I’m (pic)spaaaaaaaming my own blog~

October 24, 2008

So remember how I said Key has like PERFECT cheekbones or something to that effect? Well, I’ve found the best picture to prove my point. etherenia, this is for you – thanks for all the comments!


Gosh, that boy's just so darn PRETTY!

Yeah, so I know I should be posting about AhMiGo but I don’t really feel like doing that right now. It’s not ’cause I don’t like the song though! I really like it, certainly heaps more than I liked LLO on first listen but I’m still processing it so I’ll be back with my analysis later. I am definitely looking forward to their performances of it though – it’s gonna be hooooot~




  1. Haha, yay, thank youuuu ♥ I find his piercing placement a bit odd, though. 8D;

    BUT YES! His cheekbones! I think that was because of his training, though. I remember him being a bit chubbier pre-debut. x) And I can’t decide whether I like brown hair or black hair better on him~

    I am also looking forward to performances! And the MV?

    And oh, new banner~ 8D

  2. The piercing placement is really odd, and I kind of liked him better with black hair (but maybe is because I like black haired boys…huuummm…yeah, that’s it!), but I think his really handsome and I love to hear (not only him but all) Shinee!!!
    Love those guys!

  3. etherenia

    You’re welcome. I agree about the piercing placement too, I’m pretty sure that that second one was painful to get.

    I don’t know about chubbier but he certainly had really long hair pre-debut. I guess it’s getting back like that now. Hmm, I like both colours but I’m leaning towards the brown because I think it makes him stand out more.

    Yeah, I’m thinking about changing it again though…


    Hi! Thanks for commenting!

    Hmm, I think the piercing placement is a bit odd as well but you know Key’s unique so I guess he needed unique piercings as well.

    The black was lovely as well but I think the brown makes him stand out more which is good, you know. That’s good to hear! SHINee fighting!

  4. <3! ^Jamie, from LJ! 😀

    I LOVE. THE DANCE. The little Amigo arm-wiggle. Ugh, it absolutely kills me.

    Key’s bone-structure IS incredible, and he may be the single most photogenic person on the planet. D:

  5. Hi Jamie! I love your username!

    I love the arm wiggle and the little booty shake part – you know when they turn around and flap their arms and then turn back – it’s adorable!

    I second that – you never see a picture of him looking bad.

  6. XD Hi!

    YES. And Onew’s finger-point that’s maybe supposed to be sexy, but just is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, ever, guh?

    I LOVE the vid, but honestly, like watching them dance too much, so I’m with you. More performances! :3

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