October 27, 2008

Yeah, so I’m a weirdo because despite the fact that I went to sleep after one in the morning, I woke up at seven on my own (which rarely happens) after having fitful dreams about mixed responses towards today’s Inkigayo performance and then I rushed to my compy, turned it on and went in search of an HQ video, then download of today’s Amigo performance. Thanks to etherenia for the imeem link. And then I watched the performance…and I LOVED IT!

I was really impressed at how good it was for their first (well technically second) live performance of that song. When I first heard the song, I was really excited for the performance because I wanted more upbeat songs from them. As such, I was expecting some seriously intense dance moves for this song. Although that was the case, I was a little afraid that the boys wouldn’t be able to perform the song well live because of the intricacy of the dance routine and I thought I would prefer if they toned down the dancing in favour of a good quality live performance – and that’s exactly what they did. The dancing was definitely not as choreographed as for their other songs, sometimes it even seemed a little messy but somehow that worked – in fact, the more I watch the performance, the more I start to dig the dance moves because they’re really not that complicated or fast. I might actually be able to learn an entire dance routine this time! That’s great! Oh and they had back-up dancers again for this routine – I’m not sure if this will be a regular thing but so far, I don’t mind it – they’re not particularly distracting.

I think the vocals were seriously impressive, so much so that people are actually wondering if it was really live. It was live, people but the bg track was loud which makes it seem as though it was being lipsynched. Still, you could tell that they were really singing it because you could hear them singing over the bg vocals. Honestly because it’s their first performance of this song, I’m not going to complain about that – but I do hope that they turn it down (and eventually off) during future performances. Anyways, Jonghyun and Onew sounded amazing and I have to say that Jonghyun hit that high note per-fect-ly. *cue my jaw dropping – seriously* I tell you the two of them never fail to impress me. Also props to Taemin – although he was a little soft, you could actually hear him fairly well over the bg vocals and he sounded quite good. I tell you – magnae’s really improving by leaps and bounds these days – with some more practice, his live parts will be really great!

I was a bit sad that Key and Minho didn’t do their entire rap parts themselves – Key would start his lines and then Minho would finish them and vice versa which would be cool if that’s the way it was in the song (it wasn’t, right?), although it certainly seems to have been the way that they practiced it judging from the way it was executed. Still the rap was mad hot – it’s still my favourite part of the song. Also Jonghyun and Onew doing supporting vocals during the rap – AWESOME. I liked that when Key was rapping, he was in front alone with the back-up dancers around him because it really made you focus on him and since I think that this is his first time doing major rapping during their music show performances, that was a good move. At the same time, I liked how the back-up dancers left during MinHo’s rap part so that it was just him rapping (with Key and ONEW supporting) while the others grooved in the background.

OMG! Dance break! Yes, SO MUCH AWESOME! Taemin got another dance solo – yes! – and I actually really like the moves in this one (as opposed to my just laughing at the moves in the Replay one) Although I’m still hoping Key will get one… I loved the beats that they used during the dance break too and did you notice how smoothly they transitioned from the dance break back into the song? That is a serious skill right there. In addition, they did that ‘domino effect’ in the dancing just like they used to during the Replay performances (not the same move, just the same effect) and I loved that so I’m very happy. 😀

Anything else…did you notice that the crowd was already singing along? Peopel, the song only came out two days ago! (who am I kidding? I was singing along too.) Hmm, and I actually like everyone’s hair, especially Key’s fringe. I didn’t realize it was still long enough to flop all over the place when he was dancing so I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was. I didn’t completely love Jonghyun’s hair – I thought it would be styled more like how it was in this week’s M!Countdown ranking or the lovely, lovely way it looks when it’s sticking up. I’m not feeling the flatness, stylist noona – seriously. I don’t want us to have words so please, deal with that. Oh! That reminds me – am I the only one who noticed Bling flipping up his hood during the rap? Oh, that’s one of my favourite parts of the performance – it was really cool. Oh, and I notice Bling was blinged out today! LOL. Oh, and thanks to that performance, I now know that JH is the one who sings “Your love is awesome” (is it awesome or awful? Anyone know?) and I liked that part before but after seeing him sing it, I love it so much more. Also I didn’t even notice Onew’s “You got – you got me!” and “Baby – baby, it’s you” when I was listening to the track but after seeing him do it in the performance, they are fast becoming two of my favourite lines in the song. OMG! And Minho was in front! A LOT! I can’t tell you how awesome that was – he was in front during some of the singing and dancing parts instead of just during the rap. I was very pleased! Oh, and might I add – the Flaming Charisma was ON. And I almost didn’t mention the most important thing I noticed – the boys really looked like they were enjoying themselves. I was afraid they’d looked stressed out and tired but they looked really relaxed and confident like “Yeah, we got this and we’re going to enjoy it” and that’s the most important thing. I was afraid that they’d get so caught up in wanting to deliver and do well that they’d forget to have fun so I’m really glad they didn’t.

So overall, I was very, very happy with this performance. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be my most watched SHINee performance for awhile now. It really made me appreciate the song even more because now when I listen to it, I have little moments to recollect and cool dance moves to imitate and it’s made me really excited to see their future Ah.Mi.Go performances and to see how they improve with each one (because there’s still a lot of room for improvement). So good job, boys – you really delivered this time and definitely made this noona proud! XD Now I just hope you get a little rest. SHINee fighting!


Oh, and for all of you who want to learn the AhMiGo choreography (or just want to see more of that hot, hot dance), I suggest checking out this video. It’s a fancam but you get a really great view of most of the choreo.


Oh, and one more thing – WHY THE HECK IS THIS SONG SO SHORT? Now I’m going to leave you with a cap from the performance: credit goes to kika on shinee forums

"Maki, Maki, it's you!" (LOL.)



  1. I’ve been waiting for this. 8D Ahaha, you’re welcome~ But this is technically the second performance, what? Please enlighten me. XD

    Gah, you are saying everything I wanted to say. This is definitely one of my most favourite performances of Shinee. I liked their confidence, I liked their singing (I was really impressed about how they were hitting those high notes *_*), and actually, I thought the choreography fit well. For some reason, I never really pictured Amigo to have an intense choreography. XD The rap is also my favourite part; there was so much energy and attitude. I noticed JH flipping up his hood! That was actually when I “concluded that JH is very, very sexy.” XD His dancing during Minho’s rap… it really got my attention. Imho, he’s not the best dancer in the group, but it’s his attitude and the little things he adds to the dance that makes him stand out. To me, at least. xD

    I still cannot fathom how Key and Minho are my age. Really. XD Guh~ I also liked and noticed how Minho was in the front more often. Hm… I think Key and Minho did the rap parts themselves in the studio version, but the lines would overlap a little, so I guess that’s why they alternated rapping. And yes, Onew during the rap~~!!! Hahaha~

    Taemin is definitely improving~ I’m so proud of him. He really just needs to be more confident. ^^ Although… I dunno. Do boys’ voices still change at his age? Because I know that can kind of alter their singing… right? Lol.

    I also liked that dance move when Taemin starts singing… I’m not sure how to explain it, but it’s when everyone else would face the back and do that thing with their arms. XD

    So those lines that Onew and JH sing at the end are in the studio version too? I never noticed… I only hear during the performance because it sounds really good!

  2. Hello~ I just need to spazz. I’ve been following your blog for quite somewhile. Am I consider a stalker? ^^

    I second every word of yours. The Inkigayo perf was a blast. I literally had my mouth opened for most of the performance. The dance was really great. OMG the footwork. They looked so confident and fierce in this. The rap is just TOO HOT. RAWR~

    Key! All that smirk and awesome expressions kills. The S-line is so totally his move. Jonghyun and Onew sang like pros and totally breathed life to their live perf. Everyone was awesome. Minho “Cold Eyes baby” with his hot, charismatic look. Taemin! His dance solo his so so so hot.

    Honestly, I thought the song was too loud when I 1st listen to it(studio version). After the 2nd listen, I like it. After the third, I totally loved it and already had the lyrics printed and started singing along already. I started listening out for each members adlibs in it. Jonghyun’s were easy to listen for. It’s so distinctive. Secondly, I heard Onew’s “you got, you got ME~” then his “baby, baby its YOU~” during the 3rd/4th chorus. Keybum’s i-still-cant-figure-out-the-line before Minho’s Cold Heart baby for the last verse. Key’s “cyea, alright, I like that girl”=shrills. Taemin “come on, come on”.

    Sorry, if I sounded too braggy. But I weird loving to identify their voice, adlibs and all. Thanks for all your wonderful SHINee post.

    I’ll continue stalking, oops I mean reading your blog. ^^

  3. I agree with you on so many points I know not where to start XD So here’s a list:

    -The camera started off with a Minho close-up! Yayyy!
    -I heart the supporting rap vocals by Onew and Jonghyun. Totally didn’t expect them to join in and although Minho and Key are already fantastic, having the other two add depth makes it exponentially fantastic.
    -I noticed JH flipping his hood up too! It seemed so subtle and yet so stylish, and somehow way more cool than when Taemin did the same at a Replay performance (sorry, Taemin-ah, just that – well.)
    -Yes the domino effect was one of my favourite parts of the Replay dance too, and it’s the same here ^^
    -Like etherenia, I didn’t notice those lines that Onew and Jonghyun sang in the studio version, but yeah Onew’s lines are growing on me now.

    (Sorry if this seems rather biased towards OnJong… I think it means I need to watch the performance again to see more details about the others!) I actually watched it twice off because I was too distracted with their new hair the first time LOL. I like their new look, all the jagged edges make them look edgier (my eyebrows shot up when Taemin appeared) though I do kind of miss Onew’s floppy fringe. I can’t wait for the mv now, as well as more live performances!

  4. Oh, and Key kept smiling whenever the camera was on him ^_^ Augh.

  5. hahaha! glad to know i’m not the only one who tries to learn their dance routine. unfortunately, this noona just can’t aaargh!

    btw, where is that domino effect in the dance?

    i also noticed jonghyun flipping his hoodie as well much like how taemin did in their replay performance where the team of their clothes is green. love their look there!

    – sugartrip –

  6. WOW, FIVE COMMENTS in three days! I think this is a record. You guys have made me so happy! ^^


    Yay, long comment! Lol, you’ve been waiting for my post? I can’t imagine why but thanks anyway!

    I agree with everything you said about Jonghyun’s dancing. I mean, he dances well enough but its really the little things that makes him stand out. Honestly I find it difficult to pay attention to anyone else when he’s on stage. XD When he’s performing, it’s like he’s in his element and so watching him is just an experience.

    Oh, JH was doing the support thingie during Key’s part of the rap! I only just noticed. Well, honestly the rap part doesn’t bother me now that I get what they were doing. I just think that’s it’s a little confusing how they perform because you don’t really realize that MinHo’s doing the rest of the line until you see him. I hope they change that.

    I’m not sure if Taemin’s voice has changed yet – but it will definitely affect his singing if it does. In a good way, I hope.

    I know what you mean – the flappy move with their hands is super adorable! I love it! Or did you mean Taemin’s move? Well, I think it’s the same thing anyway…Oh, the first performance of the song was actually at a festival they attended just before inkigayo. Watch the fancam here:


    You like my blog?! Wow! That’s so nice! You should comment more! I love comments!

    Whoa, you’re better than me with the song! While I liked it on my first few listens, the only part I was singing along too was the “AhMiGo!” I really love it now though and I’m pretty sure that that awesome performance won a lot of people over. ^^

    Did you notice Onew’s expression when he sang the ‘You got – you got me”? It was very interesting – not the kind of expression we usually get from leader-ssi. XD But where is that “come on, come on” you’re talking about? I keep listening out for it but I’m not hearing it. I love the ad-libs too and don’t worry, I always feel pleased that I can recognize their voices. Although I think that the line you can’t identify is actually sung by Jonghyun and I believe he’s saying “don’t you love me too?” or something like that. In the very last few lines, right?

    You’re welcome! I’m happy to share.


    Hehe, it’s so nice to hear people say that they agree with me. I guess we’re just all in a consensus that this performance was super-hot.

    ‘exponentially fantastic’? Go you. Oh, don’t worry – you may not see it in my post but I feel like I was really biased towards Jonghyun in that performance. I just can’t help noticing all the little things he does! Lol. But yes, you should watch the performance again. I think I watch it several times a day. It’s really my favourite of theirs so far.

    Oh, and Key was super hot during this performance. Seriously flirting with the camera. XD And his cool outfit and hairstyle totally help.


    Hi! Nice to meet another SHINee noona. 😀

    Since I usually can’t do the entire routine, I content myself with learning my favourite move from each one – the ‘ah-ah-ah’ move from Replay and the ‘wall walking’ move from LLO but this time, I’m really going to try to learn the whole routine.

    It’s at the beginning of the dance break – right after JH’s high note, then Taemin starts dancing, then JH and MH join in and finally Onew and Key follow suit.

    I kind of miss their super-bright, colourful clothes but these new outfits aren’t bad either. Thanks for commenting!

  7. Hi~

    I rewatched their inkigayo perf vid. Yup! Onew was like semi-smiling/smirking. Oh so handsome! They really enjoyed the perf ne~

    I’m so addicted to the song that I had it on one-song-only replay when I did my Math. =X (I was much more alert actually) I was only able to sing AMIGO, ottokae ottokae, during the chorus too for the first few listens. I lost count of how many times I listened to it, but I’m almost able to s-ahem-ing the whole song, of course minus the minkey rap part. I cant even catch my breath after key’s powerful rap. But its so fun. ^^

    O.O So that’s “don’t you love me too”. Now I can make out the words. Thanks! I only recognised Jonghyun’s voice. The line I still can’t make out is probably Key’s just before Jonghyun’s “dont you love me too” from 2.28-2.29. Onew’s “uuoh Baby~” at 2.36. Taemin’s “come on, come on” at 2.45-2.46.

    Wish you the best of luck learning their dance routine, you’re so cool. I’m so anticipating their repackage album! Thanks. Have a nice day~ ^^

  8. maki, good luck to you on learning their dance. i’ve given up learning the whole routine even with ahmigo. their dances are just too complicated for me i guess *haha*

    and thanks for explaining that domino effect dance. i shall watch out for it when i view again one of their perfs. and about their colorful attires, i like them better when they had were doing replay perfs following one color theme. i remember seeing them in green, red, yellow, white, and black. and i still love seeing them in their skinny jeans nyahahahaha!

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