of their hair? Stylist noona, find a happy medium, please.) The performance itself wasn’t bad – a little lackluster during the NKOTB song, although the singing was really nice, especially Onew’s (if you find an audio rip of it, link me to it) and of course, Taemin really showed off his skills copying MJ’s moves. You know – and this is just my opinion – but I really wish people would stop copying Michael Jackson, I mean how are we ever going to get a new dance icon or whatever if everyone just does his moves? Do your own moves and then we’ll get a new person to copy. ^^ Anyway, of course, the Replay performance was good, although the boys looked a bit stiff dancing to it but I think the outfits were to blame for that. I mean, hello? dancing in suede? But this is all beside the point – the main reason behind this post is that I want to share with you one of the cutest fancams I’ve ever seen.

This video is a Jonghyun fancam taken during the boys’ ‘Step by Step’ performance and I just found his expressions and mannerisms during the way too short performance, which you can’t really see because of the camera work during the official broadcast, seriously adorable. And trust me – this is NOT the bias talking. XD I must say that as photogenic as this boy is, he always looks best when he’s in motion – and even more so when he’s performing. So go watch it – it’s pretty short (around a minute) but it should be one of the most enjoyable minutes of your day.

Oh, and if you want to see the performance from another angle, here’s an Onew fancam taken during the same performance. I must say Onew really owned that performance – to me, he was the only one who really pulled off the 80’s look and his voice was the most prominent during the song. Now go watch! credit: the lovely and oh so dedicated shineesubs and randy1997 on YT

Oh and here’s a picture from the event – one of the few that didn’t make me cringe:

Look! He's doing Jisun noona's move!

Look! He's doing Jisun noona's move!

Zai jian!



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