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October 29, 2008

It seems like every time I come home with a post in mind, there’s some SHINee news to distract me. This time it’s the tracks from their repackaged album and their new iple pictures. I mean, they’re so great how can I not post about them?

For now, I’m just going to talk about the only new, new, brand new song on the album, Forever or Never. (Since Ah.Mi.Go’s been out for a few days, I’m not counting it anymore.) On to the review…you know it’s becoming apparent that SME is determined not to let SHINee get stuck in a rut. They’re just like “No, we don’t want them to be known for a particular genre of music, we want people to know they can do anything”. They’re really serious about this ‘contemporary’ label and these new songs are definitely showing that. I mean, this song sounds nothing like their other songs. On my first listen, I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing because it just sounds so different. Then I listened to it again to see what I actually thought of it after I got over my initial shock and…I love it. I love the way they sing it, I love the simplicity of the song, I love the beat, I love the chorus, I love the rap, I even like the synthesizer – which is shocking because I usually hate it when they do any sort of digitalizing to the boys’ voices – but it’s amazing. It sounds really, really good. It’s something I would never have expected from them and something I honestly wouldn’t have thought they could pull off but they did. They always do. This isn’t like Ah.Mi.Go where I needed a few hours to warm up to it – two listens and that was it, I’m hooked. I can’t even talk about the remix of ‘Love Should Go On’ because I’ve only listened to it once and I barely paid attention then because I was too busy trying to figure out ‘Forever or Never’. So yeah, I think it’s a good song – I suggest you check it out.

Oh, and might I add that this song has totally rekindled my love for Jonghyun’s voice. I mean, I never stopped loving it but I think I forgot just how much I did. Like I got so used to listening to it in their album songs that I stopped appreciating JUST HOW AMAZING IT IS. Because it is amazing. Seriously. I can’t even….

edit: Oh, and I didn’t really want to mention this but you’ll probably find out anyway – ‘Forever or Never’ is a remake from a German band’s song – can’t remember their name. I seriously wanted to throw something at the bigwigs over at SME when I found out after I dropped off my ginormous gift basket as a thank you for making SHINee. Why do they keep giving SHINee remakes to sing?! I’m pretty sure that SHINee’s the only SM artists to get this many remakes in one go. Seriously, why won’t they take the time out to give them original songs? The thing is the remakes don’t really bother me – but I know that things like that just add fuel to the haters’ fire. When you do stuff like that, you take away from the group’s credibility. And in addition to that, the boys are better than that – they deserve to have their own songs, not just SHINee World and Noona is so Pretty. I thought that SM has been in the game long enough to know that.

And on that note, I’m going to go listen to the new song some more and I’ll leave you with some of SHINee’s lovely new iple pictures – I was wondering when they were going to change them. Here you go. credit: SHINee’s iple and skyfever on LJ for the caps/reupload

Magnae?! Is that you?

Magnae? Is that you?!

Mr. Long Legs

Mr. Long Legs


Lol, Key is such a poser.


Aww, sleep Onew bb. I’m sure you’re tired.

And of course, I saved the best for last (biasbias):

That smirk...
That smirk….it kills. Will be back to post more later when I’m (hopefully) more coherent.

Adios, Maki



  1. You are getting obsessed with Shinee…

    I’m so proud of you! XD

    Ahaha, anyway. I am loving Forever or Never too, but I think you already knew that. And it’s really weird because I fell in love with it the minute after first listening to it, when I usually need to listen to a song a couple of times before liking it.

    Mr. Long Legs
    LOL My eyes actually were first drawn to his legs.

    Key is….. well, I don’t get why his pants are shorter than what it looks like it should be. o_o

    JH’s pic killed me, even though I’m not a super JH fan. XD

  2. Lol, I love how once you start to get into a fandom, everyone just tries to pull you in deeper. It’s like *mystical sparkles* “come into the SHINee World…we have cute boys~* ROFL!

    Well, how can you help it – they are incredibly long.

    They’re shorter because Key’s just cool like that. He can totally pull it off. Actually when I first saw that picture, my reaction was “ah! he’s wearing sneakers without socks!” Lol.

    You don’t have to be to appreciate that. XD

  3. I was pretty taken aback by Forever or Never too! It has such attitude and although the beats are so heavy and there’s so much synthesization (if such a word exists) it all comes together pretty nicely. It still reminds me of eurobeat, though not the cheesy type like LLO was. It’s kind of interesting how they keep surprising us with the new stuff lol.

    LOVE JH’s high note and the way he builds up to it. I really hope they perform it so that I can see him hit it effortlessly as he always does.

    And yeah, they really do deserve their own songs!

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